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works for me wednesday at we are that family I am on yet another quest to lose the last of the baby weight. And by baby weight I mean the last of the weight I have accumulated with all 3 babies and not had come off. The goal is back to my pre-kids size. I am within 10 pounds. So close, yet so far away.

For the last 2 weeks, I did phase 1 of South Beach to kick start everything. The net out of those 2 weeks is that a) I was horribly unpleasant to be around as I crashed off my apparent sugar addiction b) I had discipline like nobody’s business in that I didn’t have wine or dessert at my anniversary dinner nor did I have a single slice of pizza at Giordano’s in Chicago (hello?) and c) I am down 6-7 pounds.

So the healthy eating continues and today I started doing The Shred. I have decided that Jillian Michaels is indeed the anti-Christ and that nothing is cuter than my 3 year old doing “push ups” next to you saying that she is doing the advanced moves while I should probably follow the other lady. Um, thanks.

Where is the WFMW tip in all of this? Well I find that the harder you have to “work” for your food, the harder it is to overeat. I don’t mean that you should duct tape your food into a box and try and get it open, but I mean eat snacks that require work to get to. For instance, my favorite snack right now is pistachios. It is really hard to eat a whole bunch of them because after a while your fingers start to hurt from cracking those babies. Plus I just get tired of it all. But give me a bag of chips and I can polish them off in no time flat because the only thing slowing me down is licking the orange cheese of my fingers.

Any other weight loss tips for a mid-30-esque year old whose metabolism needs a swift kick in the you know what? Leave them in the comments. And for more great tips, head over to We Are That Family.


  1. Jillian is a killer! I did the first part of her Shred and thought, “yeah, I’m tired, but it’s not that bad.” Okay, part 2…I have only done one day and am still afraid to do it again. But I’ve seen results already. It’s great!
    Good luck!

  2. I have found that my best weight loss trick has been breastfeeding and, now, chasing my 19 month old around my house! But seriously, I agree with your points. Another tip that I have is really doing meal planning. I know that when I plan out my meals, we do much better with eating healthy and staying on track. But when I don’t plan our meals, we end up eating whatever I can find, which many times is a bunch of junk (or takeout)!
    .-= Esther (WellnessMom)´s last blog ..Moments of Gratefulness =-.

  3. You are so right that 10 pounds is SO HARD to get off (especially being mid-30s myself, too). I’m working on 10-15 right now to get back to my goal weight and it’s not easy. I just posted myself for WFMW about staying motivated to exercise.

    And everyday I’m trying to find other things to help lose weight. I’ll have to add pistachios to the list for sure!
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..western Washington & B.C. Canada road trip #1 =-.

  4. Good luck with the baby weight. I also try to put junky snacks in hard to reach places. My best weight loss tip is breast feeding. I have no idea what I’ll do when I wean my last b/c I have no time to exercise. Maybe I will then. Another tip — don’t buy junk. Then you can’t eat it. When you crave sweet, eat fruit. Make sure you ALWAYS have fruit.

    • Yep BF definitely helped take a lot off at the beginning, but then I completely stalled. Nothing was budging. Hopefully this is the kick start I needed

  5. I lost all my baby weight with my little girl by cutting out the sweets (I let myself have a few sweets on the weekend though) and bread, and exercising. I think sweets play a big part in not being able to lose the extra weight. I ate fruit and nuts or cheese for snacks instead of junk food.

  6. Sherry says:

    LOL! I can so relate on the kids doing better than me. :D

    I’m trying to work off the weight that dh found for me after coming back from Afghanistan. Wish I could do Jillian, but with back issues I have to do low impact like walking.
    .-= Sherry´s last blog ..WFMW – Playing with my kids =-.

  7. Jill, I think you’re on to something. I read recently that just switching to food you have to “work for” or make can reduce your caloric intake enough to induce weight loss or maintain a healthy weight long term.

    This guy’s (his name escapes me) theory was that the abundance and easy accessibility of ready-made food is the key factor in the obesity epidemic (even more than lack of exercise).

    I think Michael Pollan (Omnivore’s Dilemma) also comes down in this camp. To paraphrase his conclusion on “junk food”: If the only time you ate french fries was when you cut the potatoes and made them yourself, they’d be a treat and wouldn’t have as much impact. Same thing with cookies. If the only time you ate cookies was when you made them “from scratch” cookies wouldn’t be a problem either.

    Of course, I ate a cookie I bought at Panera yesterday, so the above is PREscriptive, not DEscriptive! ;)

  8. P.S. I know South Beach Diet can leave you cranky in Phase 1, but there’s no doubt it works (types the currently-chubby cookie eater).

  9. Dang, Jill! That’s awesome…I would’ve totally given in on the anniversary goodies.

    I’m with @WellnessMama…if I don’t plan out my meals I cheat like the devil…which usually means eating out a lot. So my budget prefers when I plan too. ;-)

  10. Rhonda says:

    Awesome willpower to skip pizza at Giordanos. You can do it!!

  11. Liberty says:

    One week! AH – MAZING!
    I am currently getting all off sugar – and that craving can be fierce – I’ve found cocnut BUTTER (not oil) is a great little in between snack that satisfies my sweet tooth while filling me up with healthy protein!

