Works For Me Wednesday- Sugar Cookie Tip

I feel like I have officially arrived as a mother today. Well I guess I have done that before, but officially arrived as Suzy Homemaker today. I volunteered to be room mom in Lily’s classroom this year. A task that has made me a hero in my daughter’s eyes because my name gets listed in the school directory. She has highlighted it. This Thursday is the class party and I was in charge of lining up all the moms to bring things and run different games at the party. I gave myself story reader because it seemed harmless. But the mom I assigned to sugar cookie bringer wanted a little help with her 40 cookies (who would blame her) so now I found myself rolling out and making 20 star shaped cookies.

Today’s tip actually comes courtesy of my mother. She is an expert cookie baker (seriously, you haven’t lived until you have had her molasses cookies) and so I had her make up the dough. As she dropped it off she passed on this gem. When you are rolling out cookie dough don’t use flour to powder the surface on which you are rolling. It will add a lot of flour to the dough over time which does nothing to enhance the taste and can mess with the texture. Instead use powdered sugar. It has the same effect of not letting your dough stick to the counter, but just adds a little more sweetness if anything at all.

And since you are just using it for non stick purposes I am going to go on record and say it does not alter the calorie content in any way. Nor does sneaking tiny bites of dough or eating cookies that break when you try and take them off the cookie sheet. I am pretty sure any cookies that the dough makes over 20 are calorie free as well because you were only trying to make 20. Any extra is God’s way of smiling and saying, “Enjoy!”

I am not a doctor of a dietician so don’t sue me if your pants don’t fit post sugar cookie making. This tip is linked up to Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family.


  1. Even better…roll out your dough between two sheets of parchment/waxed paper. No need for additional powder of any kind. You can even roll it out before chilling and then chill for just a few minutes and it is ready to go. Easy peasy!
    anne recently posted…Six Months or SevenMy Profile

  2. What an awesome idea! I always hate the extra flour taste. Thanks!

  3. That is a great idea! I didn’t even think of that for cookies! Genius….I guess cocoa powder would work for chocolate cookies as well.

  4. So smart!! I’ve never thought of that!!

  5. I like that idea! And as far as calories: I’m proud I didn’t eat even one bit of the spritz cookie dough I made recently, BUT…all that rolling must burn more calories than cookie crumbs are worth!

  6. I use wax paper, but I like this idea too b/c sometimes my cookies could actually use a little extra sweetness. I need to make 60 before tomorrow. Eek!
    nicole recently posted…BTS is Seven Months Old and one weekMy Profile

  7. Move over Martha Stewart!

  8. I have NEVER thought of this before but LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Erika recently posted…1-000 Gifts- His still- small voiceMy Profile

  9. So that’s what you were doing with all of that powdered sugar on the counter. Oh, and remember when I drafted your tagline? That was awesome.

  10. that is one great tip! I was rolling out gingerbread cookies just today and annoyed with myself for using too much flour.
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  11. I am so going to do this the next time I make sugar cookies. God bless you, and God bless your mother. =)

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