Works For Me Wednesday- Multiple Cleaning Tools

I am a lazy cleaner. Anyone who has been to my house can testify to that. But I want to not have to do a lot of work to get things clean. So for that reason I have a lot of cleaning tools that do various things. How does this equal less work you might ask? Well they are scattered throughout the house so that I don’t have to lug them around and they each have a specific task.

We had but one vacuum when we got married. It did it’s job for a while and then stopped working. Oddly enough, the attachments still . So it lives in the garage now where it is used to clean out our cars. Our new vacuum does all the inside carpets. We thought it broke a few months ago, but it turned out I had just sucked up a game piece that lodged perfectly to block all the suction. Poor vacuums don’t stand a chance in this house.

Then there is my hand held vac. This baby regularly saves my life. I use it on the floor for little messes, on the table to pick up crumbs (yes getting a rag is too much work), I have practically vacuumed off my kids. Someday I will have to tell you a story that involves my hubby vacuuming me while we were dating. Hopefully you read that as innocent as it truly was. It was funny stuff. But I digress….

I also have my beloved Scooba which cleans my hardwood floors. The problem is that, in an epitome of laziness, I always forget to plug my robot in so that is can clean the floors for me. Is that the saddest thing you have ever heard. I can just see you all shaking your head in shame for me.

The one job I hate more than any other is sweeping. Even with the Scooba, you really need to sweep before hand. And with three little kids around, I feel like I sweep all day long. I am always amazed at what I find on the floor in what seems like minutes from when I last swept. And the broom just gets disgusting and it totally grosses me out. I have tried Swiffer and others like it before, but I always just felt like it pushed the dirt around.

But recently I tried the new Swiffer SweeperVac and found a new way to tackle my sweeping problem. Like the regular Swiffer there is a pad that helps pick up some of the dust and small particles, but then there is a vacuum that picks up the big stuff. I just push it around the room and it does all the work. No bending over with a dust pan, no working hard to get into the tight spaces and under the furniture. And to prove it works, the kit came with a disgusting array of food, crumbs, dirt and HUMAN HAIR. Well it was fake hair, but still. After I gagged, I threw it on the floor and like some sort of vacuum salesmen, tested to see if it worked. I was impressed. It did.

I do find if I push the Swiffer around too fast it misses things, but overall I am impressed with how much it picks up. And to add to my lazy cleaner joy, my six year old loves to push it around. She even has tackled some of the dust bunnies who have taken residence under the beds. That part wasn’t even included in the kit. It is just a little bonus present for me.  Want a bonus present for you? (how’s that for a set up ;) I have a $40 gift card to Walmart up for grabs so you can try the new Swiffer SweeperVac for yourself. To enter, simply leave a comment telling me something you do as a lazy cleaner. I will chose a winner using random.org on Sunday May 1st. Probably early since I leave for the Dominican Republic at 6:45 am. ACK!!

For more helpful tips, head over to We Are That Family.

This post is also linked to Real Clean Wednesday over at I Dream of Clean (seriously fabulous new blog by my friend Christine)

Disclosure: P&G through MyBlogSpark provided me with a Swiffer SweeperVac, refills, information and Walmart gift card to give away. As usual all opinons posted are mine. All Amazon links are affiliate links.


  1. Melissa says:

    I totally let the dogs eat the stuff my kiddo drops on the floor. I do wash my floors regularly, but that is one way to get the big chunks :)

  2. Jackie F says:

    I only clean when I have people coming over! In a rush, I hide messes and clutter in empty laundry baskets in the bedrooms to be put away later!

  3. I have a horrible tendency to shove things in random closets at the last minute rather than put them where they belong

  4. Lindsay Downs says:

    My shortcut to cleaning is making the kids do it!

    They, too, loved our Swiffer Vac – until it died from over-use about a month ago. They’re not big enough to use the real broom yet, so it falls back on Mommy…I’m 6 months pregnant, and the dust-pan thing is getting really old!

