Works For Me Wednesday- Halloween Safety

wfmw Can you believe it is already Halloween? Didn’t the year just start yesterday? This year my girls both want to be the same thing. Which of course is the semi-new to TV “Word Girl”. So costumes are hard to come by and ridiculously expensive. So mommy of the newborn is making homemade Halloween costumes this year. Or will be sometime between now and Saturday. HALP??

Anyway, my regular readers may remember that back in July, I had the opportunity to visit Underwriter’s Laboratories in Chicago. I learned a ton about safety and all that they do to ensure the products we love are safe. Recently they passed on some Halloween safety tips and I wanted to pass them on to you.

  • Look for flame resistant labels when purchasing costumes, fabric and accessories. You should be aware that this doesn’t mean the costumes won’t catch fire, it means the fabric will resist burning. So still practice your stop, drop and roll.
  • Costumes should be short enough to prevent tripping and falling. Not only is it a safety hazard, but it is so annoying to your little trick or treaters who have to worry about it the whole time. Also anything baggy or billowing is more likely to come in contact with candles or other ignition sources.
  • Purchase or make costumes from light-colored material. This will help your wee ones be clearly visible to motorists. If your children do wear dark materials, decorate costumes with reflective tape or carry a flashlight for better visibility. In that same vain, if you are driving around on Halloween night be especially vigilant and careful for anyone crossing your path.
  • Use makeup instead of a mask. Masks can obstruct vision and children may find it hard to breathe when wearing them. Plus they are just plain sweaty and smelly. If you must use a mask, make sure it fits and has eyeholes large enough to allow full vision.
  • Finally, keep candles away from items that easily catch fire, such as decorations, window treatments, and paper. Did you know that Halloween is the fifth highest day for reported candle fires. We have switched to using battery powered lights in our pumpkins to make them less of a fire hazard. This statistic proves we are doing something right around here.

If only there was a safety trip that somehow talked about the biggest danger of all Halloween dangers. The danger that instead of watching the scale go down as you try desperately to take off the baby weight it climbs dangerously back toward the weight when you were carrying a eight pound baby inside you. Seriously, who’s idea was it to have a baby right before Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas? Thank God for bulky winter wear!!

For more helpful tips, head over to We Are That Family.


  1. no costume for us this year… I guess it’ll be a little while before baby starts talking about costumes :)
    but speaking of baby weight – I hated all that water weight I was carrying, until after I lost it, and it became really handy to include that H2O in all the weight I lost :) nothing like instantly losing 20 pounds to boost the ego!!
    .-= Lana´s last blog ..some great faces =-.

  2. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! Our Halloween is downscaled some this year after our recent move, but these are great reminders for everyone!
    .-= Mandy´s last blog ..WFMW – Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! =-.

  3. Great tips! I wouldn’t have even thought about the candles, etc, but thatmakes a lot of sense- esp with luminaries and such.
    I hear ya’ on the candy! My kids just keep bringing it home to me! Ugh!
    .-= Hillary @ The Other Mama´s last blog ..Create a Caption- GIVEAWAY Style =-.

  4. Sarah Benscoter says:

    My friend had a great Halloween idea. Instead of buying/making new costumes for her 3 kids, she offered them each $5 to wear their costume from last year. They ate it up and she didn’t have any extra work!

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