Works For Me Wednesday- Anybody Else Trying To Lose Weight For The New Year?

works-for-me-wednesday  Well let me just start out by saying that I have no business giving weight loss tips of any kind to anyone. After 1 week of counting every calorie and exercising I have gained a pound in a half. I try and tell myself that is muscle, but my brain is not letting me get away with it. However, I thought I would let you in on a couple of things that are helping me along this miserable, miserable journey.

  • Spark People: I know in the past I professed my love for Fit Day, but a few people left comments singing the praises of Spark People. So I snuck a peek and it was love at first site. I can track my food and it tells me how many calories I have left for the day. It also gives me great charts that let me see over time how I am doing. I am pretty sure there are a million more features, but that is what I am using it for
  • Hungry Girl: A great website for weight loss tips, recipes and info on new healthy foods coming to the market. She also takes your favorite restaurants foods and gives you recipes to make them healthier. I personally love her cookbook which has detailed nutrition information and weight watches points for every recipe. I love the daily newsletter too.
  • Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone: This website also has a ton of good reasons to visit, but my personal favorite section is where she gives weight watchers points for pretty much every chain restaurant there ever was, is or will be. This is a must when you are out to eat and you need to find something healthy on the menu. It is also quite scary when you realize your favorite food has 1300 calories in it. Dottie, wherever you are, you rock!!
  • Eat This Not That: My hubby is obsessed with this website. And the scary and disturbing factor is quite high. What is basically confirms is that all the things you think are healthy when you eat out are wrong, wrong, wrong. They are probably the highest calorie things are on the menu. Again, there is a newsletter you can sign up for that regularly sends you tips.

So those are my tips. That apparently don’t do jack to help me lose weight. But maybe they will help you. And since I am such a giver, I am passing them on :)

For more tips, head over to Rocks In My Dryer.


  1. What a great list of sites! I know I’m trying to lose weight – my workplace has a very active Weight Watchers @ Work program that I just joined (for the second time, after this second baby, ugh!) and that Dottie’s site is a lifesaver!

    iMommys last blog post..I need a maid. And a personal organizer. And some motivation.

  2. i bought the eat this not that book for kids a while back and have learned a lot! i just went over and signed up for the newsletter. thanks for the link.

    i have been doing WW and working out and have lost 72 lbs to date. hungry girl and dottie’s have both been great helps for me!

    Natalies last blog post..Tell All Tuesday – Week 40

  3. Went to the doc last week and he said, “Let’s just set a goal to maintain this month.” And then he burst my lovely bubble by saying, “January is a bear for losing weight. Keeping with your exercising routine three times a week for 30 min. That should help you maintain.”

    jubilees last blog post..The Best Laid Plans . . Part II

  4. Spark People sounds really cool! Thanks for these links!

    It Feels Like Chaoss last blog post..Works for me Wednesday: The Capture Monster

  5. I’m trying to lose baby weight, so I’ll definitely have to take a look!

    Thanks for the links.

    Jessicas last blog post..Works-for-Me Wednesday: Home Fries

  6. I keep hearing about Hungry Girl…I’m gonna have to check it out tomorrow! Thanks for the tips!

    Kim@ Forever Wherevers last blog post..My Vespa Works for Me!

  7. Those are great websites. I’ve just gotten back to using Sparkpeople. I use them all. We had first gotten the Eat this Not That book from the library…the kids really liked it. Well, they didn’t like the fact that they were eating the “Not That” and would have to change to the “Eat This”.

    mom_of2boyss last blog post..A Few Freebies…

  8. Um duh, of COURSE I’m trying to lose weight :)

    Just trying to be sensible and work out a bunch over here. We’ll see how I do after a few weeks. I’ve done SparkPeople in the past and luved it.

    Amanda- VintageDutchGirls last blog post..Baby Sithster…

  9. Cheri says:

    Thanks for the info!! I LOVE hungry girl :-) and can’t wait to check out Spark People.

    Cheris last blog post..Works for Me Wednesday: The end of an era . . . . .

  10. Thanks for the great tips and links to the other sites. The link for spark people did not come up right though.

    Krisis last blog post..Personalized gifts

  11. It’s so true isn’t it? Every one including myself is determined to drop a few this year. I actually just did a week long mini series on some tips that have helped me. You are welcome to check those out here:
    I am going to check those that you have listed. They sound great. Thanks

    Kims last blog post..Enough of those serious posts!

  12. Thank you! I’m struggling (along with many others), and never even thought of finding help/encouragement online. I will be checking out these sites.

  13. Krista says:

    I like all those sites too. I need to just get on with it and get on the bandwagon. I know sparkpeople and WW works. I’ve done them before and lost 40+ pounds. Now I’m back to needing to do it again. Darn those nursing hormones for making me ravenous for 2 years!

    For readers who might be pregnant or hope to be soon, Spark People also has a site called Baby Fit, which helps you track healthy eating for pregnancy.

  14. Thanks for the websites! I’m hoping 2009 will be the year I get rid of some of this excess weight!


  15. Jen @ Mommay's Mayhem says:

    I love Hungry Girl and get her emails daily. Great because I’m on Weight Watchers and she posts the points with almost everything!