  5. Sometimes I just let the house get really messy until my husband gets irritated and cleans it. Much cleaner (and easier!) than if I had done it myself!! Sometimes it comes with a bad attitude (he has Tidy Tiffy’s), but it’s all worth it when I kick my feet up=)
    .-= Courtney W´s last blog ..2 Years of Good Housekeeping for $7.97! Oprah for $18! =-.

  6. OMG I just saw a coupon for that swiffer vac and I thought it was awesome! The lazy cleaner that I am….every day I do what I call the “Bumblebee Cleanp” I actually wrote a post about it not too long ago. Basically the rule is my husband must call me 15 min. before he leaves for home (he only works like 10 min. away) and I quickly grab a trash bag and throw stuff away, pick up, put on lipstick (ok sometimes clothes other than my pjs!) and pick up toys, etc! And he thinks I clean all day!
    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..Sweet Content =-.

  7. I’m also a lazy cleaner. In the mornings, when I put my contacts in and brush my teeth, I just use my hand to wipe the sink down with water and make it look clean. I also will frequently use my foot to sweep the kitchen floor and leave the pile by the trash until the next time I do the same or have to get the broom out. I’d love to try that Swiffer thing and have a clean floor again!

    kymberlie {at} stefanskis [dot] net
    .-= Chick Hatchers´s last blog ..Mouthwatering Monday – Summer Asparagus Salad =-.

  8. Oh I am such a lazy cleaner. After I give the baby a bath or wash my hair, I use the damp towel to “mop” the bathroom floor. And often, I “mop” my smearing the towel around with my foot!

    I also use baby wipes to clean a lot – they’re handy and the little kids like to use them, too.
    .-= Milehimama´s last blog ..Emergency Pantry Pasta Salad =-.

    • Jessica says:

      I am with you on the baby wipes. I used them a lot. Now my babies don’t need them and I have switched to the clorox wipes. I keep them everywhere.

  9. Jessica says:

    You are right, it is all about the right equipment. I recently fell in love with the windex antibactirial cleaner. It is my go to cleaner for everything. I have one in each room of the house. It is great for dusting in the living room and bedrooms, it is great in the kitchen, and it is awesome in the bathrooms. It really is an all purpose cleaner.
    I have always been in love with the swiffer products. I have their dusters, vaccum, mop, yadda yadda yadda, if they make it I buy it. I love their prodicts.

  10. Claudia says:

    I have been dying for an electric broom type of thing. I have four little kids. I homeschool my 2 oldest, so there never seems to be any time just for cleaning. The worst I have gotten is to throw everything in my room if we are expecting company, and shut the door.

  11. Stephanie R says:

    As a lazy cleaner, I get tired of trying to get all the dust off the floor, and I sweep it under the fridge when I can’t get any more up without getting down on my hands and knees :) A little scary to think about what it looks like under the fridge!

  12. Jessica says:

    Goo gone on the soap scum build up in the tub = no scrubbing! Just a quick wipe and it is gone!

  13. Tamara Sz says:

    One thing I do as a lazy cleaner is keep anti-bacterial wipes in the bathroom. If we have unexpected company, I just take a few of those wipes and wipe down the sink, toilet and edge of the bathtub with them. It makes everything look sparkly clean in a jiffy!

  14. Kristle Helmuth says:

    I’m a lazy cleaner too! I’m what we refer too as a stuffer. It’s a very mild symptom of hoarding…. Coming to my house for a party?? Please please do not open the cabinets, drawers, closets lol, sometimes even my bedroom door. We may never see you again after you are burryed by the tremendous amounts of “stuff” I have managed to “hide” in all these places.

  15. As a lazy cleaner, if people are coming over, I only clean what they will see. No point in going crazy!
    .-= Jeni´s last blog ..Easter…three weeks late =-.

  16. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only ‘lazy cleaner.’ My trick is to mix it up with something I love (like blog-hopping!). For instance, today I’ll check the first 25 posts of WFMW (I don’t read them all, but I stop at #25) then I’ll go off an tackle something on my list of chores. I’ll set the timer for either five or ten minutes. Do you know how much you can do in just five minutes? It’s certainly enough to clean off an entire counter or tabletop!
    When I’m done, I go back and check out 25 more posts. (If I’m bloghopping, I usually check out five blogs.)
    Thanks for doing this contest!
    .-= mom2fur´s last blog ..Frugal Friday, etc. =-.

