Works For Me Wednesday- Christmas Card Display

works-for-me-wednesday  I am kind of recycling this post. But not really. I mean I posted on this idea before and used the same picture before, but everything else is new. So let’s just consider it new and fresh and ignore the fact that I have a pile of Christmas cards to address after taking 300 pictures in which my kids made weird faces and/or looked off into space. Joy to the World, fa la la la la.

I love getting Christmas cards every year. I rush to the mailbox everyday and open cards with wild abandon. Bonus if there is a Christmas letter. I know some people loathe them, but I actually love to hear what is going on with people as well as see their cutie kids. And I totally have a big old spreadsheet where I mark each person down and if it has been more than three years since I got a card- CUT from the list!! I am a scrooge like that. Cause, dude!! Our list is long and keeps getting longer and cards, postage, stationary, labels=taking out second mortgage on the house (except for you Court, you know you have a permanent place on the list even though you NEVER SEND A CARD).

I have tried many a card display method. But nothing has worked better than my current method and outside of an occasional card falling on your head, it works quite well.


I just tape them up around the door frame and then everyday we add to the mix. I love that they are out in the open adding to my Christmas decor and see the faces of so many cute kids smiling at me throughout the day. This is especially nice in those moments when I am banging my head against said door frame cause my own cute kids are being anything but cute.

For more ideas, head over to Rocks In My Dryer.


  1. Great idea! I still have to start my cards. How sad is that!

    Have a glorious Christmas week!

  2. You’re so way organized with your spreadsheet. I just flip a rubber band around them and set them aside so I know who to send to the following year. Except I forget where I put them sometimes. In which case I’ve got two more years before you nuke me from your list.

    Merry Christmas from She Lives!

  3. My mom does this with her Christmas cards!

    Heathers last blog post..WFMW: Toddler Lamp

  4. Andrea@Under Grace & Over Coffee says:

    Love it!

  5. We do that here too!! :)

    jeans last blog post..1st snow

  6. That’s what we do, too. It works pretty well! Much better than the store bought card displays. I won’t dare take a picture of mine yet, though, ’cause we haven’t gotten all of our cards yet!

    Amys last blog post..What works for me? God’s provision at Christmas.

  7. Kirstin says:

    I’ve done that and it looks so cute. This year, I’m using a basket.

  8. oh amanda says:

    This is exactly what we do!!

  9. Cool. We’re boring. We just do the mini blinds every year. I look forward to it because so far I’ve been too lazy to get window treatments up. I always dread the middle of Jan. when the cards come down and the walls and windows are WHITE again. Maybe next year after the baby is born & a bit bigger, we can take some time off to paint.

    sprittibees last blog post..The Two of Us

  10. We do the same in my household! I just love to see them all out for display, then at the end of the holidays I wrap them all up with a left over ribbon/bow from the gifts and mark them with the year and save them. I love to look back on how my friends and families children (and families) have grown!

    Jiills last blog post..Blog Breathe.

  11. Good idea, we have a similar door frame that goes from our dinning room to our living room. I’m gonna try it!

    Luannes last blog post..Pick a Number, Any Number!

  12. Love it!! I want to do that next year. I used to put my cards on the fridge, but this year I haven’t even taken the time to hang them up. Sad but true.

  13. I have never thought about displaying Christmas cards like this. I never get enough cards to do this, but this is a really neat idea. I love it.

    Shyneas last blog post..JUST BUNCHES CEREAL – POTENTIALLY FREE

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