  12. Michelle says:

    I’ve done South Beach but it is so hard for me to maintain with two small kids who love bread, pasta and graham crackers. I’ve started using the iPhone app “Lose It!”. It counts calories and your exercise. So if you have the iPhone it’s a great tool. Best part is that it is super easy to use. I would love to try Jillian and have her kick my rear.

  13. The harder you have to work, the slower you eat, too. Like some others said, when I plan my meals in advance, I eat so much better (EXCEPT for today because my 5 year old is graduating from preschool and requested hotdogs for dinner!).
    .-= Jane Anne´s last blog ..Without Words =-.

  14. What a great tip! I’m wanting to work on losing weight, but I have a lot more than 10 lbs. to go! LOL! You’ve been doing great! I’d love it if you’d link this to my Tueday’s Tips. Thanks!
    .-= Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package´s last blog ..Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom =-.

  15. Just so you know, the South Beach diet is considered by some to be quite dangerous. It is too low in both carbs AND fat, so you don’t have enough energy. You could easily become anemic or vitamin-deficient.


    By eating LOTS of fat (almost entirely saturated) and very few grains I lost all my baby weight plus an additional 30 lbs. And it’s much, much safer.

    Good luck!
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..All About Pocket Diapers =-.

    • That is why I only do it for 2 weeks. I just stalled and nothing else I was doing was helping. Now I back to my whole food lifestyle again ;)

    • Kate,
      Are you a Paleo eater? It’s something we’ve been investigating…lower carbs but higher fat. Just curious! :)
      .-= Erika´s last blog ..Take a minute to watch — We have a choice! =-.

  16. Ugh. I’m not so concerned about the weight number but man, what I wouldn’t give to have a flat tummy back. Do you think it’s possible after kids? I thought it was doable after baby #1, but with #2, I’m thinking it’s a lost cause. How much exercise does one have to do to tone the tummy after it stretched WAY, i mean WAY, out and back (not once, but twice). You look fabulous and you’ve had 3 babies! Don’t kill yourself over it. And I still stick to my motto — everything in moderation. Fortunately, I can moderate myself.

  17. The first day I did Jillian, I couldn’t walk, sit down, stand up, or let anyone touch me. I was SO INCREDIBLY SORE! Since then, my 16 yr. old daughter and I get up each morning at 5:30 and do the workout. It is so much easier having someone that I’m accountable to, and she prods me to do it on the days I just don’t feel I can make it. My baby is 11 and I’m still fighting to lose that baby fat… *sigh* I must say that when I honestly do the Shred, I have lost weight and my pants do fit better. When I’ve consistently exercised and watched what I consume, I do so much better and feel better.
    .-= Lynnet Hardwick´s last blog ..Living with a WHAT? =-.

  18. Why is it SO HARD to lose weight, yet we can put it on so easily? Good job on the 7 pounds!
    .-= Paige´s last blog ..How do you say “Thanks for putting up with my kid for the last 9 months”? (updated) =-.

  19. I just started doing another workout video that I’m doing – along with The Shred and running- Marisa Tomei’s- core and curves (I think that that’s what it’s called- sorry to lazy to check amazon). It’s a good one too- I need a lot of variety work out wise or I get bored. Good luck!
    .-= Candace´s last blog ..Watch Out Bobby Flay =-.

  20. I’ve been shredding for about 3 weeks. I want to scream at Jillian for all 27 and a half minutes of each work out – but can’t cause my 2 year old is napping. It took 2 weeks before I noticed a difference – but I do think it’s working very well…aside for the absolute dread I have of 2:00 pm every day. I just started Level 3…good luck!!!

  21. milissa says:

    I just discovered your blog through WFMW so forgive me if you already know this trick. A trick I use is cleaning my teeth. I mean brushing, flossing, brushing again, and rinsing with mouthwash. It is ssssoooooooo hard to eat after you’ve spent that much time and energy cleaning your teeth. (Plus, nothing tastes good after all that.) I do this pretty early in the evening after supper…it keeps me from late night snacking. I also do this a bunch around the holidays or celebrations…keeps me out of the junk food people in our culture associate with celebrating. I’m trying to lose the last 10 lbs too…it’s hard. Good luck to you!
    .-= milissa´s last blog ..New Goal =-.

  22. I have been keeping a thing of baby carrots out on the counter while I am making dinner, so that I have something to snack on. I get so snacky while cooking, that I can easily consume all calories beofre I even sit down to eat. This way I can eat without the guilt or the crazy “MUST HAVE FOOD” feeling that hits.
    .-= Staci @ teaching money to kids´s last blog ..My Kid Just Wants to Buy Junk! =-.

  23. I have been thin all my life, so here are some of my habits that I think are helpful:

    Start a meal with soup, salad, or fruit. Then serve yourself the smallest portion of the main course that you think will satisfy you. After eating it, drink a whole glass of water or a warm beverage, wait at least 15 minutes, and then get seconds only if you are really HUNGRY still.

    At times when you don’t need to stay at the table out of politeness to others, get up while still chewing your last bite and go rinse your plate. Then leave the kitchen and dining area completely.

    Store some of your food in an inconvenient location. We do this primarily because our kitchen is small; we keep canned and boxed foods on shelves in the basement. Having to walk a long way and/or take a flight of stairs deters you from getting food you don’t need, and if you do get it, you get some exercise too! If your kitchen is huge, maybe put the food on high shelves and dishes lower.

    Here’s my best tummy toning exercise.
    .-= ‘Becca´s last blog ..Washing Plastic Bags =-.

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