Works For Me Wednesday- Kleenex Hand Towels (GIVEAWAY)

Let me be clear. I am not a germaphobe. I heartily abide by the ten second rule. I have been known to stick a pacifier in my mouth to wipe it clean after it has fallen on the floor. I don’t even own one of those shopping cart things for my kids. And let the record show, for the most part, we are a pretty healthy bunch.

But there are a few things that really creep me out. One of them is towels. Well, other people’s towels. Even my own sometimes. And just because my bath towel becomes covered with toothpaste as I can’t seem to convince the little people that it is not the place to wipe their mouths after brushing. It’s mostly that after a few uses it takes on that funky towel smell. And since I am not always super on top of the laundry sometimes the hand towels go a bit long without getting washed. I try!! But I don’t really use the main floor bathroom all that often so I tend to forget it exists.

So when I am at other people’s houses I get a little weirded out by using their towels. Even if it looks like it is crisp out of the wash I find myself just wiping my hands on my pants or shaking them out as I leave the room. Think about it. You have just washed your hands with soap and water, but then you dry it on a towel that is full of germs. Eww. I don’t know why this is my issue, it just is.

The CDC actually recommends drying your hands with single use towels. I personally would like one of those major hand dryers in my bathroom. That would be awesome. But seeing as that would be hard to blend into the decor, I am going for second best here. Kleenex has come up with a disposable hand towel in an attractive container that you can put on your counter or place in your towel rack.

These aren’t like paper towels. They actually feel more like a towel-towel. They are free of all inks, dyes and fragrances. Unfortunately they aren’t made of any recycled materials which is why they are so soft. Yeah, this bummed me out too. Thankfully the container can be recycled. So I am thinking I will have these out for guest use and when we have bugs running around the house (not literal ones, the sicky kind). And this will alleviate all guilt about my lazy laundry habits. That in itself is a win win.

Speaking of win, I have a little giveaway for you. Kleenex has written a cute song to teach children the proper amount of time to wash their hands. I don’t know about you, but my kids tend to wash for 3 seconds without soap and call it good.

Kleenex Drying Song

If you help spread the word about the new Kleenex hand towels and hand washing song, I have a $50 from Service Master (the parent company of Merry Maid as well as others). Here is how you can enter:


  • Tweet the following: “Win a $50 GC to Service Master courtesy of the new Kleenex Hand Towels http://is.gd/cfuxY #KleenexSong” (If you aren’t on Twitter, you can do the same on Facebook). Leave me a comment with the link.  You can tweet once a day, but you MUST leave a comment for each tweet.


  • Join The Motherhood’s Kleenex Hand Towel Circle. Make a creative video of you or your kids singing the Kleenex Hand Drying Song and link it up there. Leave me a comment letting me know you did so and you will get TEN extra entries.
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Winner will be chosen via Random.org on next Tues. May 25th. Good luck!!

*Disclosure this is sponsored post through TheMotherhood.com and Kleenex to spread the word about Kleenex Hand Towels and the Hand Drying Song. All opinions stated in this post are mine.
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    these look awesome!
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  3. These look cool! What a great idea for them to come out with. :) And I like your idea of using them when you have visitors. I’m so glad I stopped by. I’ll have to look for them in the store.
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  4. I’ve definitely been enjoying using the Kleenex Hand Towels for guests! Oh, and I’m with you about the industrial hand dryers. That would be so much fun!
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  13. I have no seen these! I need to get some. Thanks!

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