Works For Me Wednesday- Choking Prevention Plate

wfmw I have said it before and I will say it again, motherhood is a big responsibility. As a side note, the other day when my 2 yo was having a mammoth tantrum at the mall and I was carrying her kicking and screaming to the bathroom so we could have a “discussion”, it took all that was in me to not prance over to a group of teenagers that were staring at me and say, “DON’T HAVE SEX!! This is what happens!!” But I digress. Parenting=big responsibility.

One of the things that has always freaked me out a bit is feeding. And by that I am not talking about the life long battle of trying to get my children to eat something that resembles a vegetable. I am talking about the beginning of feeding. Trying to decide if they are ready for solids, hoping their food is the right consistency and most importantly, worrying about choking. Did you know that each year over 15,000 children are treated for choking episodes and 60 percent of those are food items. I mean trying to keep a young child from putting things in their mouth is a full time job, but that is pretty much the only way food is going to get in there, so at some point you gotta take the risk.

When I was contacted by the makers of the Safe Sizer, I immediately thought this was a brilliant idea. They have designed a plate with a small raised ring on it that provides a visual reminder as well as a measuring tool to make sure you are cutting your child’s food appropriately. I wonder if you will be as shocked as I was that children under 4 should not be fed food unless it is cut into pieces under 1/2 inch in size. I have been messing that up big time. Head over to the safe sizer website to see how small that actually is. I would venture a guess that I am not the only one overestimating what my child can handle (please, please, tell me I am not!!)

Ok, so maybe you are a far superior mother, but I also think this is great for that teenage babysitter or grandma who has forgotten how little food needs to be (not you CoCo and MiMi, you guys are expert grandmas). It would give you piece of mind so you can enjoy your night out on the town. I think this is an inexpensive product that could feasibly save a life. And that, as my friend Martha would say, is a very good thing.

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  1. What a great idea!! I have been overestimating at well! Thanks for the tip!

    Valeries last blog post..Of Friends, Camp and Diapers

  2. Erin @ Closing Time says:

    Great tip! My youngest is 3 1/2, and I assumed she was okay with larger pieces…now I know better! Thanks!!

    Erin @ Closing Times last blog post..WFMW: Mickey Melts Work for Me!

  3. I love love love this idea! I am so paranoid about feeding my 13 month old son and actually am happy that 1/2 an inch size piece is good… I have been chopping everything into miniscule pieces – no wonder he never seems satisfied with what is in his mouth! Thanks for posting about this product!

    beccas last blog post..Later Gator!

  4. thanks for the tip i was feeding too large of pieces.

  5. Neat product and great reminder. I, too, have grown over-confident with what my 3 1/2 year old can eat!

    It Feels Like Chaoss last blog post..Works for me Wednesday: Just Stop

  6. Wow! My 3 year old shovles food that she really likes. I am surpised but at the same time it makes sense!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Nenas last blog post..Wags Trip

  7. Ah-ha! As a speech pathologist, my worst fears are confirmed! This also explains why my 3 yo son can’t handle a whole string cheese without some disgusting side-effects.

  8. when it came to feeding i asked my mother. she told me all i needed to know, cause i was clueless. xD

    Jennys last blog post..“Jaffa! Kree!!”

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