Works For Me Wednesday- Be Flexible

   A very long day today and I am just getting settled into the hotel to post my WFMW post. I see Shannon has already got her post up so I am way behind. We may or may not have been delayed by a very nice patrol man who alerted us that in fact the speed limit was 50, not 65, but thankfully let us off with a warning. My hubby knows how to bat an eyelash :)

I had a lovely morning hanging out with some old college friends (old as in haven’t seen them in a while…we are most definitely not old). Then I met my brother for lunch so the girls could get a little more time with the best uncle in the whole world. Then it was naptime. Actually if you go by our typical time zone, it was an hour past naptime. And we were nowhere near any sort of napping facility. Someone should totally make those by the way. Like a totally un-creepy and not remotely inappropriate room by the hour place.

So I figured I would just drive around for a while and hope Hannah fell asleep and then drive around some more while she slept. Then I passed a gas station and thought better of my plan. So I started calling everyone I knew in the greater Chicago-land area who I knew would not be offended by a last minute drop in. Everyone should have these kinds of friends in every major city. I ended up spending a very delightful day with my friend S.

I should back up and say that we were in Chicago for the day and needed to head up to Milwaukee that night and we had picked the most spectacular time to leave…5 pm. We knew it would be ugly, but figured we could sit in a little Chicago traffic to remind us why despite the fact we love it so, we no longer live there. We moved to the Eastern suburbs. Then as I got on the expressway toward Milwaukee I noticed there was construction. Upon further inspection, I realized there was construction all the way to Racine…Wisconsin. So construction plus rush hour traffic equals plan B.

Thankfully, our former bible study was having a BBQ at my friend S’s house and there would be free food abounding. So plan A is: construction, rush hour traffic and tired, hungry children. Plan B is: free food, great friends and tired full children. After a quick weighing of pros and cons (duh) we chose Plan B. Which was awesome cause we got to spend time with some of our favorite people on the road and probably got to Wisconsin at about the same time (well not really, but close).

So in life, be flexible and don’t get frustrated when things don’t go according to plan. You never know when a delightful evening might present itself. I will appreciate this reminder tomorrow as we head back home, you guessed it, through the construction, through Chicago traffic with 2 most likely tired children. Hopefully minus the patrol man.

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  1. Rachel says:

    This most important lesson mothers (and fathers!!!) should learn!

    You’d think “Be Flexible” is something we’d get told at the hospital before we leave with the kids for the first time, but no. Sigh. Oh well. Experience is often the better teacher anyway.

    Sounds like a wonderful evening with your friends! And I love your new website!

    Rachels last blog post..WFMW: Cash Back Credit Cards

  2. Love the new look.

  3. Heather H says:

    The new blog looks great!

    Heather Hs last blog post..Surf’s Up

  4. We have 5 year old twins and things rarely go according to plan. When we try to be rigid and force our way through the day, everybody ends up grumpy. When we go with the flow and cross each bridge as we come to it, we’re all much happier.

    Cards last blog post..Welcome to the New Baby Card Sayings site!

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