    Jen @ Mommay’s Mayhems last blog post..Toilet Paper: Over or Under?

  16. Hey, thanks for the websites. I, too, am trying to lose weight. I have dutifully gone to the gym 4-5 times a week for the past month. I have yet to weigh myself – I admit, I’m afraid – but several people have commented that I’m smaller than I was the last time they saw me. Yay!

    Kim @ Up North Mommys last blog post..Gratituesday

  17. I love HG and DWLZ! Another one that helps me a lot is CalorieKing.com. It has the nutrition info for a TON of food, including restaurant food. Then I can put the stats into my point calculator and figure out the damage!

    Photoqueens last blog post..I wish I’d never seen it…

  18. Thanks for the links!!

  19. Oprah is doing a Best of Life series this week and the first two days were about health, fitness, and good eating. If you need motivation, I’d watch the webcasts. :) Good luck!

    Jennifers last blog post..Bread Machine and Juicer

  20. Thanks for the tips! The timing for this post couldn’t have been better.

  21. Those are great websites. I do w.w. I do need to inform y’all that Dottie’s is not always right with the pts. I attend meetings regularly and try to get my nutritional info from my fav. restaurants. I have compared what I had and what was on her site and there are some differences. I did now know until my leader informed us. We still use it but be careful!

    the characters last blog post..Say it again and again and again

  22. Andrea@Under Grace & Over Coffee says:

    I know about Sparkpeople, but I didn’t know about the other three – I can’t wait to check them out!

    Sparkpeople also has Sparkrecipes, so you can put your fav recipes in to find out the nutritional infomation for the actual serving size that you eat, instead of the generic size most cookbooks use. You can do recipe searches, too, although I have found (unless they’ve changed it recently) that it’s not very organized or easy to find what you are looking for.

    Andrea@Under Grace & Over Coffees last blog post..Good thing God is patient

  23. Hey! The sites you posted are great and I’m always game for finding new sites that can motivate and help me lose this weight! I am now in love with Spark People as well!

    Good luck with your weight loss!

    Swank Girls last blog post..Lattes, Jamaican Patties and Ice Cream, oh my!

  24. Sherry says:

    I just recently got on Spark People, too, and I love it!! :D Thanks for the reminder on Hungry Girl. I used to get her emails and need to start getting them again. I’m going to check out the other sites, too!

    Sherrys last blog post..Works for me – Filling and nutritious breakfast

  25. Last year, I lost 40 lbs., and my husband lost 50. I still have 30-40 to go this year. We started a blog together in September. Check it out, maybe it would be helpful to you.

    We’re just about to kick off a Fitness Challenge (we did one toward the end of 2008), so maybe that might also be a little bit of a motivation for you.



    Rebeccas last blog post..Hit the ground running.

  26. Thanks for the links…off to check them out!!

    Tonyas last blog post..~Using You-Tube in Homeschooling~

  27. Thanks for the tips! I lost 30 lbs. doing Take Shape for Life this summer, and then promptly gained 10 back during the holidays. Sigh. I’m planning to start it back up again here next week.

    MommyAmys last blog post..World of WifeCraft

  28. I started Alli in combination with a 1400 calorie/48 grams of fat per day diet and 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise (like walking the dog).

    First week… 6 lbs lost! Woot!

    Goal is another 21 lbs!

    PolkaDotMommys last blog post..Recycle Your Food

  29. shanaQ says:

    My newly discovered calorie burning exercise machine is the Treadclimber. Nautilus and Bowflex both make them, I think. I never feel like I’m working hard (bonus), but when I check my heart rate, it is UP. They claim you burn more calories and according to the magic screen in front of me, I usually burn about 450 in 35 minutes. Not bad for a quick lunch workout. I have finally lost the 5lbs that have been on me since I graduated highschool. I love this thing.

  30. Very nice, timely post. I had only heard of Sparkpeople, so thanks for the new sites!

    Audra Krells last blog post..American Idol Last Night

  31. I’m definitely on the weight loss kick. It’s about time! These websites are such great resources for me to keep me motivated and figuring out how to do it right. I love the Hungry Girl and I’m definitely interested in Spark People. Thanks for sharing!

  32. That’s funny…I just said to my husband that after 3 days of working out the pound and a half that I gained is probably muscle, but I half don’t believe it myself. Keep going…we will get there. :)

    Lisas last blog post..stupid global warming

  33. Thanks! I’ve known about Dottie for years, but never heard of these sites!

    Julie Stiles Millss last blog post..tax time tip

  34. Awesome sites!! I really like the “Eat this not that” site since I live on fast food … LOL

    I’m gonna check out the other sites now …

    Nydia M.s last blog post..Dad, Guess Who’s Been Coming to Dinner for the Past 9 Months …

  35. Great Weight Loss Tips says:

    I personally love her cookbook which has detailed nutrition information and weight watches points for every recipe. I love the daily newsletter too.

    Great Weight Loss Tipss last blog post..The weight loss miracle

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