Works For Me Wednesday- Frugal Edition

wfmw Although my regular readers know this, those of you clicking over from We Are That Family don’t. I participate in a weekly carnival on Fridays where I post weekly frugal tips. So rather then trying desperately to come up with two frugal tips this week (which frankly one is hard enough and I have pregnancy brain to boot), I thought I would do a little best of edition of previous tips. This suits my very lazy personality perfectly.

  • One way to save money? Ask. A lot of places will give you a discount if you pay in full including schools, doctors, utilities and insurance. Any bill you get that can be paid in installments might be reduced if you pay the whole thing. All you gotta do is ask.
  • Man I miss wine.
  • These two sites have absolutely saved my family a ton in terms of food and simplified my life at the same time. The Grocery Game and Saving Dinner.
  • Some of my favorite websites to get frugal eyeglasses, clothes, movies, and just about everything else
  • Wanna know the one piece of frugal advice I give, but can’t seem to follow? Argh!! When will we learn?
  • But we will not be deterred from trying this one again this summer. Someday, we will master it.
  • And finally, it just wouldn’t be “The Diaper Diaries” if I didn’t highlight this tip.

For more frugal tips, check out my frugal archives or head over to We Are That Family.


  1. I have only been reading your blog for a few weeks so I really enjoyed you combining all your past tips into one blog :)

    Since your are pregnant too, maybe you could do a blog on helpful tips to coping with morning sickness! LOL

    Marys last blog post..6 weeks!

  2. I firmly believe that all women should be given a brain allowance since our brains are being half taken up by the babies that we are growing! I still haven’t recovered the rest of my brain cells from my daughter being born and she is now 15 months old. And my husband is talking #2. Eep. :)

    Taiyas last blog post..Giveaway!

  3. I am going to HAVE to start checking out the Frugal Fridays and linking in! What a great resource. Thanks!

    Sarah (GenMom)s last blog post..Thank you, Mom

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