Works For Me Wednesday- Vacation Bible School

wfmw It’s the “Mom I’m Bored” summer edition. Which is more then appropriate seeing as I am staring down the barrel of the last week of school and am a bit panicked about how I am going to entertain these two for the summer. Especially since the sun appears to have gone on vacation here so the pool is out.

My tip, is Vacation Bible School. My kids love it and it is FREE, FREE, FREE!! Of course our church doesn’t offer it, so I am forced to hit up friends for their VBS schedule and I mooch of their church. I am not sure how churches feel about me making the rounds around town, but I at least make sure I know someone in the congregation. Although this year because of scheduling, I am only able to do one week. So I don’t feel quite so moochy (spell check be darned). If you don’t mind being moochy, you can just google VBS in your area or check out local church websites.

I just kind of feel like a week having fun, singing, eating and learning about Jesus is a good thing. And the fact that I have a week of kid free mornings ain’t such a bad thing either. But it really is about Jesus. I swear…no really.

For more ideas, head over to We Are That Family.


  1. That is SO funny because we’re on another vacation during our church VBS. And I was thinking where could I mooch another VBS for the boys?!! Now my guilt is alleviated and I’m searching for another one today!! Thanks!

    Sharons last blog post..MOM! I’m Bored!

  2. We’re doing VBS, too, because the big boys wanted to. My Littlest is too little — but so used to having his brothers around to play! I’m racking my brain for how to keep him happy five lonely mornings in a row. ;)

    Amandas last blog post..WFMW: Creative scheduling

  3. Sherry says:

    We love VBS! :D They always have a blast, too!

    Sherrys last blog post..How can you be bored?

  4. I love VBS, too! My kids will go to two sessions this year. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that!

    Paula @ Organizing Tipss last blog post.."I’m bored. There’s nothing to do!": Ideas to Eliminate that Phrase from Your Home This Summer

  5. Melinda says:

    I didnt know that VBS hopping was that common but you’re the third mom I’ve heard is sending their kid to numerous VBS’s so they have something to do during the summer. It’s a great idea…I’ll keep it in mind when I have little ones of my own :)

  6. I have always heard such great things about VBS. Hope they have a blast!

    Janis @ SneakPeeks last blog post..Works For Me Wednesday – "Mom, I’m Bored"

  7. when my kids were little sent them to every bible school I could find they loved it and it was good for them

    angies last blog post..Wordfilled Wednesday

  8. We are all signed up! Hope to see you there again! This year I can actually talk with you instead of just looking at you and knowing who you are but not knowing if you knew who I was. Yes I just talked in a complete circle. :) Look forward to seeing you!

  9. I remember when I was little, and each summer we had VBS friends. Those were the kids that we never saw anywhere else, but they all vbs hopped like the rest of us.
    And as someone who is helping with my first VBS, I can say that the leaders don’t mind, and our local church school gets many new student interests through the contacts made at VBS.
    So even though you may not have plans of converting to a new church, you may find that their school or kids programs or mommies group is a great resource for your family.

    Staci @teaching money to kidss last blog post..Enough?

  10. Ahhhh….vbs hopping. I’ve done that the past two years and my kids loved it. Now we’re at a church where they do have vbs, and not only that, it’s part of my job of getting it up and running. So all that to say, I hope kids from other church’s come, so if you want to make the trek, bring your kids! :)

    jeans last blog post..through the years

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