Your Boy is So Cute!

july-4-button-180pix.jpg  I’m amazed at how often I heard this despite the fact my girls were usually dressed in head to toe pink after they were born. I found the only way to combat the comments was to stick bows in my girl’s hair as soon as they had any hair to stick them in. With my girls, that took a long time. That is why I am loving the latest giveaway over at 5 minutes for mom. Lil’ Sugarplum  has designed baby clips that fit on even the finest wisps of hair. I am definitely going to have to check these out. Or maybe I’ll win by entering here.


  1. Heh. One of our baby shower gifts is a blue onesie that says, “I Am Not a Girl.”

  2. People mistook me for a boy often as well. Didn’t have a lick of hair on me wee little head for so long.

    And, my boys are loaded with hair so they’ve gotten the “she’s cute”. Apparently only girls have hair and only boys are bald ;)

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