Works For Me Wednesday- Healthy Snacks

Happy National Nut Day!! What, you didn’t know it was a major holiday? You don’t celebrate by throwing back some almonds and cracking open a bottle of wine? That’s just me then? Okay.

Well, I have said it before and I will say it again, I love nuts. No, not I am nuts. I love nuts. I just think they are the perfect snack. Satisfy that salty, crunchy craving. Good for the heart. Full of good fat. That last one is the best cause it makes me feel like I can polish off a whole can of almonds or a whole tub of guacamole with no guilt.

Well, a few weeks ago I reviewed a new nut offering from Emerald Nuts (this also seems like the perfect time to shamelessly plug my Thursday carnival “Things I Love Thursday” where I reviewed the aforementioned nuts). Well to summarize in case you don’t want to click over:

  • Nuts that taste like chocolate and Cool Ranch Doritos
  • Canister with a top that measures out the appropriate serving size of nuts
  • Super yummy (see the chocolate thing)

Well the good people over at Emerald have decided to celebrate National Nut Day by sending you, my lovely readers some of their delicious new flavors of nuts, Cocoa Roast and Sea Salt & Pepper Cashews. Two canisters of each in fact. Who knows, maybe this will start a national trend making this the new “hot” holiday to celebrate?

So to win, there is a little challenge. Yes, I could just make you comment and select a random winner. But how boring is that? And we are celebrating National Nut Day which is anything but boring. So to win, you must leave a comment telling me the nuttiest thing you have ever done as a parent. See, get it? Nuttiest, nut giveaway. Ingenious.

I can’t wait to belly laugh through all the comments. The top 3 I enjoy the most get the nuts. Happy National Nut Day!!!

*This contest will be open until 10 pm on Sunday the 26th


  1. I wish I was a mom so I could do nutty things to my kids. ;-)

    Katrinas last blog post..ouch

  2. I don’t have any kids, but the Blue Diamond Salt and Vinegar nuts are really really good too. They don’t have the nifty serving size container though.

    Kims last blog post..Menu Plan Monday- October 20, 2008

  3. Ummm…can’t believe I’m admitting this but when out of diapers, I duct taped some various supplies to my son’s butt so I could get to the store to buy more! *snort*


  4. hmm. Nuttiest thing? This isn’t that crazy, but people sure give me odd looks for it. My almost-two-year-old doesn’t like to sit in shopping carts, but she will if while I’m pushing her, I’m bending over so my face is right in hers and I talk in weird voices. =)

    lifeasamamas last blog post..Pictures of the bag…

  5. i want to win the free nuts!

    unfortunately, only haveing a one-year-old, i don’t have much to draw from. my in-laws live 1000 miles away and our son is the first grandchild. they hadn’t invested in a crib or pack ‘n play, so when we visited their home over christmas last year, our tiny 2 month old slept in a dresser drawer lined with quilts. it was quite a sight, actually. he fit perfectly! (and, he was ultra portable, that way!)

    katherine from senor elefantes last blog post..time freeze

  6. Stephanie says:

    Well, I’m glad no one on here actually knows me so this won’t be quite as embarrassing. When my boys get really crabby with each other I’ll lay on the floor and pull up the back of my shirt a bit and let them give me zerberts on the small of my back. They think it’s great fun to see who can make the most farty noise. After writing that I think I need some serious help!

  7. no kidlets here yet, but i always keep peanuts stocked for blood sugar issues. i’m not an expert or anything, but i think honey roasted peanuts are perfect for low blood sugar :) and for snacking too ;)

    Brookes last blog post..Works for Me Wednesday: Dining Room Chairs

  8. Well, a few months ago I was officially banned from ever cutting Ben’s hair again. I had an insane prego moment where I evidently felt enough confidence to make my 2 year old look as though he has been to a professional salon. Yeeeaaah, Vidal Sassoon I am not! For lack of a better description, my poor little guy looked like a chemo patient after a few rounds. You know, where the hair isn’t completely gone, but there are definite bald spots?! That was my guy….hubby came home and saw him and asked….”What on earth did you do to his hair..and why?!” There was no saving it….clippers, scissors, razors are now officially listed as something I must stay at least 50ft away from, especially when Ben’s head is in the vicinity! It took DH over an hour to salvage it to where he was presentable to the general public. I am officially a beauty school dropout…..or reject….

