You Might Be A Blogger If…..


You have been Facebook friends for a year before you meet

You go around the table and introduce yourself with your twitter ID

You pause before ordering to all update your Twitter/ Facebook status

You make the waiter take your picture over and over with everyone’s cell phones

You have a hard time tweeting said picture because you have to fit in so many people’s Twitter IDs

You take pictures of your food at dinner

You all spend dinner checking your phones and no one seems to think it is rude

You love every minute of dinner with these “strangers” and look forward to seeing them again.

Thanks so much to Sue Cramer for organizing a little bloggy get together. It was great to hang with (from front L: Heather, Sue, Jennifer, Denise, Colleen, Deborah, Julie, me)


  1. Laughing. Love this. Looks like a beautiful time!!

  2. I cannot believe I mixed up the dates on that!! I’m all ready for tonight if anyone wants to re-do it :)

  3. … if you recognize quite a few of those women from their Twitter profile pics.

  4. Sounds like a fun evening! I need to get a Twitter account, I guess, huh? And the learn to use my cell phone. LOL>

  5. Suspicion confirmed. I am a blogger.

    (Wish I could have been there. Wah!)

  6. i can totally picture that dinner. sounds fun… i must be a blogger!

  7. Love this! Looks like you ladies are having a great time!!

  8. Well that’s the reality of being a blogger. All fun!

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