Works For Me Wednesday- Wisk on Oil Stains

WFMW I have done several posts about my experiences with Wisk. Well now it is time for my final post and we are tackling oil stains. Specifically lipstick, which I can admit I have gotten on clothes more than once. I had planned on doing another vlog of my Wisk experiment like I have with every other post, but this week has kicked my behind. What? It’s only Tuesday you say. Please don’t remind me. So anyway, I am way too vain to do a vlog after having not showered for who knows how many days. So you will have to settle for some lovely pics that don’t show the fact that I am nasty and still in my pjs at 8 pm at night.

IMG_2491-1First, I was given this adorable makeup bag, a towel and some lipgloss.


After making myself a bit prettier with some lipstick (as if lipstick could help me at this point), I did my best kissy face on the towel (which I had spilled Wisk on, it is like monkeys are running this blog right now).


After pouring some Wisk on the stain and rubbing it in, I let it sit for a minute to let the Wisk do its work.


Then I simply rinsed the towel clean under water and voila. No more stain.

I have been using Wisk ever since starting this campaign and I honestly have no complaints. I was pretty brand loyal before to an unnamed detergent (that rhymes with Blide), but I think I have officially switched. (And on a side note, this has been one of the most fun campaigns I have ever been a part of so props to One 2 One Network and Weber Shankman). How about you, have you tried Wisk? Are you a fan?

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Disclosure: This sponsored post on behalf of Wisk laundry detergent was facilitated by One2One Network. While I will be compensated for this post, the experiences and opinions expressed are my own


  1. I might have to give Wisk a try. I usually use Tide, but I’m not especially loyal. I’ve been impressed with all of the bloggers’ stories about their Wisk experiments!

    And I hope your family is all better ASAP!
    Jeni recently posted…WFMW- Weaning from the BinkyMy Profile

  2. I tried Wisk for a different campaign, and even though it totally did not get the stain out, I loved the smell so much I switched. Seriously, I could huff Wisk.

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