    Katis last blog post..Outrage….

  9. Hummm, the nuttiest thing I’ve ever done with my kids. Well, one day the oldest two were fighting and I made them hold hands and march around the dining room table chanting, “I love you because you’re my brother!” They were cracking up and running around the table after about two laps!

  10. You don’t have room in the comment section for the all the nutty things I did as a parent (so far).

    I used to let my son sleep under the bed, until he got too big. We actually had to remove the bedframe because he would crawl under there at night and get stuck.

    Milehimamas last blog post..Large Family Linky Love

  11. Nuttiest thing… nuttiest thing…


    Instead of immediately cleaning up messy situations, I grab the camera to blog about it first!

    Tracyes last blog post..ARGHHHHHHH!!!

  12. Emily says:

    Our “nuttiest” family game is to have my 3 year old daughter pick out 5 or 6 stuffed animals or dolls…we then put each one on a different blade on the ceiling fan in our bedroom…turn it on, and lay on the bed and scream and squeal and watch whether Mickey Mouse, a stuffed bunny, June from Little Einsteins or her favorite doll can stay on the longest! It seriously is quite fun and my daughter goes crazy!

  13. My children are 2 and 1, so there has not been tons of opportunities to do nutty things. Unless you consider having children close nutty (which I actually really like).

    The nuttiest thing I can think of is that I took my son on vacation (with my mom) when I was 7 months pregnant. I get really sick when I fly pregnant, so you can imagine how holding a 16 month old baby on the plane while puking is quite nutty. And may I mention that he screamed the ENTIRE time?? I swore off flying ever again….which did not last long! LOL

    Sarah Ws last blog post..As Of Late

  14. The nuttiest thing I do with my kids is to let them eat whatever they want for breakfast, and I mean whatever, as long as they drink a glass of milk with it , and take their vitamin.

  15. crystal says:

    The nuttiest thing that I have ever done. Well if you ask my kids then I am a nut. I took my sons to a haunted house and then said I had to go to the restroom. I put on a mask and ran up to my oldest 14 and screamed. He almost peed his pants. Mean I know,

  16. The nuttiest thing. It’s actually quite disgusting but it’s definitely the nuttiest I have done. When my 1.5 year old daughter decided to play in her poop (read: pull it out, rub it on erfelf like lotion) I had to take the camera out to take pics of it so I could blog about it later. Yeah.. nutty! It’s even on my blog. Sad and gross.

    kristine js last blog post..Works for me Wednesday – Free movies!

  17. Jessica says:

    Nutty? Well, I can’t think of anything. My baby is only 14 mo old…

  18. You ARE a nut! The nuttiest thing I’ve ever done as a parent…put my son’s little potty on our computer chair because he always pooped when he was playing PBSkids.org when he was potty training. It was nutty…but it worked!

    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!s last blog post..WFMW: Kroger.com eCoupons (and a GIVEAWAY!)

  19. I have not yet been blessed with a little one, but growing up, my dad used to put my tights on his head and hop around like a bunny! My two sisters and I hopped around with him and thought it was the funniest thing in the world!

    Rachels last blog post..I got a $25 giftcard from MyPoints!

  20. tooting contests. sorry.

    Robyns last blog post..Coupons For Troops

  21. I only like salted and honey nut… nuts. :) But I do share your love for the healthy fat that is a nut. (Oh, and that gooey stuff called peanut butter… its my favorite!)


