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wfmw Last week I lamented to my regular readers that I was suffering from some nasty pregnancy headaches. You know one of the many, many delightful things about pregnancy (outside of the hemorrhoids, cankles, and teenage-esque acne) is that you can’t take very many medications. Which really stinks when you get a cold or a headache. And I have been getting some nasty headaches. Which are massively compounded by 2 children and their new marching band set that their daddy bought them. Seriously honey?

Anyway, my readers majorly came through for me. You all are the best really. The verdict: mix Tylenol (the only pain reliever approved during pregnancy) with caffeine. I know what you are thinking, no caffeine during pregnancy right? Well what I discovered from my readers and after consulting with my doctor is that most migraine medicines contain a pain reliever and, you guessed it caffeine. So I gave it a try.

What a difference. When I feel a headache coming on, I pop 2 Tylenol and drink a cup of green tea. Oh and take a nap. I am not sure if that part is important, but tell people it is so they let you sneak a nap on. 9/10 times the headache completely goes away. Really the only time it hasn’t come through for me is when the headache comes on too late in the day for me to drink caffeine. If I drink it past 4 or 5 I will be up all night.

The other key to the equation is of course drinking lots of water. Which I am trying really hard to do. I also got a lot of advice to try massage which I haven’t done yet. But I am thinking one for Mother’s Day might make up for the band thing. Right honey?

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  1. Great tip, I often drink a caffeinated soda for a headache which I never generally do so it makes a pretty good impact and it helps, but I never thought of piggy backing it with Tylenol. I can’t say I look forward to trying this tip, but I’m sure I will be happy I have it when I do ;) Thanks.

    Kirstys last blog post..Making Procrastination Work For You

  2. Excedrin is a pain killer (I think acetaminophen) and caffeine. But there’s way too much caffeine in Excedrin. Yours is a MUCH better plan!

    And I was pretty much addicted to Pepsi when I was pregnant with my daughter. She was 9′ 15″ and had apgars of 9 and 10 :-)

    Cheris last blog post..Works for Me Wednesday: Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  3. Oh man, I feel for you! I had brutal migraines during my most recent pregnancy. I usually take Tylenol 3 for them (has caffeine in it), but obviously couldn’t during pregnancy, it was brutal!

    Another tip is to drink a carbonated, caffinated beverage (I prefer coke) with your Tylenol. It supposedly speeds up the process of how quickly the meds work on you. I found it worked!

    Multi-Tasking Mommys last blog post..WFMW: Frozen Food Cubes for Teething

  4. Good news! I am glad to hear that something worked b/c I remember how horrible that is.

    Amber Doumas last blog post..A weekend full of celebrating!

  5. So glad to hear this! And, since you’re drinking green tea, you’re also getting lots of antioxidants – yeah! Seriously glad you’re feeling better and found something that worked.

    p.s. I have an awesome masseuse if you need a referral

    Heather Hs last blog post..The Power of Making a Healthy Choice

  6. I love vicodin, chased with a whiskey or two, for killing a headache. Takes away the pain AND puts you to sleep.

    Might not be approved for PREGNANCY, but OTHERWISE it works ; )

    Strong Rhetorics last blog post..The 30-Day Challenge

  7. I’ve also read that if you drink a glass or two of water at the first sign of a headache, it can really help. Sounds weird, I guess, but I’ve tried it, and it often works.

    “Which Proverbs 14:1 Woman?”

    Kates last blog post..We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program for a Great Deal!

  8. Annie M says:

    My massage therapist told me that massages during the first trimester are a no-no due to risk of placenta being displaced. But all is a GO after that!

  9. The only problem with drinking more water is having to potty even MORE often. I just had my second 3 weeks ago and was so glad to be done peeing every half an hour (and that was with minimal fluid intake!!)

    Hollys last blog post..And now, The Rest of the Story

  10. Glad to hear you found something that works.

    Whitneys last blog post..Enter Those Giveaways!

  11. I’m glad you have found headache relief.

    Storms last blog post..Works for Me Wednesday #17

  12. Oh boy can I relate!! I’m opposite though – preg. gives me relief from migrains. Another tip – a heating pad on the feet and an ice pack on the head – something about moving the blood away from the head makes them livable.

    Linda, who is currently suffering another one, totally feeling your pain!!

    Lindas last blog post..Shopping with 5 children

  13. I had terrible headaches with my Hannah

  14. Glad you found something that helps! :) see Caffeine is your friend… I know Dr. Pepper is mine! how else would I make it through the day?

    Candices last blog post..FO and updates

  15. Thanks for the input. I started getting horrible tension headaches around Easter and the doctor kept saying go to a dark, quiet place and rest. Really? With a toddler who loves to push buttons on his fire engine? While I gave up caffeine awhile ago to conceive, I discovered it is a need for me right now. I drink a SMALL cup of coffee, or Coke (I agree with Multi-tasking Mommy!) and take my Tylenol, and am a happier camper.

    I have also introduced a heating pad to my neck when I am actually able to sit down, and it really helps. I got the one at the mall kiosks that you heat up in the microwave and have lavender and stuff in it. It REALLY helps! I borrowed a bigger version of it from my mom that stays on my shoulders when I walk around if I really need it and can’t sit down. Super helpful…

  16. Glad you found some relief!! Are you taking fish oil supplements? They’re supposed to help with migraines, as well as being good for baby’s brain and eye development. I’ve been taking them for a few months (not pregnant) and have had a noticeable decrease in headaches. Take them at a different time of day from calcium supplements for best absorption.

    ‘Beccas last blog post..Semi-disposable sippy cups

  17. I had horrible migraines during my second pregnancy, in fact I thought I was having a stroke the first time because my whole face went numb. Thanks for this tip – I will have to remember this!

    fionas last blog post..Paula Abdul ~ Make it a Virgin?

  18. my brother in law is an ob/gyn and he told me, when i was pregnant and dying for diet coke, that i could drink it…in moderation. he told me…aside from recreational drugs, which i would NEVER do even if i wasn’t pregnant…you can do everything in moderation. so,if you need tylenol. and if you need caffeine. go for it! in moderation!! feel better!

  19. Migraines are always horrible and I’ve dealt with them for countless of times. I usually sip coffee, pop a pill, and find a nice dark and comfortable room for my nap.

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