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wfmw First off, sorry I didn’t have a blog post yesterday. Lily came down with a fever and we are nursing her back to health. I hate seeing her sick, but there is something that is kind of nice about having your little girls who is growing up way too fast needing her mommy and wanting to snuggle.

Anyway, I love board games. I love trying out new ones, trash talking my way through, bonding with my family, did I mention the trash talking? So maybe I am a little competitive. Which isn’t good when playing with your kids because my need to win sometimes outweighs my need as a good parent to let them win a little. But the good news is, at least my kids seem to have inherited my love of board games.

They frequently will grab one of our many games and beg us to play, over and over and over. Which could be why we have so many, mama needs a break from the same ole’ games. Actually Lily’s favorite thing to do is to take one of our “grown up” board games and make up her own rules (which may of may not change throughout the game to suit her own desire to win). It is always fun to see what she comes up with.

Seriously, I just think board games lead to some of the greatest family time. And I have discovered a company that makes some great games that also challenge my kids (and me) in many educational skills. And so many of their games are award winners so you can’t go wrong. Out Of The Box games, who gave us the fabulous Apples To Apples,  were wonderful enough to send me a few games to try out. We had a blast with them.

Lily has discovered Rock, Paper, Scissors and it is one of her favorite games. So I knew she would love the game Rock! It is a take on the traditional game with cards representing each item. But not every card is super obvious so you have to pay attention and be quick. The game works like a game of war where you try and guess which one overpowers the other and capture as many cards as you can. I love it. I have to let Lily win a little cause it takes her a little more time than me, but we have a blast.

The second game I tried was Zen Benders. Can I just say the recommended age for this game was ages 8 and up. And this game kicked my heiny!! Seriously. It works like one of those puzzles where you slide the squares around trying to make a picture. But instead of just sliding, you can also flip the cubes around. But you can’t pick the cubes up and move them. Which would make this so much easier. The game is small so it is easy to travel with and entertain your kids on long car rides or plane trips. Which is brilliant. I am determined to master this game if it kills me.

So if you want a guaranteed night of family fun, pick up a board game. Particularly one from Out Of The Box. And check back tomorrow for Things I Love Thursday which will include a giveaway. For more great ideas, head over to We Are That Family.


  1. Cath Oehlman says:

    Funny. Here in Australia I also have a Lily (almost 3) who has been a sick little snuggle bunny! My Lil will pray for your Lil before bed time tonight, and hopefully neither of us mamas will be on nurse duty tomorrow.

    Enjoying your blog immensely. Blessings.

    Cath Oehlmans last blog post..Leaf Rubbings with Rainbow Crayons

  2. We love to play games too, board games, card games, ect.

    We just tried out a new game for our family that some friends sent, and it was great fun. Bohnanza. It is bean farming, but don’t judge it on the subject. It is quite fun!

    We also like Settler of Catan, but you do need some older kids for that one.

    Good old card games that involve trick taking like Canasta and Rook are fun too, and surprisingly young kids can get the hang of it.

    I am still trying to convince my kids that Scrabble and Boggle are fun. I love those ones, but sometimes have a hard time getting opponents. One day.

    Oh, and don’t forget Balderdash, the version with the different categories, not just making up word definitions. We love that one!

    Thanks for the fun game post. :)

  3. Alesha says:

    Thanks for that new game suggestion. LOVE Apples to Apples. We love most of the cranium games too. I will check those games out for our *staycation* coming up. We’re also looking for games that my kids can buy with their charity savings for a burn unit Family Recover Room that cared for their grandfather. I think those might be perfect…

  4. I love the idea of board games for family fun, but my problem is my kiddos are still a little young. Any suggestions for younger ones? My oldest is 5, and the next one down is almost 2 1/2. I find the “classics” Candyland and Chutes and Ladders SO INCREDIBLY boring and they take FOREVER! The best one we’ve found was Cariboo, by Cranium…but we’ve enjoyed it so much that now we’re missing many of the pieces! Maybe it’s time to get a new one. So…any other ideas for the little ones?

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  5. I am happy you shared this information. I have been extremely happy with the toys from Discovery Toys that I’ve purchased for bonding/ educational play time with my granddaughters. (I share a little bit about it on my blog if you care to read it.) Jill I hope Lily is feeling much better very soon.

    Annes last blog post..Works for Me Wed. ~ yay!

  6. We love board games too! Settlers of Catan and Apples to Apples are a couple favorites. So are Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, and Puerto Rico.

    I don’t want to offend anyone by advertising, but I can’t help letting you know that I sell many, many popular board (and card) games, including Christian ones, on ebay. Please visit my website at BoardGameBliss.com for more info. We don’t sell anything at full retail price and love helping families discover (or rediscover) the fun of playing together!

    Jennifers last blog post..Little Reminders

  7. We have a good-sized stash of board games and they’re a big hit around here, too. My stepdaughter even likes to keep playing by herself when everyone else is done and moving onto something else; she just makes up her own rules at that point. ;)

    Amys last blog post..Works for Me: Artwork Display

  8. I love board games! Even at his age of 26, my son will still sit down for a round of Scrabble with me. It really is a great way to bond with kids. It’s amazing what they’ll tell you in casual conversation over a game board.
    BTW, Michael and I are pretty much even with each other score-wise, but he usually gives me a run for my money!
    Oh, another one we love: Scattergories. It’s a little hard for kids, but I bet there’s a junior version.

    lufmikidz@aol.coms last blog post..Kitchen Tip Tuesday: electric knife

  9. Just had to comment on this since we’ve been selling board games seasonally in malls for going on 9 years now. I second Tina in Thailand’s comment about Bohnanza. It’s too difficult to play with kids, but an EXCELLENT adult game. Love it!

    We also love playing games with our kids and have found a couple that never fail to entertain us all.

    My favorite is Blokus (by Mattel)- which is great to play with your kids because the rules are very very simple. We started playing it with my kids when they were 5 and 3. They love it. A huge bonus is that the strategy can be involved enough to make a very competitive game if you’re playing with just adults.

    We also love Snorta (by Out of the Box), which incorporates animal noises and a speed/matching game. It’s super fun and the kids love the animals. Also one that you can play with just adults.

    An Out of the Box game that I love is called Blink (for 2 players). It’s like the card game speed, but instead of using regular cards, you have special cards with different shapes and colors on them. To get rid of your cards you have to match color, shape, or quantity. It’s a great way for kids to improve their counting and shape recognition skills and can get very competitive for adults as well.

    Hope those are some more good suggestions for you.

    Jenns last blog post..Works for Me Wednesday

  10. Another vote for Bohnanza!

    We also love Looney Labs games. Their pyramids are very versatile for over 100 games, from easy to very challenging. They also make some great card games. For young children, I like Aquarius; you can take out the action cards and just match pictures.

    ‘Beccas last blog post..Take in for take-out!

  11. My kids love games, but some games just aren’t any fun, so it’s always nice to have a few recommended :)

  12. I LOVE games too! Can’t wait until my girls are old enough to play them with me. :)

  13. Our girls are finally old enough for us to sit down & play some board games too!! We received Blokus for Christmas this year and even my 5-year-old can play it. Awesome game!

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