Works For Me Wednesday- Google Reader

wfmw    I fully admit it. For a long while I had dropped off the blog reading wagon. I still wrote my own blog, but pretty much stopped reading anyone elses unless something on Twitter caught my eye. I WANTED to read blogs, I missed my blogs, but between my own blog, Facebook, Twitter, oh and managing a household and family, something had to give. And way to often it was the household. (Yes mom I know, I have an “internet problem”). But I began to feel disconnected from my mommy blogging community. And my own blog began to feel very one sided.

I had it on my “to do” list for quite some time to check out some various ways of keeping up with my old faves. But seeing as I don’t have time to read blogs, I don’t have time to research ways to read blogs. Seriously, it is amazing my family gets fed. So I just signed up for Google Reader, subscribed to about 30 of my fave blogs and waited to see what happened.

I am sooo happy. No longer do I spend time clicking around the blogosphere trying to figure out if anyone is writing anything exciting. Now when someone posts something it comes up on my Google Reader and a few times a day, I read it and we’re good. I purposely started with a small-ish number of blogs so I don’t get overwhelmed, but I also don’t feel too bad if I get behind and mark “all as read” either because that is just the way life goes sometimes and the world clearly keeps on spinning whether I read all my blogs or not.

The only downside to a reader is that to comment, or sometimes see video or pics, you have to click over to the actual blog. Not that this is hard mind you, it just is one difference between reading an actual blog and reading it in a reader. Also for a blogger, unless you do click over and comment, we have no idea you are there cause you don’t show up in our stats. I checked out my own blog to see how many people were “subscribing” and was shocked. Who are all you people? I had no idea you all were out there so a big shout out to my Google Reader peeps!!! (did I pull that off?)

Anyway I am so glad to be reading blogs again and to have found away to do it that requires little time and effort on my part. I may even slowly but surely add more blogs to the mix, but I want to make sure to keep in manageable and keep a realistic balance. I am curious how you keep up with your favorite blogs and what have you found works or doesn’t work for you? Also, I am sure there are a million and one features of Google Reader I am not taking advantage of. What am I missing? Thanks for the help.

Wanna see what works for a whole bunch of other people? Head over to We Are That Family and find out.


  1. Alyssa says:

    I subscribed after we met on Twitter and were both attending blissdom. I too use google reader and love it.
    .-= Alyssa´s last blog ..Amy Asks Me About Cell Phone Laws =-.

  2. I just started using Google reader yesterday and am loving it! I can’t believe I have gone this long without it!!

  3. Oh yes, Google reader has saved me as well, but I rarely comment anymore on my old faithfuls. I still try and pop out to let people know I am there, but it’s still…time. :)
    .-= Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam´s last blog ..What do I make with all this squash? =-.

  4. Andrea says:

    I love Google Reader, but I do find I don’t comment as much anymore. One of things I like is organizing my feeds into folders, so, like you, when I pop on for a few minutes to catch up, I can pick a folder to read. I also like that if a post looks really good, but one of my kids absolutely has to have my attention right this second, I can mark it “keep as unread”. Or I can star my faves to come back to later. (I did that when you blogged about the Norton parental control so I wouldn’t forget how to find it!)
    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..Patients! =-.

  5. I’ve been using the Yahoo! feed reader, and assumed Google was the same. Oh, no. Just tried it and like it better.

    MUCH better.

    .-= Sandwiched´s last blog ..Going to the Drive In =-.

  6. Amen to that! Google Reader has changed my life! Gosh I am such a blog nerd admitting that..LOL

    .-= niki´s last blog ..Free Gift Cards, Anyone? =-.

  7. Stacey from Australia says:

    I too have just started with Google reader, I only set myself short time to look at my favourite Blogs & used to waste half of it looking at ones that haven’t done anything!

    I just found you in That Family’s WFMW links.

    Just going to have a look around.

  8. Yes Google Reader definetly saved me lot’s of time and I love it.
    But you miss the great blog designs so many of you have and the temptation not to comment is there.
    .-= Nimmi´s last blog ..City T(h)oursday =-.

  9. Stacey from Australia says:

    Ok I like what I see (haven’t been looking this whole time, have done the shopping on-line & cooked dinner) & have added you to my Google reader!
    By the way it isnt 1am here it’s 4pm!

  10. I love Google Reader and am one of the people who subscribes to you, but rarely comments. (Almost a lurker!) Anyway – I love your blog!
    .-= Mari´s last blog ..A day at the beach =-.

  11. I too LOVE google reader. I do wish there was a way to comment from the reader but on the upside it does send me to look at the actual blog whre they have often updated their look or have other great things going on.
    .-= becky@oursweetpeas´s last blog ..Organizing all the LITTLE toys that become a big problem =-.

  12. I LOVE Google Reader. I’ve been using it for about 1 1/2 years now and it’s such a time saver. I do admit that I don’t comment as much as I should, but something has to give. My 2 fave features are the email one- where you can email a post to a friend and the fact that you can star posts that you want to save and come back to.
    .-= Candace´s last blog ..Worth Every Penny =-.

