Works For Me Wednesday- Back To School Edition

wfmw   First of all, can I just admit that I am ready. I love my kids dearly, but my success as as a SAHM hinges on some sort of routine and the willy-nilly-ness of summer just really doesn’t jive with me. Plus my belly is too large for outdoor summer fun. Or maybe it is that I am feeling quite lazy. Whatever the case I find myself sadly counting down the days. I hate being that mom.

Anyway, I am not sure I have any earth shattering tips for going back to school. Outside of preschool, this is only our second year of “real school.” I don’t really have to do school supplies because that is one of the benefits of private school, everything is provided. I am not remotely kidding myself that we are saving any money there, just time and effort on my part. Which at seven months pregnant, saving time and effort is very welcome.

So I think my tip would be this: although I strive on schedule, I wither on insane schedule. But because I am a scheduler I have a propensity to over-schedule myself and my kids. And then I start having a meltdown of epic proportions about 3 weeks into the fall. Which this year is dangerously close to the arrival of baby #3. Over-scheduling + post pregnancy hormones = well, I don’t even want to think about what that equals. One scary momma.

So despite the begging of my children to do every possible activity under the sun, they each get to pick one. And then they have to stick with that one thing for a reasonable amount of time. I throw weekly swimming lessons on top of that because I think that is super important. For me, I am going to do my best to say no to far more things then I say yes to. I think in life we need to teach and model balance for our children and even though the world is telling them to stack every free moment with an activity, I am striving to tell them the opposite. Cause I know it will only get worse as they get older.

What is your best back to school tip? Head over to We Are That Family to find out more tips for school.


  1. Good for you–you seem to have learned your (and your family’s) limits and are ready to respect them.

    This stood out to me, as author of a book about slowing down:

    “I think in life we need to teach and model balance for our children and even though the world is telling them to stack every free moment with an activity, I am striving to tell them the opposite. Cause I know it will only get worse as they get older.”

    Great stuff!
    .-= Ann Kroeker´s last blog ..“Name That Boy” Poll =-.

  2. My oldest is going into fifth grade, and that has always been my rule, too. This spring though, there was some overlap in seasons. I was feeling overwhelmed, but he was the one who finally said he needed to cut back next year because it was just too much. He was accustomed to having some breathing room, and he didn’t like being over-committed.
    .-= Jennifer @ Clutching to the Vine´s last blog ..Sticking to Routines =-.

  3. We deal with the overscheduling issue too. Although we’ve only got one boy left at home, he would gladly be busy every single night. However, he has meltdowns when we’re that busy!! He does best – and so do we – when we’ve got LESS to do, so everyone can unwind from the school day.
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..WFMW – back to school edition =-.

  4. My kiddos aren’t old enough to be in real scheduled activities yet, but I’ve thought for a long time that we should limit them to one thing at a time. It’s important to be active, learn new skills, make new friends, etc., but it’s MORE important to spend time together as a family.
    .-= Jeni´s last blog ..Priorities =-.

  5. I was nine months pregnant this time last year with a 3yo running around … I feel your pain (and the GA heat!!). It’s so hard not to be “that mom” under those circumstances, but I’m sure they & you both are just enjoying the time. Sometimes we feel we have to DO something every day, when really (if we’re in the moment & focused on our kids) then we are doing alot w/out doing nothing at all:)
    .-= mandi´s last blog ..It’s a full on party! =-.

  6. I have 4 boys and we adapted the policy a long time ago that we only do one sport per semester, and we generally try and do the same sport (my kids are still young enough to not care which sport) like basketball or baseball. And I am with you on the private school = no supplies thing…I love it! Of course there are still chairbacks and lunchboxes and backpacks and uniforms…

  7. Awesome! It is so nice to not be the only one who feels this way. We’re doing the same thing and it is so freeing and just feels right. Have a great Fall!
    .-= Carolina Mama´s last blog ..Epicurious Ratatouille =-.

  8. my children participate in sports and church that is the two areas they choose to participate in and we support their decision

  9. I’m with you….I like a schedule, but not a rigid one. The older my kids have gotten, the more the importance of saying “no” to things has become. Even with sticking to the “one activity each” rule, our schedule is sometimes a little insane. My oldest two do dancing and karate, this year my preschooler starts dancing also. We do those things plus church/AWANA and our schedule is full to the brim! It’s so important to make sure there is downtime/family time in that schedule!!
    .-= Kara´s last blog .."Zone" Cleaning For the Whole Family =-.

  10. We’re working on schedule balance here too. Glad you found yours!
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Works for Me Wednesday =-.

  11. Love, Love, Love your comments! My girls are 14, 11, 10, & 9. We just started with organized sports for the oldes when she entered 5th grade & have limited the younger to the same. SO far, only the 14 year old is involved in ONE… volleyball. The other 3 enjoy volleyball & b/c it’s not available til 7th grade, we have kept their lives simple. We focus on family & home… It’s fun & relieving to know we don’t have to run them from place to place & mold our schedule around theirs. Bravo to you!!!

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