  17. I just stuff everything in the closet when I’m being a lazy cleaner.

  18. A friend taught me this, years ago: Spray the shower with Scrubbing Bubbles, then just walk away. Next person who showers gets to rinse it down. I wouldn’t say that this works as well as scrubbing by hand, but if I do it twice a week, the shower stays clean.
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Garlicky Green Beans (Recipe) =-.

    • I’m with Melissa. I swear by Scrubbing Bubbles, especially the automatic shower cleaner. I just push the button and it does the job, :)

  19. I only clean the bathrooms when they really need it bad…… :) and then I just bleach it all! Gross I know..but I hate bathrooms!
    .-= Kati´s last blog ..Win A Lil Blue Boo Custom Dress!!! =-.

  20. Erica says:

    We just recently got a shark vacuum sweeper thing to clean up under my daughters highchair and now I use it to “sweep” my kitchen floor cause I HATE sweeping too! Only it’s so big it doesn’t always do that great of a job so the swifter sweeper sucker thing would be great!

  21. I want that thing! I am so lazy too. I don’t sweep my floors that often (oops). I let the cats eat what they want and otherwise…figure a little dirt won’t hurt the kids. :) I prefer my house clean, honestly, but I will not spend all day running after the kids with a mop and broom, so…the house is dirty. It’s too hard to keep clean with a toddler and an infant who both want to empty every drawer all the time anyway (and I suppose that’s not actually DIRTY, just…disorganized). So…I do what I can. :)
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Infant Allergies and Treatments =-.

  22. Crystal says:

    I am the laziest cleaner ever. I have been known to kick dust bunnies under the bed or sweep crumbs under the fridge in order to avoid having to get out the dust pan. I will need to try this Swiffer Vac, I tried their mops and felt like they didn’t really help me, but this sounds good. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. Sherry says:

    As a lazy cleaner, we wipe down the showers after showering with towel, so we don’t have to clean as often. :D
    .-= Sherry´s last blog ..WFMW – Sticky Notes =-.

  24. Jessa says:

    Somehow my dust pan gets separated from the broom, so when I can’t find it, I just sweep dirt and things into a corner and pick it up when I find the dust pan (or when I get sick of it and break out the vacuum attachment)!

  25. Catherine Wedgwood says:

    I absolutely hate cleaning our hardwood floor
    So being extremely lazy I put on thick socks and just drag my feet when walking over it during the course of a day. Shines that baby right up! Then I just throw the socks in the hamper at night. Wow…that looks really sad when it’s in writing…

  26. I have always wondered if that thing worked or not- good to know! My lazy cleaning thing is finding one product that cleans everything- glass, surfaces, electronics. That way I can just tote one bottle, wipe it all down and be done. I hate having to switch back and forth between cleaners.
    .-= Candace´s last blog ..Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day =-.

  27. Sharon says:

    I sort things in laundry baskets based on what room they need to go back to. Then make one trip to take things back to each room instead of a million trips up and downstairs. Works for me!

  28. Any help in the cleaning department would be great! I also feel like I find crumbs on the floor mere minutes after sweeping. And I feel like my broom is gross, too.

    My lazy cleaning…. shove dirty dishes in the oven and lock it when company is coming over. (Just make sure you lock it, so you don’t accidently preheat the oven with dishes in it.)
    .-= Kelli´s last blog ..How to make an Airplane Cake =-.

  29. I am totally guilty of picking up my small kitchen vac and vacuuming off the table. “Rag was too much work.” I hear ya.

    One thing I have done to make my cleaning easier–and some might say this is silly, but it works for me–is to keep cleaning products (I use Method, so I just have one bottle that does everything, plus my toilet cleaner) in EACH of our bathrooms. I find that, if I have to go hunt down cleaning products to do the bathroom, by the time I walk to the other room to get them I have either a. lost my train of thought and forgotten what I was doing or b. seen another mess that needs cleaned and begun to tackle that and forgotten all about the bathroom. *sigh*

    Well, it works for me.
    .-= Devin´s last blog ..2, 184 hours / 91 days / 13 weeks / 3 MONTHS =-.

