Works For Me Wednesday- Clean out your inbox

WFMW  In light of my recent defining of what I do and don’t do, I have been trying to be intentional about the things I do do. And I have found one of my biggest time sucks when it comes to computer time is my email inbox. I am amazed at how quickly it fills up during the day. It is never ending. But lately I have been paying attention to what exactly is in there. Cause half the time I am clicking delete before I read half of them. How is that productive time?

So this might be the simplest WFMW ever, but I would bet there are a lot of you who need the reminder. Take advantage of the unsubscribe button. Well unless it is my blog in your inbox, then click on over and comment, comment, comment.

I am a bit shocked at how many emails I have unsubscribed from this past week. I am also a bit shocked at how I got on half these lists anyway. But I think I was working under the assumption that it would take me more time to go through the steps to unsubscribe then it would be to delete. While that might be true in the short term, it is definitely not in the long term. Now I can focus on the emails I need to attend to and spend a lot less time in my inbox in general. Which leaves more time for snuggling, book reading, piano duets and spontaneous dance parties. And that…..works for me Smile

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  1. For the record, I LOVED the “don’t do” list. GREAT post. I’m going to have to write my own, for sure.

    But, I just had to say here that you have made an excellent point. I do the same thing with my inbox–87 new messages, and 6 of them are actually things I want/need to read. Totally clearing out tomorrow. DeleteDeleteDelete. Say it with me now. Delete.

    You know what I’ve been doing along these same lines? Hiding people from my news feed on Facebook. Yes, I know it is awful and I probably wouldn’t admit it on there, but how many times do I click on facebook and just scroll, scroll, scroll down until I see a name that I really want to read about, stop, read, maybe comment, and then scroll down till the next important name? It makes my newsfeed 10 miles long when it probably should only be 10 feet. Takes 30 minutes at the end of the day, rather than 3. I mean, seriously…that spot needs some paring down as well. Maybe that will be next on my DeleteDeleteDelete list tomorrow!
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  2. Worthy of noting: Diaper Diaries would never be deletedeletedelete worthy. :)
    Devin recently posted…GratefuThankfuwhateverMy Profile

  3. I’ve been unsubscribing a lot this week, too. I need to go through and clean out my Google Reader as well – I don’t have time to read all of those blogs! (I’ll keep yours, though, never fear!)
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  4. OH yeah! great minds must think alike – I’ve been doing this quite frequently myself!
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  5. I totally agree with you. I have unsubscribed to many emails that I truly wouldn’t even glance at. I also have tried to empty my email inbox weekly so I don’t get confused! I’m much happier to look at my emails now!
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