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worksformewednesday.jpg Still blogging from vacation. The brain is on relaxed vacation mode. I am not sure I am very inspiring right now unless you are interested in the best way to lay on your bum watching your child splash around in the pool. I can’t believe I only have one more day of this before going back to the cold tundra I live in. What really “works for me” is living in the Caribbean full time.

But since it is soon to be Wednesday and everyone seems to be gradually returning to the world, I have racked my brain for some wisdom to share with all of you. I have posted before about some websites I have used in the past to save money while traveling. Once you decide where you are going and saved a lot of cash, I have another website for you to peruse when planning where to stay and what to do.

Trip Advisor is a great travel site with tons of information and reviews given by other travelers just like you. Unlike most travel sites, this isn’t a bunch of reviews by people paid to give reviews. These are reviews written by Joe down the street who got a king sized room instead of the double he reserved and found mold in the bathtub. Isolated incident? Perhaps, until you read that 5 other families had a similar experience. We also have found some little known gems to stay at for very affordable prices in places like NYC where a broom closet will run you $350 per night.

They also rate and rank attractions and restaurants, but my absolute favorite thing about Trip Advisor- the forums. This is where clueless people (i.e. me) post questions and seasoned travelers and/or locals post their advice. You can also do what I do (i.e. the lazy person’s way) and just search the questions other people have asked to find the answers you are looking for. This trip, I discovered that right down the road from where we are staying there is a great beach for finding lots of starfish. Perfect info to have when you have a 4 year old to entertain. I also discovered the one thing I thought would be the coolest place on the whole island to visit with kids was generally thought to be very overpriced and disappointing.

They have forums for tons of locations all over this great big earth so you don’t have to be going anywhere fancy to take advantage of the info. Come to think of it, it would be fun to see what people are saying about where you live. I guess that would only work if you live in someplace remotely exciting that people would want to visit. Actually that isn’t even true, cause I found the town I grew up at on there and no one would ever visit there by choice. Actually, I am pretty sure the whole state isn’t anyone’s top tourist destination. Unless you are dying to see a Garth Brooks sculpture made entirely out of butter. And really, what vacation is complete without that? The Caribbean hardly compares.

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  1. ooh Garth Brooks in butter!! sign me up for that trip!!!!!

  2. That sounds great! Thanks for the tip.

    (Now, we just need enough money to be able to AFFORD a vacation. :) )

  3. I’ll have to check it out. I am such a homebody that I rarely travel, and when I do I tend to hole up in my room. I don’t have kids to drag me out and about any more (they are grown and have not yet seen fit to multiply) so I can hibernate, vegetate, and deliberate at my leisure! I have set a goal (no resolutions for me!) this year to travel more, and in so doing, plan to do a bit more exploring instead of those exciting activities listed above. Thanks for sharing!

  4. SAHMmy Says says:

    Love Trip Advisor. I search for hotels in our general price range then read reviews until my eyeballs hurt. Hasn’t steered us wrong yet.

  5. We love Trip Advisor. I’m absolutely addicted to it when we have a vacation coming up.

  6. Sherry says:

    I can’t believe you said that the state you grew up in would not be anyone’s top tourist destination! While there are not a lot of big attractions, there are honest people, pretty countrysides, beautiful lakes and parks, etc. Many people from other states and countries come here to visit. I think you need to come back for a visit – you must have forgotten the beauty of the state!!!

  7. Great tip.

    I’ll look into it.

    Enjoy coming back!

    Feel welcome to visit my entry for wfm at my blog

    Laane on the World

    Have a happy New Year!!!

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