Works For Me Wednesday- We (Still) Got the Funk

WFMW Way, way, way back 2 years ago (almost to the day- freaky), I confessed a problem to you, my readers, and asked for some advice. Are any of you still around. I got a bazillion comments helping me (or commiserating with me) with your funky towel problem. And by funky towels I mean towels that reek of a mildew smell no matter what we do in the wash. I just went back and read that post and chuckled a bit. I love it when I crack myself up.

Confession time. We have tried many things to get the funk out, but really I fear all we have done (apparently for TWO YEARS) is cover up the smell until it rears its ugly head again. Much like the skunk that got run over at the end of my road whose odor WILL NOT DIE. And I am truly beyond tired of smelling like a big pile of mildew. And wondering if others secretly call me “that girl who appears to be molding before our very eyes.”

Thankfully I have FINALLY found a solution to my problem courtesy of my new Frigidaire Affinity Washer and Dryer. The sanitize cycle. Oh Hallelujah!! The washer uses hot water (and by hot I mean 153 degrees hot) to ensure that the laundry is 99.9% bacteria free. Come on Frigidaire!! What is up with the missing .01%? Obviously I kid, that is amazing. And then I pop the load over into the dryer where it goes through another sanitize cycle where it is again ensured to be 99.9% bacteria free. So my previously funky towels are now 199.8% bacteria free. Which I am pretty confident is 198.2% more than they were previously.

Now I will say, they do have a smell when they come out of the sanitize cycle, but it quickly goes away after the first use. I don’t know how to explain the smell, but it isn’t knock you over foul like the mildew smell I am used to. It just isn’t that “frolicking through the meadow” smell that my dryer sheets usually offer. And I don’t think I will be using this cycle every time I wash towels because whatever happened during the sanitize cycle appears to have killed off the smell for a while. My nose has never been so happy.

It is almost enough for me to be willing to tackle cloth diapers. Almost. But not quite.

I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Frigidaire and received a Frigidaire Washer/Dryer to facilitate my review. For more great tips head over to We Are That Family.


  1. i know this funk! and i too discovered the sanitizer cycle…however it returns with a vengeance. i hate the funk!
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  2. Try laying your towels in the summer sun to get rid of the odor altogether. You’d be amazed what kind of stains and stink the sun will bleach out!
    Milehimama recently posted…When Homeschooling Isn’t Working, part 3My Profile

  3. wimp… ;)
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  4. Yay! I’m glad your new washer is working on the funk. But just a tip for others that still have problems.

    We have the same problem and I’ve tried everything. Vinegar did not work a lick for me. I finally read something that said wash them in hot water with bleach. Yes, regular old bleach. We have blue and green towels, so I was skeptical. But, I figured bleach-spotted towels would be better than stinky towels! Guess what? It worked!! I’m happy to say we are funk free and have been for months!
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  5. Sanitize is GREAT for towels, but be careful using it on anything that contains elastic.

    I find adding 1/2 cup of vinegar to the wash ALL the time and then doing a second rinse keeps the funk out even when our weather gets humid and sticky…..works on tee shirts too!
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  6. I love the sanitize function on our front loader!!
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  7. I’ve used bleach, vinegar and I’ve even tried heating up my kitchen dish clothes in the microwave but they still stink! So I made some new ones.

  8. I second the bleach suggestion.

    Growing up, my mom always added about 1/2 cup bleach to every load of rags/towels and they never, ever soured. I never caught onto this when living at home and as soon as I moved out, I was constantly washing my towels, trying to get rid of the stink. Eventually, I asked my mom what I was doing wrong and she told me.

    You may have to throw out some of your old towels if they really won’t give up the stink, but if you do this with new towels, from the get-go, it should work. We’re living in an incredibly humid climate with tons of mold everywhere, and our rags still never sour.

    Just make sure you add the bleach to water before putting your towels in so that you don’t get bleach spots. Also, over a period of time, the bleach will break your towels down. But not that much faster than they’d normally break down, imo.

    And, really, it’s totally worth it to me.
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