Wrapping Up Satisfied


Well we wrapped up the book this week. Confession: This is my second time through the material and I feel like I have so much to learn. In some ways I feel lighter, free of stuff’s stranglehold, more content and less envious. In other ways, I feel like I have so much more to grow, a life still unsatisfied despite blessings abundant, and needing to give far more away with a joyful heart.

So I leave the book a little….. dissatisfied.

I want to be further along in my journey. So desperately. Because I fear all of this says far more about my relationship with God than anything else. Why would I look upon a God who has blessed me so richly and still want more?

Last weekend we took our kids to Great Wolf Lodge. And although they said thank you many times, they also begged for extra things and whined a bit when they didn’t get them. And as the weekend went on and they got more tired and frazzled whining turned into some mini tantrums.

I was beyond frustrated. Here we had spent a nice chunk of change on a super fun weekend and all they wanted was more. Oh God. Sometimes you aren’t very subtle.

This isn’t my last go around with Satisfied. Because I’m sure it won’t be my last battle with contentment. But this journey is one I am so thankful God is with me on. Because like me with my whiny kids, I love them anyway. And I am so thankful for his daily grace and mercies.

What did you learn going through Satisfied? What are you continuing to work on?

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