Works For Me Wednesday- Have A Cow Man

image  Please tell me you got the Bart Simpson reference and that you don’t think I am referring to some sort of half bovine/ half human. I don’t even know what that means, I’m tired.

Anyway, I have mentioned once or twice that we have made major food changes around here and are loving the results. I don’t know what I can credit to the food, but I have definitely noticed things. For one, our family’s health astounds me. I hate to even say it for fear we will all come down with the plague, but I can’t remember the last time someone in my house has been sick. Except for the occasion my son ate so much that he puked. I am just happy to know there actually is a limit to how much he can eat.

Also I swear my hair is thicker. I know that sounds crazy, but you crunchy organic people need to back me up. My hair could be thicker right? Something about omega something or other?

All that to say that the cost of buying higher quality food has been offset by the cost of doctor bills and hair products. Ok, so I still buy pricey hair products (yes I know honey, but that is the price of having a purty wife), but the doctor thing is definitely worth it.

But I have found a way to enjoy delicious grass fed, happy cow beef without mortgaging the house. Buy part of a cow. Preferably part of an already butchered, ready to eat cow. We did so last month and cut the price of a pound of meat nearly in half. And I am even going to factor in the price of gas to drive across town to the store that sells grass fed beef into my savings. Now when I want yummy, healthy beef I walk a few steps out to my freezer and pull out a slab.

The meat is some of the best I have ever tasted. Last night we grilled a filet that was amazing. And I am a bit of a steak snob so I am hard to please. I love knowing exactly where my meat came from. And I can eat it without worrying for a second about what kinds of hormones, antibiotics and fillers I am ingesting. And because I bought a 1/4 of a cow, the price of the filet per pound was the same price as the roast per pound. How awesome is that?

If you don’t have the freezer space for a big chunk of cow, consider splitting some with a friend. But if you have the space, go big or go home. I am not really sure what that means here, but I just can’t pass up the chance to say it. I need sleep. Clearly.

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  1. We do the same thing! There is DEFINITELY a difference in taste. We ran out before our cow came, and had to settle for Meijer beef for hamburgers one night. My six year old son said, “WHAT is this MEAT?!?!” Even he could tell the difference!
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  2. My father-in-law raises cattle and gives us part of one (in the freezer) for Christmas each year. I love it! The beef is way better and the cost (we only pay for processing and yes, I’m spoiled) can’t be beat!
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  3. I’ve always wondered about buying part of a cow…are there weird parts or is it all normal stuff like ground beef, roasts, and steaks?
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  4. We love this too! We are planning to get 1/4 or 1/2 a cow in a few months. We just got 1/2 a pig. I love having cheap, awesome meat stocked in my freezer. I’ve been able to make delicious pork chops, pulled pork, and ham super cheap. Yummy. With processing and everything, we paid less than $2.50/lb. for this pastured pork. :)

    Michelle — yes, it’s all “normal” stuff. They won’t give you any bones, fat, or organs unless you specifically request them. We did happen to request the fat and bones for cooking and making stock, but they still came all wrapped up nicely. You can also request particular cuts sometimes, like asking for extra ground meat and fewer steaks if that’s what you like. That’s a bonus of a large order — you get some choice! And awesome prices!

  5. LOve this post – so comforting to know people are making the switch!! I live/work on a grass fed meat farm…posting to my farm’s FB page…THX
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  6. Andrea @ Simple Organized Living says:

    OK, you’ve convinced me…I really need to give this a try. I make roasts all the time and eve though I get them on sale, I have a feeling your meat might be a better bargain…and much better for you!

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