The Double Swaddle- Works For Me Wednesday

wfmw I owe my life to Jeni. Because this idea is not mine. I am blatently ripping off her post. You see last week I was lamenting on Twitter that Silas is a really good sleeper when he is swaddled tightly. But he had begun to figure out how to break free from the swaddle and his sleep was suffering. Which meant my sleep was suffering. I feared I had to give up the swaddle and then we might never sleep again. Woe was me.

Jeni (@Jenidvm on Twitter) piped in that I should try the double swaddle because it was hard for kids to get out of and that it had worked wonders for her. Now I am predisposed to trust Jeni in all things because we discovered that we share the same maiden name which surely means we are related in some way because although it is not uncommon it is rarely spelled the right way, ie. the way we spell it. Whew, that was a run on sentence. Not that that should shock you. Anyway, she is family so I trust her.

That very moment I tried the swaddle. Seriously, it was nap time and I busted the swaddle out. Silas slept like a champ. I tried it again that night. SILAS SLEPT FOR ELEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT!!!! And he has been doing it ever since. And I can only credit the swaddle. And the aden+ anais swaddle blanket (seriously, I have reviewed things for them in the past, but this is not a review, I have just come to love, love, love these blankets cause they are huge and you can get a really tight swaddle. Which is key. But I digress).

So I am going to share with you the magical swaddle. And in return you are going to send me cookies and flowers and gold coins. Cause it is that good people. ELEVEN HOURS. For 5 glorious nights in a row.

You place two swaddling blankets on top of each other with the top corner folded down just like you would in a typical swaddle. Then you place the baby in the middle of the blanket, on top of the folded down triangle, with his head just above the blanket. Then you use the top blanket to basically make a straight jacket for his arms by putting his arms straight next to his side and wrapping the blanket around his arm and tucking the blanket under the baby. The outer blanket you use to make a normal swaddle. He can’t get his arms free and is snug as a bug in a rug.

Seriously, go check out Jeni’s post if you are confused cause she uses pictures and you can see her cute baby. Me, I am too lazy to take pictures and as you know we keep our kids under top secret lock down. And to be fair, you should probably let Jeni in on a cut of the flowers, chocolates and stuff since she is ultimately responsible for this post. Well send her flowers and I will take the chocolate.

For more great tips, head over to We Are That Family.


  1. Aiden, ever since he was one day old (maybe before. he hit me something awful before he was born) has hated having his arms wrapped. And if his hands ever got stuck in his sleeve, he tried to pull them out. He wasn’t even 24 hours old!
    So, no swaddling over the arms.
    I just put a thick blanket on his legs and wrap them up, and have to leave his arms open.
    I’ll keep this in mind for future babies, though, I’ve never heard of it.
    .-= Lana´s last blog ..a serious matter =-.

  2. Nice post! Our little guy is almost eleven months old so he is too old for swaddling anymore, but I’ll keep this in mind if we have any more new bundles!

  3. Ah, I love me some swaddling! I did that for four months with my first. But, eventually she got out of the double swaddle. Bummer. WIth my second, she did the double swaddle for a while but I slowly weaned her from it (first for naps then at night time). All the same; swaddled babies + extra sleep + mama = one happy woman!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..I am adopted =-.

  4. Well, THAT was a glowing recommendation! I’m so glad it’s working for you, because sleep is the key ingredient for sanity! :-)
    .-= Jeni´s last blog ..Top Ten Tuesday: Rainy Day Activities =-.

  5. I could have used this with my daughter about 19 months ago! She only would sleep swaddled. (She’s 2 now.) My son hated it though and we abandoned it by the time he was a few weeks old. Oh well. But good news in case another baby enjoys the swaddle!

  6. Oh, I am SO, SO happy you posted this! My daughter is getting big and she still loves being swaddled when she sleeps. This is great advice for those who are outgrowing pre-made swaddlers!
    .-= marybeth at http://www.babygoodbuys.com´s last blog ..Target: Save $5.50 on Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers! =-.

  7. oh amanda says:

    You are hilarious. I love me a good swaddle. In fact, I wish I could be swaddled at night. I’d love 11 hours…
    .-= oh amanda´s last blog ..Bliss*Tastic Week 4: Amy From the Finer Things In Life: Building Your Blog Readership =-.

  8. Have you ever tried a Miracle Blanket??? THE BEST BABY ITEM EVER!!! Here is my baby getting wrapped in one. I don’t know who loved it more, me or her…

    It is like a baby straight jacket LOVE IT! http://www.miracleblanket.com
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..Merry Christmas =-.

  9. Shelby says:

    Our son couldn’t sleep unswaddled until he was like 9 months old. I sing the praises of the swaddle daily. He never stayed in a regular swaddle–even when the nurses at the hospital did it. We used the pre-made swaddlers but cried when he outgrew them–even the Miracle Blanket. We did this double swaddle exactly as described for quite some time, until his feet got really strong and he kicked his way out of it, at which time I modified the swaddle YET AGAIN, so I thought I’d share ;). My modified double swaddle is two A+A blankets (like you–LOVE) and a diaper pin or giant safety pin. Fold both blankets diagonally so you have two triangles, folded side at the top, one on top of the other. Blanket 1 goes as described above–over arm, under body, over arm, under body. Now you have swaddled arms with a point between the baby’s legs. Blanket 2 is also a triangle, folded edge on top, one side goes all the way across baby and tucked underneath, the other goes all the way across and pulled up on the other side. Now you have 4 layers of a blanket point. This is where it gets really unattractive–bring up the point between the baby’s legs like a diaper (you’ll need to roll back the thighs a bit) and pin it to the blankets over the baby’s stomach. You don’t have to get all the layers, but get as many as you can. Don’t worry, the A+A blankets won’t tear. This leaves a swaddled baby with his legs free to kick. Then you can put him in a sleep sack or A+A sleeping bag (LOVE!). The swaddle looks really ugly but it works. This is for bigger babies or any baby who kicks their way out of a swaddle and then cries because they’re not swaddled *sigh*.

  10. LOL – Sugar Plum has learned to roll over and break her swaddle, and we’ve been having some sleepless nights. I’m definitely trying this! :)
    .-= Steph @ Problem Solvin Mom´s last blog ..Gooey and Delicious! Chocolate peanut butter treats =-.

  11. Jennifer from Alabama says:

    Aden + anais swaddle blankets ARE TOTALLY the best! I bought them only bc I liked the texture of them (which I’ll admit is dumb considering how many of the little flannel ones we got as gifts) Oh my goodness they were great right from the beginning! Hands down THE best purcase I have made (along with my only cute nursing bra- navy blue with polka dots- also from target)! My little warm natured boy loved them immeditely which was a blessing bc before that we couldnt swaddle him in anything without him getting too warm. Now they are the only swaddling blankets that will wraphim because he is so long these days. I’ve also begun buying them for baby gifts…I can give 3 of the 4 in the ack away and keep the third! Yay!

  12. 11 hours of sleep isn’t so bad. Some people are really sleepy heads, I for once. But as got older, got married, sleep became just a bonus. LoL! After all that what being a mom is.
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