  30. Delayne says:

    My lazy cleaning tip is to set my clock radio for 15 minutes and just furiously clean until it goes off. Then I get to take a break and read great blogs like yours! (kissing up because I’d really love one of those vacs)

  31. I would really like to try that Swiffer vac. I have laminate in the kitchen and seems like it gets dirty really quickly.

    I also wipe down the shower walls with my towel after a shower so that I don’t have to clean as often. Then I take the towel and wipe down the sides of the toilet as well. I hate having to clean that thing!
    .-= Jerri´s last blog ..Friday’s Fave Five #84 =-.

  32. Jennifer Barr says:

    I make the kids help out :)

  33. I would love to try that sweeper vac! When I clean, I like to use the all-in-one cleaners. My favorite is Glass Plus. That way I’m not spending time and energy searching for a glass cleaner, kitchen cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, etc. One product does it all!

  34. kendra says:

    when the clothes are done in the dryer.. and i feel lazy.. ive been known to turn the dryer back on.. to delay the folding process.. :)

  35. I hate dusting so I use te brush attachmnet in the vaccum to do shelves and picture frames. I really hate cleaning ceiling fans- a friend told me to take a pillow case, place it over a blade of the fan (close to the motor), take up the excess on one side so it fits a little more snug, pull gently toward the outer edge of the fan. All the yucky dust is encased in the pillow case. When you’re done, shake it outside and simply throw it in the wash machine!

    Ps. I let the poor overweight dog clean up what te baby throws on the floor or leaves in her chair… Froot loops are her favorite!

  36. We always put stuff in the back room to hide it but when new friends come over and ask for a tour we always show them the back room (crazy huh?) so I don’t know why we don’t just leave it all out. We’re turning that room into a nursery over the next 7 months so I don’t know where we’ll hide things then.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..A lovely April Fool’s joke =-.

  37. MNStacey says:

    We have 3 dogs, 2 shedders. I wait until I see fur tumbleweeds rolling across the floor until I vacuum! I’m blushing as I type this…

  38. I always walk around and clear all the clutter and papers off of my counters and tables and put in a small basket to put away later.

  39. As a lazy cleaner…I clean my bathrooms…less than once a week. *blush*
    .-= Alicia´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday–April 26th =-.

  40. Amanda says:

    Reading all these comments makes me feel better! Haha. I do so many of these things! But probably the laziest thing I do? When I take a shower, I clean it at the same time–by pointing the shower nozzle around the shower and hosing it down as my conditioner is working! Is that terrible or what??

  41. I too have a TON of cleaners and various cleaning tools! The beauty of having multiple children is that they each can take a tool and do a chore! ;) Then I just have to do “touch ups” behind them, rather than doing the entire job! Lol
    .-= Mandy´s last blog ..Blogiversary Giveaway Winners! =-.

  42. I can’t stand gunk in the microwave. I get a dish rag good and wet (for really stuck stuff soa it in white vinegar) and micorwave it on hight for about a minute. Let it cool off before you get it off. Stuff will wipe of so easily!
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..So Long Smile =-.

  43. I use makeup remover cloths to take off my makeup at night. Once I’ve gotten all my makeup off, I take the cloth & wipe down the sink & toilet. Makes me not feel so bad about using disposable cloths. :)

  44. My friend calls it the 4:00 Run Around. 4:00 hits and I run around the house wiping, straightening, and generally tidying up so it appears I’ve spent more time cleaning than I have. :D Highly scented cleaning products are helpful for this.

  45. Renea Harrin says:

    Anything to make cleaning easier and quicker would be great, my bedroom seems to be the catch all for everything when company comes over.


  46. crystal says:

    I do many of these things myself and got some new ideas! I have carpet and wood floors so all help is needed. My best lazy cleaning? It sure helps when everyone is gone out of the house camping! Nothing to clean up while they’re gone!!!

