Works For Me Wednesday- Babywearing

So I have hopped on the babywearing bandwagon. If I can just be completely honest (an hopefully non-offensive), with my previous babies babywearing seemed more for those who leaned toward the crunchy side. And I frankly like shaving my pits (ok, that might have been a little offensive). But I decided back when I was pregnant that I wanted to try a little babywearing this time around. And I am loving it!

So I thought I would share with you what I have tried and what “works for me.” See how I made that work? ;)

  • Moby Wrap: This was the first wrap I tried. And it might be my favorite. I won it in a blog contest and was a bit overwhelmed by it at first. It is basically a long wide piece of fabric that you wrap around your shoulders, waist, and your baby. So the nice thing is you can adjust it to fit perfectly for you and your baby. And you can wrap it in several different ways to hold your baby in many different ways. It takes a while to get the hang of the wrapping but once you figure it out it becomes easier and easier. And I love how closely I can cradle Silas. It has been a life saver on the few plane rides he has gone on because he falls right to sleep in it.
  • Hugamonkey: I got my hugamonkey after seeing a tweet before BlogHer last year offering them to attendees with babies. Since I was pregnant and I knew I wanted to try slings I asked them if they would let me try one. They graciously agreed. This is a really easy sling to use. You just put it over your shoulder and slide your baby in. Ridiculously simple. I found it held Silas really secure and has worked really well. I do think however he is starting to outgrow it. Either that or I don’t what I am doing. Which is highly probable. Oh and one last in the pro column. It is really affordable. Which is a big plus where slings are concerned.
  • Mod Mum: The lovely people at Mod Mum offered me a gorgeous sling to review. Seriously it is so, so pretty!! I got the Olivia. I love how stylish they are. I consider myself a stylish mom and love that I have a sling that reflects that. The sling is made to hold newborns up to 35 pounds. Which means if I chose to I could wear my 3 yo. I don’t, but you might, so that is good. I have found this sling the most comfortable to wear Silas on my hip. Silas isn’t much a fan of the front carry or cradle carry. Maybe if I would have started him in it younger. But I think it might also be because I am not a full time babywearer. I just dabble in it on occasion. I am a big fan of the hip carry however. And I love how helpful the website and the people at Mod Mum are. I would highly recommend them.
  • Ergo Carrier: To me, this seems like the granddaddy of all carriers. It is very sturdy and well designed. I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of getting it on and off smoothly. I usually try to do it where no one can see me cause to call it awkward would be an understatement. But this carrier is ridiculously secure and from what I understand from talking to others can help you to carry the heaviest of babies. I also like that I can carry Silas on my back. I haven’t tried that yet cause he still seems too little, but I think that would be great for long distances. It also seems like it is a little bit easier for the hubby to wear without feeling all girly.

So I think whether you are a hard core babywearer or a bit of a poser (yeah, I probably am), there is something for everyone. I would encourage you to give babywearing a try.

For more tips, head over to We Are That Family.


  1. So, glad that you are enjoying the Moby. It is my favorite as well. I find it so super comfy. The Ergo I love for back carrying. Since my girls are both so young I have even occasionally worn both at the same time with the Moby and the Ergo. It is not ideal for getting things done. But for getting through the airport in Ethiopia it was. :)
    .-= Upstatemomof3´s last blog ..Something To Be Proud Of =-.

  2. Jackie F says:

    Awesome Jill!

  3. I like the Sleepy Wrap which I hear is similar to the Moby. Unfortunately I only got it with my 4th and last child. I wore my son through all of our Disneyland vacation. lol
    .-= Jennwith4´s last blog ..Pattern Challenge Update =-.

  4. Actually my husband loved the Moby with our son when he was colicky. He could wrap him up and then do whatever else he wanted to! Plus ours is navy blue so it wasn’t too “girly” for him!
    I was never a fan of the Moby personally because I got too hot.
    I made my own sling, but either I didn’t do it right or my son was too big because it hurt my back. I just won a Sakura Bloom sling though so I’m excited to try again!
    Oh, and the Ergo… totally awesome for older kids! My son was a year old when I got it (and my husband will wear it too) and we used it until he was 2 and 30 pounds. It was seriously a life saver on our overseas trip while standing in line for 3 hours in customs! Being able to wear it as a backpack rules!

  5. I HEART the Ergo! Once you get the hang of it, it is SO easy. But, I used it to hold sibs as well as my boy, so I’m experienced ;) I love the ergo especially because of the support it gives – much easier on your back than a lot of methods. Which is great when you’re lugging around a 3 or 4 year old :)

    I also have a wrap that’s just a very long piece of fabric. It was tricky to wrap at first but then I got the hang of it. Still, not as convenient as the Ergo, but cozier for a newborn. I won’t use it much now that Aiden is holding his head up and is big enough to be comfy in the Ergo.

    I gotta say though, that Mod Mum makes me quite nervous. Baby wearing is WONDERFUL, but always be sure to do it safely.
    here’s more info in this link my friend posted on FB http://www.undercovermother.net/2010/03/babywearing-real-deal-on-safety.html?spref=fb

    baby wearing is great though, especially for those fussy days when the baby just needs his momma!

    lol, and btw, I’m a pretty crunchy momma, and I *do* shave. every day even (at least, when lil boy lets momma take a shower!).
    I guess I’m a smooth crunchy :P
    .-= Lana´s last blog ..Russian Air Force vs. the forces of nature. =-.

  6. Great tips! Holding baby close should not be left only to the crunchies. And I think I’m pretty crunchy but I shave, too! :)

    .-= Adventures In Babywearing´s last blog ..On having a daughter, and having me. =-.

