Works For Me Wednesday- Packing List (BlogHer '09 Week)

wfmw   Way to busy packing for BlogHer to come up with an original post today so I am reworking and oldie. Cause this tip came in very handy tonight. I might have just taken packing to a whole new level. There were spreadsheets involved. I wish I was kidding. I last wrote this post when I was packing for Blissdom, but BlogHer has taken packing to a whole new level. But this can help you out with any trip no matter how big or small.

 I hate packing. Does anyone enjoy packing? Well maybe my grad school roommate who used to put each outfit into a labeled plastic Ziploc bag and make insanely detailed packing lists. I kid because she doesn’t read my blog. And J, if you do, you know I love you and would never make fun of you behind your back without doing so to your face all throughout grad school. That is the kind of friend I am.

I love, love, love this site for helping me pack. It is a universal packing list that you can personalize for your destination, length of trip, mode of transportation and a whole lot more. It reminds me to bring things like sunglasses (please let me see the sun, rain is forecasted all week), a razor (in case I have to do this again), cell phone charger (I always forget this!!), and camera (see above). I also choose to ignore advice like pack sensible shoes (you would think I would follow this being pregnant, but you would think wrong).

It even gives you a list of things to do before you leave like confirming your flight info, putting new batteries in your camera and doing the dishes. A good reminder when you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off. If you are traveling with kids, this is especially helpful because let’s be honest, you end up doing all their packing too. My hubby once told me quite lovingly that he hoped I never died cause he wouldn’t know how to dress our girls. I am a Proverbs 31 wife if ever there was one.

You wanna know the best part of the list for this trip? That I am not packing for any kids, any hubby, any other person whatsoever. Just for me!! Oh ladies I can hardly wait.

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