Works For Me Wednesday- Clothing Organizer (Greatest Hits Edition)

Isn’t Kristen nice? She gave me an excuse to be lazy once again. It’s greatest hits week for WFMW so I am pulling an oldie but a goody out of the archives. I love this one cause even though I wrote this about daughter #1, it is still saving my life on a regular basis with daughter #2. Hope it can save your sanity too!!

If you have girls, your morning may look something like this:

Mommy, I want to wear a dress. No sweetie. Not today. Today we will wear pants. I don’t wanna wear pants, I wanna wear a dress. Ok, here is a nice dress. No, not that dress, that dress it blue. Blue is a boy color. No sweetie, it has flowers on it, boys don’t wear flowers. BLue is for boys, blue is for BOYS!!! Ok, here is a pink dress. I don’t like that color pink. Sweetie you love pink. I love light pink, that is dark pink. But you just wore that dress last week and loved it. Last week I liked dark pink…(mommy found in fetal position in the corner with a bottle of bourbon).

Of course that is a work of fiction. I don’t drink bourbon. Perhaps while you read it you are thinking to yourself, “This child needs more discipline and order, she shouldn’t be telling her mom what she wants to wear”. To that I throw my head back and laugh. Clearly you have not experienced a strong willed 4 yo girl before. There is no reasoning with them when it comes to clothes.

Needless to say, mornings had become very frustrating around here at times and we own an appallingly small amount of pants. Cause pants are for boys. Just so you know. Well, around August, I began to panic that school was starting and we had to leave the house at 7:30 am everyday to make it there on time. I was panicking for a whole host of reasons, the main one being that I don’t wake up much before 8, but also the clothing thing.

Now, let me just say for the record, I do not claim to have come up with this solution. I am sure I read about it in some magazine or blog. Possibly yours on a previous WFMW. Give yourself credit in the comments. Cause it has revolutionized our mornings.

I went out and bought a closet sweater organizer similar to this one (but hot pink and way cuter). Then every Sunday night I put in 6 outfits for the week complete with underpants, shoes and socks. Her end of the deal is that she gets to pick out whatever outfit she wants everyday, but she has to pick one of those outfits. My end of the deal is that on Sunday, she can pick out whatever outfit she wants.

The crazy thing is I have put all sorts of outfits there were previously deemed “unwearable” and she has worn them without complaint. And she gets dressed in the morning without me asking her. She just comes downstairs dressed. Sometimes she has fairy wings on or one of my necklaces around her neck, but I even I am not going to complain about that cause accessorizing is just good fashion sense.

For more brilliant ideas, head over to We Are That Family.


  1. Twins! Honestly, I thought I was the only mom who went through that scenario (including bourbon)… EVERY morning with my now 3yo. I will have to try something like the organizer.
    .-= Mozi Esmes Mommy´s last blog ..Tot School: Bunnies at School =-.

  2. Ha ha!! That sounds like exactly what my daughter will be when she is four. She is 18m now and just this morning we had this conversation.
    Her – Pretty dress.
    Me – How about a pretty shirt and pretty pants
    Her – No. No pretty pants. Pretty dress.
    Me – Ummm… your pretty dresses are in the wash or too summery.
    Me – I’ll look – oh wait you have one left. This is the last one so if you pee in it you will have to wear pants.
    Her – PRETTY DRESS!!!!! YAY!!!
    And ya know what? She did not have an accident all day. :)

  3. I’ve done something similar in my kids’ closet, but hanging outfits together. A shirt, pants, and underwear all hang on the same hanger and he can pick whichever hanger he wants as long as it is weather appropriate. It really has removed so much fight over what he wears, except when he wants to wear his Superman pajamas two days in a row. No amount of choice can make that better. :)

    I posted a picture of my hanger system here:

  4. I have one of those strong willed 4 year old clothes, lol. And we have had many a “discussion” over clothes. Heaven help me when she’s a teenager. So thanks for your tip – great idea!
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..my pantry that’s fully stocked, organized, Tupperwared to the max =-.

  5. oops – meant to say strong willed 4 year old girls, lol. see how zapped my brain is by the clothing struggles, hee hee.
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..my pantry that’s fully stocked, organized, Tupperwared to the max =-.