  47. Well the laziest thing I do is just not clean. ;-) When there’s a mess on the kichen floor (as there always is because I have a 1-yr-old), rather than lug out the broom, I just get out the dustpan and brush. Yes, I have to kneel/squat down, but since you have to get out the dustpan anyway, I feel like I’m skipping a step.
    .-= Eos Mom´s last blog ..TILT–Pepper Grinder for the Clumsy =-.

  48. I use the daily shower spray to cut down on scrubbing the shower walls. They are a brick colored tile with a redish grout, a major pain to keep looking nice.
    .-= Kristy´s last blog ..Things I’ve Learned… =-.

  49. With three kids (8, 3, 1) and I’m thinking one is on the way…

    I’m a pretty lazy cleaner.

    I use baby wipes a lot since they’re all over the house.

    Would LOVE to try the Swiffer Sweeper Vac, since I rarely sweep, but often need to!

  50. Lori S says:

    When people are coming over, instead of cleaning properly, I hide things in closets and clean cosmetically.

    It is a lot faster


  51. Decorative bins are my lazy way of cleaning. I have them everywhere- on shelves, under furniture, on our entertainment center…etc. Whatever is laying around gets thrown in a bin with the hopes it’ll get put in its proper place someday. It’s amazing how neat and tidy your house can look when you can throw it in a bin (non-see-thru, of course, otherwise it defeats its purpose).
    .-= Evelyn´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  52. You are speaking my language–sign me up! I recently looked into getting a Roomba because I am just so tired of my dirty floors. I hate stepping on crumbs or whatever in my bare feet! I was actually planning to stop at Walmart tonight for a new broom and dust pan. The one we have has been designated for cat little mess clean up in the laundry room. Blech, I know. I am going to look into the Swiffer thing! Thanks for the tip!
    .-= Jen @ Little Bit This n That´s last blog ..Nashville or Bust! =-.

  53. I have the hardest time remembering to move my clothes from the washer to the dryer. I’ve waited so long that I have to rewash the clothes. Oh, and I blog about cleaning so I can postpone actually doing it! Does that count? ha! Thanks for linking up!!
    .-= Christine (iDreamofClean)´s last blog ..Remembering Paint Colors Used in Your Home =-.

  54. I clean one thing in the bathroom and consider myself good. Usually right before I get in the shower. Then by the end of the week the whole bathroom has (usually) been cleaned.

  55. kelly says:

    I’ve been known to pile the dirty dishes into a dishpan and stash them in the bedroom to hide them when I’ve just filled and started the dishwasher and there are still more dishes left over! (hiding head in shame! ;-/) Also a lot of stuff gets thrown into what’s supposed to be the “sewing room” – but which is aka the “room that is basically a giant closet that no one is allowed to look into”. Can’t remember the last time I was able to reach the sewing machine in there. Sigh.

  56. I just stopped over from I Dream Of Clean! I like this post! I’m a lazy cleaner too most of the time! I enjoyed hearing the use of each of your vacs!

  57. April in CT says:

    If you stash it in a drawer that’s considered clean, right? lol

  58. Oh I’ve been wanting a swifter vac!

    Two lazy cleaning tools: magic eraser to touch up everything from sinks to mirrors to sticky spots and marker on the table. Also, I keep a couple cute baskets at the top and bottom of the stairs to collect clutter and save trips!
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..SOLD! =-.

  59. Christie says:

    lazy cleaning tip=don’t clean! leave your house a mess.

    Or, have a friend–a really really really good friend–over to clean with you, and then the next week, you go to her house and clean together. It works for my best friend and me!

  60. As a lazy cleaner, I have house parties OFTEN because it gives me an excuse to get off my butt and clean up!
    .-= Shelby Michalek´s last blog ..Post-It Note Tuesday =-.

  61. Sometimes, when I just need to clear out the clutter, I just throw everything into a tote to get it out of site. Then when I have an hour or so to deal with it I will go through everything in the tote and put it away.

  62. Hate cleaning the shower & tub, so as lazy cleaner, I bought the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner machine-soooo easy–just push button to spray the cleaner. When used after the last shower of the day, my shower stays sparkling, with no effort!

