Works For Me Wednesday- Scary Bath Toys No More

WFMW There is nothing cuter than a tub fill of kids. Well maybe not a tub full, but one or two is pretty darn cute. And my kids love bath time. Love, love, love. I am trying desperately to get the oldest two to switch to showers for the efficiency of it all and it is not working. I think a big part of the resistance is all the playing they do in the tub. They splash, pretend they are mermaids, and play with their big ole pile of bath toys.


Aren’t they cute and fun and harmless? Or are they?


How cute are they now? I about threw up when I cut them open. My kids put these in their mouths. And it isn’t like I haven’t tried to clean them. They go in the dishwasher. But obviously they can only get so clean when they have water trapped inside for long periods of time.

What led me to do this experiment? A few weeks back, I was invited to a blogger event for Sassy. They showed us many of their products and shared with us their commitment to making toys that serve a purpose. They work closely with developmental experts to design toys and products that promote all sorts of awesome developmental skills. Let me just tell you that this former pediatric physical therapist was giddy with their understanding of early childhood development.

But out of all the cool products I saw, the one that I just could not get out of my mind was their Stay-Clean™ Silly Squirts™. How brilliant is it to make a squirty bath toy that splits apart so you can clean it? And to make it more fun for kids, you can mix and match all the different animals. So I knew I needed to share it with you, but I also knew I needed to see what was lurking in my bath toys. Needless to say, the bath toy bin is no more. Except for these cuties.

image  image  image  image  image

Sassy, Inc. invited me to participate in the 2010 Sassy Blogger Bash and provided products for my review free of charge. This post was submitted to Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family.


  1. Cat from iBlog says:

    that is brillant! Why didn’t I think of that? I throw those things away b/c I know they are going to get SO nasty inside. I made the mistake of squirting one and black stuff came out!!! Ahhhhh! :) great post!
    Cat from iBlog recently posted…Gift Blog amp Prayer RequestMy Profile

  2. off to barf, thanks jill.
    designHer Momma recently posted…Deflated and out of ideasMy Profile

  3. I think I know what my 6 year old is getting for Christmas! She still loves bath toys and I bleach them and wash them, but I just know they have to be nasty!

    Are these at the store yet? I’ll have to look.
    Our Nifty Notebook recently posted…Finally!My Profile

  4. nicolerenae says:

    What a good idea! I might have to get some of those as a stocking stuffer for my little guy this Christmas and replace our old ones!

  5. I had noticed I could see black inside Libbie’s rubber duck. EWW EWW EWWW.

    I immediately added these to my baby registry. Sadly you can’t get them on Amazon–looks like just Babies R Us for now!
    Vanderbilt Wife recently posted…Menu Plan MondayMy Profile

  6. So what is the black, green flaky stuff that comes out of those squeeze toys – just stagnant water? I tried to clean them all by soaking & squeezing them in bleach water solution but that did not seem to effective.

    But it is one of those things that should be included on toddler checklist (they make those too right?), just like making sure to separate and clean the filters to sippy cups, and if you haven’t done that it can be quite shocking what you can find, and make you want to break out the soap and start scrubbing. Perhaps Sassy can start an ad campaign for these causes, for those of us without checklists.

    Are these selling retail yet?

  7. Brilliant product idea!
    Kaye recently posted…T Minus 5 Days and Counting…My Profile

  8. I know of which you speak… which is why we don’t have any squirty bath toys! Even the bath toys we do have get black on the outside, but that I can scrub off. I’m jealous of you again… ;)
    Krista recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: FallMy Profile


    and oh my gag!

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