Works For Me Wednesday- Train Yourself in CPR

wfmw Seconds after that baby gets handed to you for the first time (whether you birth it or adopt or whatever), you are immediately hit with the enormity of the task ahead of you. My thought was “Who would possibly allow me to be responsible for another human being?” I mean life is filled with 1 million and one ways that you can screw this task up. So much is out of your control. But some is in our control and we just forget to prepare.

The first week in June is National CPR Week. I can think of few better things you can do for your family then to take the time to learn CPR. It could literally be the difference between life and death for someone you love. Back before I was a mom, I had to become certified every year in infant and child CPR as part of my job. Bonus? Someone else paid for it. Since then, I have become a bit lazy thinking to myself that I would remember what I needed to when I needed to. Plus it is so expensive I reasoned. And I would so much rather have those cute pants…

What a ridiculous notion. How can you put a price on being prepared in an emergency. Thankfully, the American Heart Association has made it really easy for busy moms to get trained in CPR. CPR Anytime is a self directed CPR lesson you can do in your own home. In less then 30 minutes. So that throws out that “I don’t have time” excuse. You get a kit with a slightly creepy looking mini mannequin, an instruction DVD. It is available for infants or child/adult. My favorite thing in the kit are two handy little reference cards you can slip in your purse or put on the fridge. One is for infants, one for children/adults.

If you want a little more instruction, you can always do the traditional classes. But if you have ever had any CPR training, I found this kit to be the perfect refresher. The best part is you just put it all back in the box and can pull it out anytime you are rusty. Or when you want to put the mask on and freak out your husband. Not that I would do something like that…

Thanks to Mom Central for the opportunity to review CPR Anytime.

And for more great tips, head over to We Are That Family.


  1. Wow what a great idea!! It’s great for anyone to know especially mom’s! I will forward this information onto my friends. Thanks!


    Jen-After the Alters last blog post..Wedding Season Begins!

  2. An excellent post. However, by not including the price in your post, you make it seem that the price will be a little dear. Especially, when you say something like this “CPR Anytime is a self directed CPR lesson you can do in your own home. In less then 30 minutes. So that throws out that “I don’t have time” excuse.”

    Well at $34.95 considering it’s ability to be used more than one time, it is also not expensive.

    Like I said, great post.

    Dave Roller (Home School Dad)s last blog post..Not much, What’s a co-op with you?

  3. GREAT tip – t hanks!

    Mary @ Giving Up On Perfects last blog post..Taking a shortcut on Wednesday. And Tuesday.

  4. Also check with your local hospitals. The hospital that I work for allows first time parents to take all the CPR classes for $20.

  5. Mama Koala says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I took a class WAY back when I was a teenage baby sitter, but definitely need a refresher.

    Mama Koalas last blog post..Minon Apps, Reading Tool for iPhone

  6. What a great idea! I remember learning CPR several years ago, but at the time they told us taht CPR for kids was different because they’re lungs are much smaller. It never hurts to have a refresher course; I should look into it!

  7. i think i failed CPR in high school. i should prolly learn it though in case i need it for my son or… someone…

    Jennys last blog post..By the Lake

  8. This is a great post. You are completely correct that cpr training can’t have a price put on it.

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