  6. Jessica says:

    I love love love the advice. It could NOT have come at a better time. My two (soon to be three) year old daughter has recently decided that she wants to dress herself. I have the opposite problem, I always want to dress her in pretty dresses and she wants pants or shorts. Don’t get me wrong they have plenty of cute shirts, pants, shorts but she is my little princess I want to see her in twirly dresses. I am lucky I only have to get one child ready for bed and he is a boy so he is EASY! I am glad to be getting this advice because it will really help me keep some of this sanity that I still have left.

  7. Love this. I remember it from the first time you posted it and never did it. Hmmm… I may need to rethink that. (She says, thinking of her own stubborn 4-y/o.)
    .-= Musings of a Housewife´s last blog ..Heads Up =-.

  8. When my daughter was a newborn, we were driving to the store and I saw a family walking in. They had a little girl who looked to be 3 or 4 and she was wearing a princess costume. I thought, “MY daughter will not go out in public…” then stopped. Thought about how strong-willed she already was as a newborn, then thought, “Well, yeah, she’ll probably be the one doing that.”

    Now she’s 2 and I don’t pick her clothes anymore. I tell her to go get something to wear. No battles, no fuss. Then on days where I care (like church), she doesn’t mind too much if I choose. I have noted that she likes to wear sweatpants and loose t-shirts mostly (no jeans or stiffer pants) and sometimes dresses, and that she’s pretty good at picking out cute outfits, actually. Today she picked a pink and green shirt with pink leggings. She picks her brother’s clothes too sometimes and does a good job. There are days she looks a little silly…but mostly she does surprisingly well!

    Makes our mornings easier. :)
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Baby Steps in Personal Care, part 3 =-.

  9. I started doing this years ago with my son (who is now 7 years old). He has sensory processing issues and is very picky about his clothes, so this was a great way for him to have a little control, but to not leave the house looking like a hobo!

  10. I needed tt read that this morning. I spent way to much time arguing with Kate over what she could wear. Why do I care on a day we are staying home!
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..The Don’t Do List =-.

  11. I can SO relate! It is drama around here with my 5 year old. I have heard this works from a few other moms and your post motivates me to go get one of these weekly organizers! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love that tip! I have a very feisty two year old boy, which you wouldn’t think would be a problem when it comes to dressing, but he is very opinionated about what he wants to wear. And if it does not have Thomas or is not green a wrestling match will occur.

    So he may be a bit young, but I think I’ll try it anyway!

    Visiting from Works for Me Wednesday and following you now!
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Starve a Fever, But Fill Up On Love =-.

  13. I adore you. Truly. I already liked you a lot, but that sweater organizer is the most amazing idea I have ever heard. Maybe it’s because I have the 3 year old version of that daughter and am watching my mom pull out TONS of precious clothes (not all of which are dresses) as I type that she brought from the States and I wondering how to convince said 3 yo to wear them all…LOVE this idea! In fact, I am going to link to it today!!

    With all my heart- THANK YOU!

    Emily/Miss Mommy
    .-= Emily Malone´s last blog ..Scandalous =-.

  14. I did something similar for both my sons and daughters! It’s a wonderful idea!
    .-= Bonni´s last blog ..Time for some changes! =-.

  15. Excellent idea! I still pick out my little girls dresses but they are definitely reaching the point where they want to choose their own. I need to do this!

  16. Your blogs make me giggle .. Why? Well your writing my life .. but mine is 2 .. lol
    .-= Kimberly Owen´s last blog ..Don’t be Tardy for the Party!! Ultimate Blog Party 2010! =-.

  17. shelley says:

    i know that this blog is called diaper diaries..but i had to leave a comment anyway, since my daughter is ten and we are STILL having this argument periodically…except it isn’t dresses, but jeans that are not super skinny (God forbid she wear a pair of boot-cut pants)..or tank tops in winter or some such craziness..or she’s taken something out of my closet to pass off as her own for the day (she’s very tall).. or out of the dirties because none of the (several) lovely things in her dresser/closet is quite right….it can ruin a morning!!!! do you think i could do the closet organizer thing too? i’ve had it. we have to be at school by eight….

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