  63. I’m a lazy cleaner when it comes to vacuuming. I always put it off until I can’t stand it anymore!
    .-= Janeen´s last blog ..Sargento’s Coupon Reset =-.

  64. I too have the lazy cleaner syndrome. My husband is an avid ironing machine. I believe he would iron his underwear if I wouldn’t make fun of him. My method of ironing is throwing whatever garment I need pressed into the dryer along with a wet wash cloth for about 10-15 minutes/ It knocks out the wrinkles and I don’t end up with a burnt shirt or pants. Another lazy cleaning tip is while my 2 and 4 year old’s are still learning to eat a “try” not to make a mess I just let them eat at a picnic table in the kitchen floor so afterwords I can just sweep everything up and head for the trash. To keep from vacuuming I puled up all of the carpet. Now that is lazy!

  65. Holly says:

    One of my lazy cleaning methods is to just cram all misc. stuff into my husbands office corner while he’s at work and then get on him about cleaning it up! He’s such a great organizer and cleaner so I let him deal with it!

  66. I don’t know about lazy, but I do have a funny comment. I swept my whole kitchen into a nice little pile, scooped it into my dustpan and opened the back door to throw it outside (our trash bin is outside). Just as I opened the door the wind decided to rush in and blew all of the gunk into my face. It was lovely. I laughed pretty hard at myself. Sure could use that Swiffer!! :-)
    .-= Joy´s last blog ..Spring =-.

  67. I love Method wipes for the counters! I can even get my 6 year old and my 17 year old stepson to do a decent job wiping down the counters! We have them in all 3 bathrooms at our house. That reminds me, I need to get some for the kitchen!
    .-= Christy´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday =-.

  68. We have a whole “door stays closed” room in our house. Don’t have time to take care of it, leave it in there, no one sees…..Then someday, it will get taken care of….about the time we can’t open the door anymore!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Printable Coupon Roundup =-.

  69. I am a horribly lazy cleaner. I avoid it at all costs. I wait to dust until I can write in it. I do whatever short cuts I can. I’ve been thinking about the swiffer sweeper vac. It would help with the kitchen floor. My kids are constantly messing it up!
    .-= Roshelle´s last blog ..This just reaffirms the plan. =-.

  70. I HATE cleaning the house. I would MUCH rather be doing anything else! My lazy cleaning tip would be not turning clothes right side out when hanging up. If the clothes go through the wash inside out, the get folded inside out.
    .-= Charissa @ MiMi’s Babies´s last blog ..Lime Crochet Flower Hairclip with Hot Pink Crochet Weave Headband – Newborn to Adult =-.

  71. Alesha says:

    I pour a little mouthwash in the toilet (I have 2 boys that don’t always hit the target) and let it sit. If I’m feeling adventurous, and after I’ve checked to make sure it is clean water, I’ll swipe around a bit with a cleaning wipe from Methods that can be flushed. I love my Methods mop but I have been eying that Swiffer Vac. Seems like it’d do a quick clean up with 4 kids, 1 dog and 2 kitties (which seem to make my floor much messier with “batting around toys”)

  72. Abbie J says:

    I have a basket on my counter where I throw all the random pieces of paper when they threaten to take over the kitchen.

  73. I admit it!
    I do sometimes (but only when I’m alone!) put two paper towels on the floor and wipe it across with the top of my foot. Don’t tell my DH!

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  74. Floors are my most hated chore. Would love to try to SwifferVac!
    .-= Emily @ The Pilot’s Wife´s last blog ..On the Grill: Sticky Coconut Chicken =-.

  75. I’m a lazy cleaner too. I rely on the dog for kid scraps and mostly try to ignore the mess.
    .-= Kendra aka The Meanest Momma´s last blog ..The Big Boy Bed =-.

  76. I let the dog lick the plates clean and then just put them away. Isn’t a dogs mouth cleaner then ours anyway?

    ok..not really…we don’t even have a dog. I do try and cram as many dishes in the dishwasher so there’s less to wash by hand.
    .-= jean´s last blog ..Review of Irene Hannon’s In Harm’s Way =-.

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