  13. I’m one of your Google Reader susbscribers and I don’t mind clicking over to comment. You can set up your page to only show a partial feed if you want us to have to click over to finish (but don’t do that, it’s annoying). :)

    I ALSO love google reader, and I wrote a post about it too, a while back: http://mgoetts.blogspot.com/2008/11/rss-reader-yay.html

    yay for joining the new rss wave! :)
    .-= Erin G´s last blog ..Lake Wateree for the Fourth =-.

  14. I’ve used Google Reader for several months and can’t imagine doing without it now. Then again, I have a tiny internet problem of my own – and subscribe to about 125 blogs. Yikes!

    One thing I’ve found that helps me manage my blogs in Google Reader are the tags. So I have folders of mommy blogs, favorite blogs, spiritual blogs, business blogs, etc.
    .-= Mary ´s last blog ..Hi, may I help you? =-.

  15. It never occurred to me to PUT MY OWN BLOG in Google Reader before this post but I did and it was so fun to read my own stats (click show details on the right of the feed in the big window). So silly! I learned about Google Reader from this post
    on Simple Mom. Simple indeed.
    .-= Christy@ Family at Work´s last blog ..Is it wrong to use your blog… =-.

  16. LOVE Google Reader. It’s the best! I started using it when I started my blog two years ago, and it’s the only way I can manage reading. I could never click through to all of the blogs I like on every post – got 3 kids to raise! :)

    Reading your blog via GR – just not much time to comment these days! Sounds like you’re enjoying your summer!
    .-= Sarah @ Short Stop´s last blog ..The Vermont Country Store =-.

  17. I LOVE Google Reader, and I agree with Erin G about the partial posts. Several of my favorite blogs were taken off my reader list because they switched to partial posts. Reading blogs is a hobby, and Google Reader saves me time. With a toddler under foot, I don’t have the time to click over to every blog. Anyways… love your blog, and I don’t mind jumping over to leave a comment! =)

  18. How do you check to see if someone has subscribed to your blog in Google reader? Is it the same thing as being a Follower?
    .-= Tara´s last blog ..The Mountain Man Is In The Building =-.

  19. I have been using Google Reader for about a year and I love it! It saves so much time. So I guess I would be one of your google peeps :)
    I love reading your blog, keep it up!
    .-= Raine´s last blog ..One Month Already =-.

  20. I am a huge fan of google reader! It really makes things easy. Like you said you can know when there are new blogs posted without searching. it’s all in one place! I love reading others blogs…peoples personal experiences fascinate me.
    .-= Jen-After the Alter´s last blog ..Friendly’s Givaway!!! =-.

  21. I love reader. It is so easy to use and lets me read my favorites when I have the time and there all in one place!
    .-= courtney from mommie blogs´s last blog .. =-.

  22. Trish says:

    I’m a google reader girl. :) I think your blog popped up as a suggestion from Google reader.

    What I love most about google reader is that it’s portable. I can catch up at home, work, or on my phone. Yay!

  23. I’ve had the account set up for a while, but never added subscriptions … just changed that after your post & all the positive comments … thanks!!!
    .-= mandi´s last blog ..Moving day =-.

  24. Love Google Reader, but if I don’t keep it open in my browser, I tend to forget to check it. Like the last two days. I didn’t know about the “show details” link in the upper right corner. Thanks, Christy! That’s cool!
    .-= Amy Warden´s last blog ..Bug Off Giveaway =-.

  25. Use space bar to scroll through the posts. Divide your feeds into folders so that if you’re in a Crafty mood, you just get the crafty stuff, and hit “j” to just go from post to post to post (great for when you have 737 unread posts in your reader and don’t necessarily want to read all the reviews of restaurants in Columbus, Ohio. Not that that number is staring at me right now or anything…)
    .-= Aunt LoLo´s last blog ..WFMW: Lysol Wipes =-.

  26. I love it too! I follow way too many blogs and Google Reader makes it a whole lot easier to keep track of my favorites. I usually only visit each blog I follow about once a month or so because I tend to just read someones most current post and then space bar through the rest. I try to comment on at least 1 post though, so people still know I’m reading and interested. :)
    .-= MommyAmy´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday: Off Lantern and Off Clip On Review & Giveaway! =-.

  27. I adore google reader! I do have a problem with oversubscribing, but today was one of my occasional weeding days. I dropped a few. I’m sure i’ll still pick up occasional posts from those blogs through twitter, but didn’t read them enough on reader.
    .-= Jessica ´s last blog ..Let’s Make a Deal! =-.

  28. I use the google reader on my igoogle page. I usually click over to the article on the site, but the google reader lets me know there is something new!
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Aplomado Falcons =-.

  29. Oh my, I can’t believe no one has mentioned this to you yet….

    there is a MAGIC button for google reader that you can install in your browser. That button is called the “NEXT” button and it is my favorite thing EVER. I never read my blogs in google reader anymore. Whenever I have time to read, I hit the next button and it goes directly to my next unread item DIRECTLY ON THEIR BLOG. Commenting is EASY PEASY. I love love love it! you can even do it for “categories” like one of mine is crafty stuff an say i only want to see if any of the crafty blogs are updated, so I hit the “next crafty blog post” and ta-da! It’s the best invention ever.

    You can find it in your google reader by clicking on settings and then go to the “goodies” tab and it’s the second item down called the next bookmark.
    .-= faith´s last blog ..MMMMMbMjM…. =-.

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