Works For Me Wednesday- Help Your School While You Shop

  The countdown has begun. It is officially a week until school starts. I know a lot of my readers have already started, but over here we are trying to squeeze every last minute out of summer that we can. Today that involved playing T-ball in the backyard and a whole lotta snuggling in the hammock. Heaven on earth.

One of things I have done the past few years when Lily was in pre-school is cut off box tops and give them to her school. She loves spotting them on the things we buy and putting them in the collection box and I feel like for little effort, I am able to help out her school. This year we are in a new school and the tradition continues. I have quite the stash amassed from the summer. There are over 200 products that contain the tops so clip away and see if your school participates.

Recently I discovered another way to help out my school and all I have to do is shop. That’s right, I NEED to shop so that my school can get money to buy things for my kids’ classrooms. Hubby, it is for our children’s education. Box Tops for Education Marketplace is a internet shopping portal in which over 70 retailers will donate a portion of your purchase to the school of your choosing. Target, Walmart, Lands End and Kohls just to name a few. I bought a gorgeous leopard print laptop bag from Target through the site and didn’t even have to pay shipping. 1.5% of my sale went back to Lily’s school. Can’t beat that!!

This is such a simple way to give back to the place where our children spend a huge chunk of their time. And it takes very little effort. So get to clipping and get to shopping.

And in case you missed it yesterday, don’t forget to grab your boobies!!

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  1. And if your school uses eScrip you can help them even more. You sign up with your grocery club card (and even your credit card) and then a percentage of ALL your purchases not just the ones from certain brands is credited to your school. You can even sign up your credit card if you dare! So we pay for our groceries with our credit card… and I think they get extra!

    Kristas last blog post..Book: Twice Loved

  2. I love boxtops! In fact, this year at my son’s school, I’m going to be helping to coordinate the effort (which basically means I’ll be clipping boxtops and putting them into bags of 50 while I watch TV).

    I didn’t know about the marketplace, though, so thanks! I’ll definitely use that when I do my online Christmas shopping.

    HeresTheDiehls last blog post..Randomness

  3. I don’t have kids in school, but this is a good thing to keep in mind to save for other people’s kids! :)

    Muthering Heightss last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – A Comfy Foot Rest

  4. We LOVE Boxtops… but since we became an all natural family our supply is limited, so we beg, borrow and steal from family members and friends. :) Our school is running a back to school contest for the kid who brings in the most Boxtops the first week back… my kids won’t win because I split them exactly in thirds! What’s a Mom to do!


    Polka Dot Mommys last blog post..Rest In Peace

  5. I love this program too! It makes me feel like my money is stretching a little farther!

    Full of Boyss last blog post..WFMW – Grocery Bag

  6. We homeschool, but I still save all our boxtops and sent them to a kid down the street who goes to the school my kids would have gone to. Hey, maybe if I can earn them enough box top mmoney, they’ll give me a property tax break! LOL

    Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolerss last blog post..Homeschool Agenda

  7. Oh wow, I never knew those box tops were such a big deal. That’s awesome!

    Amess last blog post..works for me wednesday: keeping kids safe online

  8. We always did this back when I was in elementary school (not all THAT long ago, ’cause I’m still super young, but either way), and it was so fun. I’m planning on having my stepdaughter help me out with clipping them, too, and I’ve already got quite the stash! Her school also does Campbell’s labels and eScrip, too–awesome!

  9. We keep a baggie on the side of the frig and I put the box tops in them as I am cooking and/or cleaning up the kitchen. That way, I know where they are and I can just pop it into my daughter’s book bag.

    Didn’t know about the online ‘portal’ – thanks for that tip!

    Slacker Moms last blog post..W4MW – Anti-Slacker Cleaning

  10. Don’t forget grocery stores have reward programs…Safeway, Giant, Food Lion, and Weis. You swipe your card each time you shop. Your school gets points.

    Mom on the Runs last blog post..Why Is the Beginning of the School Year So Tense?

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