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wfmw I am rerunning an old tip that I have been using a lot lately. I am having some issues with handling raw meat. Oh the joys of pregnancy. Plus, as you may recall from yesterday’s post, my brain hurts so I can’t come up with anything original.

I like an occasional meatloaf, but I can’t think of many things grosser than sticking my fingers in a pile of raw meat to mush a bunch of ingredients together. I am always freaked out that some raw meat is going to lodge itself under my fingernails infecting me with salmonella (although come to think of it, if that was accompanied with some weight loss and bed rest-maybe salmonella wouldn’t be so bad-of course not while I am pregnant).

But I digress. My tip for the day is this. Next time you make meatloaf, put all your ingredients in a Ziploc and mush away. In fact, you could even let your kids do some mushing. Then you just dump it in to the loaf pan and use the Ziploc as kind of a glove to form it into a loaf. Less mess, less disease, yummy meatloaf. It is a win-win! Except maybe for the environment, but it only seems fitting that on the eve of Earth day I would be so clueless as to post such a tip. I am nothing if not politically correct. Maybe you could plant a tree everytime you make a meatloaf?


  1. I’m so going to do this the next time I make meatloaf! Or meatballs! I HATE HATE HATE getting raw meat under my fingernails!

    Will Blog For Shoess last blog post..In Which I Get All Preachy About Money

  2. So simple, yet so brilliant. Thank you! I’m totally grossed out by mushing meat with my bare hands too!

    Kirstys last blog post..My Mom Logic

  3. That’s a fantastic idea!

    Just Moms last blog post..Works For Me: Necklace Organizer

  4. Ahhh…I love it and have done something similar. Raw meat is not my friend, so I let them do it. :)

    Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlams last blog post..Melt in Your Mouth Apple Coffee Cake – Tasty Tuesday

  5. Eww, I can totally get with using a ziplock when dealing with raw meat! Good tip. :)

    Mrs. Petries last blog post..Removing Labels And A Giveaway

  6. Great tip!! Good writing–you make me laugh.

    Tonyas last blog post..A Smile Rarely Captured…Special Exposure Wednesdays–April 22, 2009

  7. I am so with ya about the raw meat under the nails thing!

    I keep a surgical brush at the sink, but I have to say that I like to wear gloves while handling the raw meat.

    Ziplock bag works too, though. Thanks for the idea!

    Multi-Tasking Mommys last blog post..WFMW: Keep Friends and Family Birthdays Organized

  8. DH makes the meat loaf around here, but I’ll share this with him. And if I ever do make a meat loaf, now I know!

    Whitneys last blog post..Happy Birthday Baby Steals!

  9. I use my stand mixer to make meatloaf – it works perfect and I don’t have to touch the meat!

    Brookes last blog post..Weigh-In Wednesday: Do These Jeans Make Me Look Fat?

  10. Sherry says:

    Great idea! :D I have a few of my cooking class students that can’t stand the thought of putting their hands in raw meat.

    Sherrys last blog post..Being a Good Steward! Going green!

  11. great tips, thanks for sharing

  12. Hey, it’s Earth Day…you’re recycling a post. Good for you! ;) Hope you’re feeling better today!

    Jesss last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  13. this is a great idea and one that I am going to try

  14. I don’t have any problems with touching the raw meat……but this is great for when I am cooking with my kids. I find it difficult to make sure health hazards are kept to a minimum when all four of them are in the kitchen with me :P)

    Bahama Shores Mamas last blog post..WFMW: Line Dry

  15. You’ve been tagged…as one of my new favorite blogs…so head over to see why…if you’re interested…

    Bobbis last blog post..8 Things!!

  16. I hate handling raw meat, and I thought it was just me. I guess I’m more normal than i thought :-P

  17. Raw meat doesn’t bother me, but you cracked me up with your “plant a tree” idea.

    “Which Proverbs 14:1 Woman?”

    Kates last blog post..WFMW: A New Download!

  18. Thanks for the tip. I hate touching raw meat too, and try to avoid it whenever possible.

    Taylor at Household Management 101s last blog post..Apr 19, Weekly Cleaning Schedules From Around The Web

  19. What a great idea! It seems like everytime I get my hands buried in the raw meat, my husbands calls me to tell me he is on his way home and I am scrambling to get my hands washed and answer the phone. I’ll definately try this one!

    Kristans last blog post..Menu Time Thursday

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