Works For Me Wednesday- Google Alert

works-for-me-wednesday   I like to be in the know. Typically about worthless celebrity gossip, but also on my hometown gossip. Or as I like to call it news. Cause that sounds much more respectable. But I don’t really know anyone anymore in my hometown and don’t get the paper there. So I have discovered Google Alerts. It is really only a matter of time before Google rules the world. I just create an alert for Marshalltown and once a day I am sent a summary of all news articles with the word Marshalltown in it. And suddenly I feel reconnected.

They are super easy to set up. First you need a google account. Most likely you already have one. If you used blogger or gmail, you can sign in with that information. Otherwise just create one of your own with your own email. It doesn’t have to be Google related to sign up. Then head over here, type something in the search terms and you are good to go. I set one up for my college alma mater, my old church, even my blog. So I can see when you all are talking about me out there in internet land (not nearly enough by the way, step that up). If you have a less than common name you could even Google alert yourself. I would think that would be quite entertaining.

There are endless possibilities really. It just depends who or what you want to stalk. And by stalk I mean gather important news worthy info about.

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  1. (my inner stalker just jumped for joy. thought you should know.)

    Erin Gs last blog post..Cutest. Feet. Ever.

  2. That is pretty darn cool! Thanks!!

    Amandas last blog post..I KNEW it was gonna happen – JUST KNEW IT!

  3. How neat! Thanks…I’ll have to check it out!

    Kim@ Forever Wherevers last blog post..Easy Bowl Game Snack

  4. I love Google Alerts. I have a lot listed for my alerts. :)

    A Frugal Housewife – Jodys last blog post..Works For Me Wednesday – Easy Meal Time

  5. Great information, but I’m thinking the link may have broken. Help??? Techno challenged here…

  6. I figured it out. Your website link and the google link are on the same address line. So it reads something like diaperdiaries.net/google.com but with all the mumbo jumbo that web addresses have.

    Taras last blog post..Works For Me Wednesday–Wound Care

  7. The “head over here” link didn’t work for me, but I’ll find a way to chase this down. Thanks for google-icious tip.

  8. Blue Castle says:

    I haven’t heard of this before. Thank you for sharing. Now I can get everything I ever needed to know right in my inbox. :) Awesome.

    Blue Castles last blog post..Cowboy Boots + Plaster Of Paris = Bookends

  9. I can’t get enough of being ‘in the know’. Thanks for the tip!

  10. I use Google Alert to find information I can post on my blog. I like the hometown idea.

    Lindas last blog post..Create a Gluten-Free Casserole

  11. Just in case Facebook didn’t do enough to feed my nosy addiction, I now have this! Thanks!

    Heathers last blog post..99 Experiences

  12. OOOh, thanks! I’ve been wondering how to set these up…

    Aunt LoLos last blog post..Christmas in Casa LoLo

  13. I’m all over this! Just another thing to help distract me from the piling laundry and dishes to wash. Love it!

    Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessingss last blog post..preserving Christmas greetings

  14. wrong address, sorry

    sarahlccs last blog post..How I got my kids to drink water

  15. I love google alerts. I have three of them I use daily.

    debbies last blog post..Helping you feel better about aging

  16. sarahlcc says:

    I can totally stalk myself now! Okay, that’s odd.

  17. did it! thanks!

  18. oh amanda says:

    Love google alerts. I get ’em for LOST.

    oh amandas last blog post..My New Favorite: Party Edition

  19. I totally agree with you about google running the world one day! I even have a few posts about them on “My Favorite Things” blog. I also want to join your challenge!

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