Works For Me Wednesday- How to Hang Christmas Lights on Your Tree

WFMW How would you all like to see Mr. Diaper Diaries? Well clearly when he is forced to make his blog debut I should have warned him and let him, you know shower. But instead as he was hanging lights on the tree in his patented way I grabbed the video camera and said, “I should tape this and put it on my blog.” And because he is a good bloggy husband he agreed. And you all will be so happy he did, because hanging lights on a tree is annoying.

Untitled from thediaperdiaries on Vimeo.

He would also really (really, really- like he keeps bugging me about it) wants me to tell you that he has tried nearly every sort of vessel to water the tree and he usually ends up spilling it or contorting himself to try and reach under the tree. But this year, he used a wine bottle and it is working perfectly. And it doesn’t hurt that you have to empty said bottle before you can use it.

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  1. First of all, kudos to Mr. DD for participating!

    Second? Buying a pre-lit tree that fits together in three pieces that doesn’t need to be watered AT.ALL. works for ME! :)
    Colleen – Mommy Always Wins recently posted…Kindergarten copMy Profile

  2. I also go with the pre-lit, especially since it’s on a timer 5 states away (long story). You’ve got a Renaissance man there. Tell him hello for me. Glad to see some hockey gear made it on your blog. :)

  3. TOTALLY gonna zig zag those light strands! ….I say as I sit staring at my 10 ft undecorated Christmas tree. Wait, it has two REALLY long orange plastic tags, that counts, right? Hoping to get it decorated for REALZ soon.

    Off to empty my tree watering device :)
    Amanda – VintageDutchGirl recently posted…Cyber Monday Flash SaleMy Profile

  4. LOVE it!!! What a sport … I’m sure his participation cost you a pretty penny;)

  5. remind me NOT to have ryan come and take MY lights off – he would hate me forever….just ask thebeadman! i go in and out every branch and wrap around the branches. that’s what it takes to put a 1000+ lights on the tree!

    but he did great…nice job mr. diaper diaries!!
    lisa @thebeadgirl recently posted…My Christmas Cards from ShutterflyMy Profile

  6. Aw — what a nice guy…and glad to see he’ll show his face on your blog!

    I hate to say it, but we also have a fake tree and the lights stay on it all year long…however, this year, I’m not putting up any Christmas decor because of our big move.

    Maybe you can post a photo of the finished tree and I can simply leave it up on my computer screen to enjoy!
    Andrea @ Simple Organized Living recently posted…Organize Your Holiday ReceiptsMy Profile

  7. I love how you said “he’s a good bloggy husband.” I think I’m going to stick that label on my husband for furture purposes as well. There’s a nice ring to it!
    By the way, your good bloggy husband looks good even when unshowered!…I know, I’m coming on to your bloggy husband via your blog…forgive me, this behaviour is being dealt with with intensive therapy.
    Sandra recently posted…This is the post where I will say the word vagina alotMy Profile

  8. Sherry says:

    What a great way to do it! Woohoo for your husband participating in your blog! :) We have a tree that is prelit so it is so much easier, but I miss sometimes getting the real trees and decorating with lights. :)
    Sherry recently posted…Celebrate CHRISTMy Profile

  9. Feeling lousy until I clicked on your videos. Brightend up my whole attitude. Watched them all for the first time. By the time I got to the dizzy bat I was belly laughing (which isn’t what my belly has been doing for days). Best cure, good memories. Nice work on the tree honey…love that floral training.

  10. He did a great job on that video! Great tip for the lights too.

    However, I am a light freak. I use 12 strands of 100 lights on our 7 1/2 ft. fake tree. There can be NO dark spots on it. I wrap the pole, before I put the branches in. That keeps it from being so dark inside. Then I wrap each branch. I do skip the part that’s in the back, to save time and lights.
    Jenny recently posted…Black Friday- The Good- The Bad &amp The UglyMy Profile

  11. Brilliant! :)

  12. Aw, what a good sport! He is super cute too! ;)
    However… your tip doesn’t work when you can see completely through the tree! Ours are natural from the woods so they tend to look a bit more Charlie Brown-ish! I like them that way though since that’s what I grew up with. And I don’t mind doing lights so I guess it doesn’t matter!
    Krista recently posted…PSF- Happy Black Friday to UsMy Profile

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