You Say Applesauce, I say……..


My little man is going through a language EXPLOSION. Which is nice because for two years he was more the strong silent type. But now it is like he waited until he had something to say and then just started saying everything.

I love it when babies (shut up, he is still my baby) start talking. Everything is so adorable.

Except when it isn’t so adorable, but more…….inappropriate. As anyone who has been around a new talker can attest to, sometimes the words don’t sound exactly like they are supposed to. And as any mature and wise parent can tell you it is impossible not to laugh at the inappropriateness which encourages more inappropriateness. It is a delightful little cycle.

One of Silas’ favorite foods is GoGo Squeeze Applesauce (shout out to Blissdom sponsor). It doesn’t last very long at our house because he is a bit of an addict. So when we have it in the house he spends most waking hours of the day asking for some.

Except his applesauce doesn’t sound exactly like applesauce. It sounds more like……a**hole. All. day. long.

It sounds so much like the little boy in “Meet The Fockers”. I can’t help but giggle. And the fact that he is so proud of himself when he gets a new word right makes it all the more adorable. And perhaps it is encouraged by the fact that I make him say it over and over…….

I posted about it on Facebook and was treated to the most delightful comments about what inappropriate words other people’s kids say when they are trying to say something quite harmless. My personal favorite was a colorful version of “fire truck”

So tell me, what is your favorite unintentional inappropriateness that came from your child’s mouth?


  1. Wilson is speech delayed so there are things he shpuld get that he doesn’t. My favorite is when he talk to my mom”oh dam?? dam i need papa.” My mom is called Gram. :)
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  2. My 2 1/2 year old’s favorite food is pizza. I can’t remember how old he was when he first started saying it, but he was probably around 16 months old. Until about 3 weeks ago (27 months old) he said it “pussy”. Just as loud & clear as could be! We’d walk into the pizza place & he’d yell, “YAY! I LOVE PUSSY!” If we were out and he SAW a pizza place he’d yell, “I WANT PUSSY! NOOOOOW!” He’s very advanced speech wise and this is basically the only word he says “wrong”. There are others he doesn’t enunciate enough, but none that he completely mispronounces…so it makes the whole thing funny. Recently he has begun saying pizzia. Adding that -ia at the end and that makes it adorable but WAY less inappropriate! :)

    A friend, I’m not sure if she’s a reader or not, has posted that her son says “teddy bear” like “titty bar”. :)

  3. My son had a speech delay and was seeing a Speech Pathologist and she was wearing a watch on her wrist (which I never wore) and he was trying to say “clock” but it sounded like that but without the “l”. I got embarrassed every time he said it. :) She was used to it I’m sure. Your little guy is too cute!

  4. my 26 MO son realized that by pronouncing ‘fork’ as ‘poke’ he was not saying what we were saying. so he sat at the table holding his fork, diligently practicing the word as correctly as he could (on his own initiative – he’s a funny, observant kid!). He got the ‘F’ sound right. But of course, like many kids, he’s not great with his ‘R’ sound yet. :D
    I could not keep a straight face as I finished preparing omelets for lunch!
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  5. My 5 year old always had a problem with truck and fox, and both turned into the same, undesirable word coming out of his precious 1 1/2 year old mouth. My current 2 year old has had a problem with saying the word sit. He adds an “h” in the middle, so my husband and I have a hard time not dying laughing when he tells his brother to go “sit” over there.

  6. My son recently took to calling the spaceships in my husband’s game babies. I was actually scared to try to correct him because I was worried that it wouldn’t come out as ship.
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  7. My two-year-old loves to say “clocks,” but unfortunately he drops the “L” sound when he says it. He especially loves playing with his dad’s watch, which he also calls “clock,” so he ends up talking a lot about daddy’s “c*ock” and “Where is daddy’s c*ock?” Oh, boy… I always say, “Clock, right… the CLOCK,” when we’re out in public.
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