  7. Come to the crunchy side…….

    Babywearing is awesome isn’t it? Soooo wish I would have done it with my first! The stretchy wraps (aka moby if you’re going brand name) was my fav for the newborn days. I’ve successfully put her on my back with it a couple times, though it’s really recommended to have a woven wrap for that. After the wrap we’ve been using the mei tai and ergo. First in front, and now when I need to I can pop her on my back now that she’s old enough! (my only caveat with the ergo is that it’s wider and small baby legs don’t fit very well so for a couple months we couldn’t use ours till she could be comfy in it – plus it’s hard on baby’s hips)

    Anyways – welcome to the world of babywearing – you have quite the ‘stash’!!!

    *and hey, I shave too!! (most of the time)

  8. I had a Hotsling (which is a lot like that Monkey one) and I can still use it for a hip hold on my almost 3 yr old. I love it!
    .-= MamaB´s last blog ..Close Encounters of the Animal Kind =-.

  9. I am glad you are enjoying babywearing. I guess I am one of those “crunchy” types, but not hard-core. (I do cloth diaper, though.) I have used slings with all 4 of my children and can’t sing their praises enough. My sanity has been saved on more than one occasion because of being able to wear a baby. I think my favorites will always be ring slings.
    .-= Jackie´s last blog ..Created to Be His Help Meet: Chapters 15 & 16 =-.

  10. I’m a “poser” as well when it comes to babywearing (now trying it w/ baby #2), but I’ve enjoyed my Moby and after you and your commenters here have confirmed it, I’m gonna have to try the Ergo next. I’ve got a 16.5 lb 4 mo old. I don’t wear him a lot, but it sure was convenient for the consignment sale shopping I did last weekend. :)
    p.s. The post that’ll be linked here is a pic of me wearing my son in the Moby/face out :) How convenient, lol.
    .-= Mrs. H´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – wrapped up & out =-.

  11. When my youngest was born, I made one, because there were not a lot of them out there that weren’t terribly expensive. I got a pattern from Elizabeth Lee Designs. I loved wearing my little one close and I even used it when I started caring for a newborn in my home last year. Fantastic that there are so many more options out there now!
    .-= Lynnet´s last blog ..Feed Me Books Friday =-.

  12. I’ll have to mark this page down so I can look at it when I have a little one! For now I sent it to my friend who is preggers! Thanks for the info! :)
    .-= Jen-After the Alter´s last blog ..9 Years and Lots of Beer! Happy St. Patricks Day! =-.

  13. I’m planing on going over to Hop Scotch Friday to check out their slings…I definitely need a new one.
    .-= anne´s last blog ..Free Stuff with Coupons to Giveaway! =-.

  14. The Moby and a basic mei tai are my favorite carriers. I use the Moby about 6 months, then baby gets too heavy and I switch to the mei tai. I sewed both myself. Love them! I almost always wear my son when I go out, even at 8 months. I don’t wear him much around the house though, just never have. I like to keep my wraps in the car.
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Thoughts on Children =-.

  15. I am a lot crunchier than I ever thought I would be since I had Doodlebug. I have been wearing him since his first week home from the hospital. We started with the Moby and switched to the Mei Tai when he was about 7 months and 18 pounds (I will switch much sooner next time!) I’m pretty much a utilitarian baby wearer, he goes on my back when we go out to shop or try to get housework done or when he’s sick and cranky and needs to be held 24/7 but I do love it and don’t know how I’d survive without it.

  16. I couldn’t have done the whole second kid thing without my sling! (I bought a very simple sling at BRU, Boppy brand, I knew if it was too complicated, I wouldn’t use it.) I used it at home, while shopping, in waiting rooms, while getting things done or just sitting in our rocker. Plus my daughter had colic and the sling was a huge part of our soothing ritual. Couldn’t have lived without it.
    .-= Eos Mom´s last blog ..Blitz It Friday =-.

  17. I loved wearing my daughter. It came a point that she was too heavy though. It hurt my shoulders. I loved the Moby when she was little because it was so secure. When she was older I liked the peanut shell and wore her mostly on my hip. The Maya sling wrap killed my shoulder, the ring really dug into my skin. I wanted the Ergo one, but even resale was expensive!

    I just read an article, posted on my FB in fact, and they are warning mothers to be careful about slings. Small babies have suffocated in the sling while they were laying down against their mother. It is quite sad!
    .-= LaVonne´s last blog ..What a Deal Wednesday! =-.

  18. Jessica says:

    Seriously…your post couldn’t have come at a better time! I have been wondering about these as I am expecting my second. I used the Baby Bjorn for my first but don’t think that will give me the best mobility to do things. I’ll be checking out what is available at the W.MI Mom Sale this weekend. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • Personally, I’ve found that the Ergo (pricey, but worth it to me!) is the best baby carrier for doing things, though not the snuggliest :) It holds the baby securely and with a bigger baby, he can be on your back and you are totally hands free! (your hands are free with a front carry too, but I always am distracted by little hands grabbing at me and a little face looking for attention ;D )

  19. yay for babywearing! i wore my 14-month-old all over the place today. someone thought i was pregnant, which was a real low point but a small price to pay for having a happy kid and two hands free.

  20. yay for babywearing! i wore my 14-month-old all over the place today. someone thought i was pregnant, which was a real low point but a small price to pay for having a happy kid and two hands free.

  21. Perfect timing on this post! I am on the market for finding some babywear! Love the looks of the Hugamonkey and ModMum… Decisions…

    Note: Your first Modmum link is not working.

  22. i love my maya first and most. the wrap is great but time consuming. the ergo is great too. i like a mei tie too.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Last day of St. Patricks Day fun =-.

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