    Polka Dot Mommys last blog post..Holy Cripes

  22. OH… and the “nuttiest” thing I have ever done as a Mum… *sigh* Dressing up in full hippie gear and visiting all the kids classrooms in a single day. Complete with a curly black wig and pink Lennon style eyeglasses.

    (Cuz I’m a bit um, slow and require two comments to get one done. :)

    Polka Dot Mommys last blog post..Holy Cripes

  23. Kathryn says:

    Our first child was one I always say made us look good as parents. The second popped out complaining about the temperature of the breast milk. She didn’t smile when awake until she was about two. Since she would laugh and smile when asleep, all her baby pictures with her smiling have her eyes half open.

    Anyway, even as a newborn, the second didn’t like to be touched — not even to nurse. My first child was such a lap dog I couldn’t imagine a baby not wanting to be held or snuggle. I’d prop a pillow behind her on the bed, lie down alongside her, plop a breast in her mouth and she’d chow down. If I attempted to touch her when she didn’t want to be touched she would detach, fuss, kick, and scream.

    After not too long I started seeing her behavior as rejection (yeah, I’m sure hormones (mine) had a lot to do with those feelings). Since I always wanted her to see me happy to be around her. I spiked her mohawk-style hair with different colors of Halloween gel. She looked so ridiculous I couldn’t help but laugh and giggle when around her.

    Her hair would be Fluorescent Orange, other times Neon Green, or Sparkly Red. On emotionally low days each spike would get it’s own different color. I would have to say that’s about as nutty as I ever got with any of the kids.

  24. Andrea says:

    When we run out of entertainment ideas my husband hooks up the dog leash to our laundry basket and pulls the kids around the house. They love it! The dog gets excited because he thinks he’s going on a walk but is totally let down when he realizes the leash is going on the laundry basket.

  25. The nuttiest thing I ever did as a parent was when my 3 yr old wanted to know what would happen if he opened the emergency exit door at WalMart. I let him. It was embarrassing…the alarm was so loud he started crying and wet his pants. Sigh…dumb, dumb, dumb.

    Tyna Begleys last blog post..Autumn

  26. Alyson says:

    The nuttiest thing I can think of is…last year for show-and-tell, my preschool son got to take home the class fox (stuffed) to have adventures with, then share with the class. My sister and brother-in-law were in town from NY, and we were heading home from lunch when I saw a fire truck. I always point them out to my boys, but this time, as it turned into a shopping mall, I pulled a quick U-turn and chased it down. I approached the firemen (SOO cute–what is it with firemen?!), and asked if we could take pictures of the truck. As I got closer, I realized they had just come from a fire–still smelling of smoke and covered in soot! They were so great; they picked up my son and set him in the cab, flashed the lights and chirped the siren! My son and the fox got to climb around the truck, I snapped pictures galore and scored big brownie points with my son, sister AND the class!

  27. The most nutty? I can’t think of anything specific, but I’m sure I sound nuts sometimes the funny things I say and faces I make trying to get my son to laugh sometimes!

    Richelle Fs last blog post..D and E

  28. when nathan was a newborn, I got it into my head that taking a naked nap (air time!!) would be the best way to clear up his diaper rash.

    ummm, not so much.

    but I did learn why we need TWO sets of crib sheets. :)

    Erin Gs last blog post..But Don’t Call Him "Pumpkin"

  29. oh, and btw. I want to try some of those chocolate nuts, but is it the SAME CAN that tastes like chocolate AND cool ranch doritos. I’m thinking no. That would just be weird.

    Erin Gs last blog post..But Don’t Call Him "Pumpkin"

  30. Melissa says:

    My son sometimes is really crabby when he gets up from his nap so one day I decided to climb into his closet and then come out over and over as different silly monsters (a la Disney’s Monsters Inc.). He laughed so hard and I sometimes get requests for a repeat performance.

  31. Thanks for sharing. I eat snacks everyday and so choosing healthy ones is very important. I don’t want to gain pounds because of them.

    Greetings from Tim. :)

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