Ye Olden Days

  Since my parents live a few blocks away, it is safe to say we see them quite regularly. So when they go away, the kids tend to notice. The ‘rents left last week for the annual trek back to Iowa for RAGBRAI. This is a huge bike tour across the state and a giant excuse to party every night at the beer tent. I am sure my family is there for the hard core biking… Lance Armstrong was supposed to show, but apparently he is to busy galavanting around Hollywood with Kate Hudson (that People.com, it’s a sickness really).

Anyway, on day 2 of my parents absence, Lily turns to me and says, “Mom, I really miss the old days when we used to go down to Coco (grandma) and PaPa’s house and hang out.” Thank goodness they made it back today cause, I think she was starting to tell stories that started with “Back in my day….”

*anyone reading during bloggy giveaway week? Anyone….anyone….Bueller, Bueller……


  1. I got your Bueller right here!

  2. oh yes, I have some ragbrai memories (that i will keep to myself) :-) Wow, it’s still goin on? It seems like that was back in ye olden days. I guess some things never end. It’s a great event though I must say – the beer drinking that is. JUST KIDDING!

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  3. I’m here!!!

    Um, what was this post about? I am distracted by the giveaways… :-)

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  4. I’ve still got a give-away going on as well… ends 12:01 AM PST Aug. 1, 2008… so come on over.

    Gotta love kids. They are hilarious. You should stop over at pearsoup.com and post that!


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  5. TOO funny! The concept of time really seems to escape children, huh? Glad your parents are back safe and sound! :)

    A few weeks ago, my mom and sister traveled here to see the kids. They were here when my 2-y-o got up from her nap. For 3 weeks after that, every time she went down for her nap, she said, “Grannie and Aunt Dani will be here when I wake up!!!” It was quite sad to say, “No…they’re not coming TODAY, but they’ll come again a different day soon…” EEK! I HATE being the joy killer! :)

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  6. Jen@BigBinder says:

    My husband is insanely jealous. Beer + bikes = happy husband.

  7. Rachel says:

    We used to live (literally) 0.5 miles from my in-laws. And I hated. every. minute. of. it. Now that we live 6ish hours away and my sweet little baby girl has grown into a toddler, I wish we were a little bit closer.

    Rachels last blog post..A Poem for Mrs. Marie

  8. Jackie @agsoccermom says:

    My daughter is 10 and every memory she has she says “when I was 4”. She says it so often we have said “yes I know when you were 4”, then she will say no I think it was 3.

    Jackie @agsoccermoms last blog post..GOOD NEWS BAD NEWS

  9. Nicole says:

    I miss those ‘good ole days’. I was just checking e-mail previous to this and new on iTunes is Rick Springfield’s new album. I used to wish I was ‘Jesse’s Girl’. Now those my friends, were the good old days! Bills – none, responsibility – none, stresses in life – cutting off the jeans to get in the wash and dryer to get that special fringe before heading out for the night.

    Glad your parents are back. I could live down the street from mine, but across country is still a little too close for the in-laws.

    Hope the pool was refreshing.

  10. I’m still here. I read blogs after I catch up on entering the giveaways!

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  11. Meh, I gave up on entering the giveaways. I never win anything anyway. Well, I enter those of blogs I read anyway, like yours! ;)
    Oh, and any for an apron. I really need an apron, but I can’t find one that I want around here and I don’t really want to pay $30 for one! ;)
    My parents live half an hour away. It’s perfect! And we’ve finally trained them to call when they’re leaving home and not when they’re 3 minutes away… you know? :)

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  12. Lance Armstrong WAS there. This is his 2nd year. Glad we are home

  13. Awww…the good ol’ days! That’s too funny. If only time worked that way for me!

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  14. reading this post, and seeing the picture you put with it, totally made want to go bust out my Little House books.

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