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wfmwheader_16.jpgToday the theme over at Rocks in My Dryer is the “Mom I’m Bored” addition. Basically any idea to cure summer boredom. Since I don’t have any children in school beyond preschool, summer doesn’t really present any unique challenges that I don’t have all year long in the trying to dream up something to entertain my kids (besides the standbys TV and computer time)

That being said the best thing I have found is joining a mom’s group/playgroup. When we lived in Chicago, it was a wonderful group of moms who met weekly for bible study and fellowship while our kids played with a babysitter.

Since we moved, I have joined 2 moms groups. MOPS is a great group that meets at churches around the country. I was skeptical when I heard you made crafts every week, but at my church the crafts have actually been very cool and I have unleashed my inner Martha. While I am bonding with other mommies, my kids are basically getting a Sunday school lesson downstairs. The bummer here is that it only meets during the school year so this does nothing to solve the above problem.

My other group is a local chapter of Mom’s Club international. This group is a lifesaver. We have weekly playgroups and several other activities during the week. Yesterday we toured a local Michael’s and each kids got to make a craft. Next week we head to Marble Slab Creamery (there is often a lot of food involved). The best part is, if I am bored and there is nothing on our mom’s club calendar, someone is usually sending out emails for impromptu playdates.

I encourage you to look around in your area and find out what is being offered for moms. There are many more groups besides the ones I have mentioned. It is a great way to connect, make great friends and keep the boredom away.


  1. I’m in my local MOMS Club and we went strawberry picking this morning and we’re going to the zoo on Friday!I’d highly recommend it as well!

  2. We have a playgroup organized by my church, and I love it. It is definitely more for us moms, than for the children… but they love it too!

  3. Georgia Mom says:

    Love MOPS!! When I my kids were younger I was so into MOPS that I was Coordinator for 2 years! I even went to the National Convention. I think it’s the best place for Mom’s with young kids to be! I’m glad you found a good group.

    Georgia Mom

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