Works For Me Wednesday- An Easy Way To Make A Difference

wfmw *I discovered this was a themed WFMW too late. And I already had this post planned. So if you want to give me advice, give me your best morning/all day sickness advice. Here is what doesn’t work: Ginger Altoids, ginger tea, Pellegrino, Preggo Pops, motion sickness wrist bands, whining and complaining incessantly. So hit me with your best shot.

I think a lot of us moms are wired to want to give of ourselves to causes bigger than ourselves, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem like there is enough of us to go around. Or enough hours in the day. I would love to spend hours volunteering, or give thousands of dollars to my favorite charities, but it isn’t always possible. So I have to rest in the belief that I do little things that make a difference and that the biggest difference I can make is in raising my kids to be children who believe in making this world a better place.

When I find a way to make a difference that requires minimal effort on my part, I am on board. And when it involves buying something I am going to be buying anyway (and with a newborn coming, in bulk), I can’t help but get on board. Pampers is running a campaign right now in which they have partnered with UNICEF to provide tetanus vaccines to infants in third world countries. Did you know that tetanus claims the lives of approximately 128,000 infants and 30,000 mothers in less industrialized nations each year – that’s approximately one death every four minutes. And it is completely preventable.

And all you have to do to help is buy a package of Pampers diapers and wipes with the “One Pack-One Vaccine” sticker on it and you have provided one life saving vaccine. And the campaign runs through May 1 so you have a whole month to stock up. I can’t think of an easier way for those of us mothers who have been blessed with so much help out those mothers who don’t have the resources we do. For more information, head over to Pampers website.

And for more tips, head over to We Are That Family.


  1. I just read about this program the other day. As for my best nausea advise: protein. Eat a high-protein snack right before bed (or when you inevitably wake up in the middle of the night). I also found peppermint tea helped some–warm or cold. Ooh, and add lemon juice to the gallons of water they tell you you’re supposed to be drinking. It makes it go down easier and helps the nausea a bit.

    Amy @ Experience Imaginations last blog post..Works for You: Sorting Program Buttons?

  2. The only thing that helped me were starlight mints, the red and white ones you get at restaurants. So sorry about the bad morning sickness, it is no fun.

    Nicole @frugalisfabs last blog post..Rite Aid 3/29-4/4

  3. Just remember it won’t last forever!! and eat whatever you want..forget the crackers. If it is going to come up anyway it might as well be good going down. HUGS, Jen

  4. Krista says:

    ice cold gatorade, small, frequent sips.

    Mashed potatos also helped me, but that has always been a major comfort food of mine. I think I ended up losing somewhere around 13 pounds in my first tri – but I was chunky to begin with.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. It’s really a personal thing. For awhile I subsisted on potato soup. Then I couldn’t stand it and ate a hamburger every day. Just keep trying different stuff!

    Mrs. Sprinkless last blog post..Home Improvement

  6. Unfortunately for me, the only thing that worked was prescription medication. In my case, Zofran. I’m currently five months pregnant and have had to take more than 115 of them to keep myself from throwing up so much that I need IV fluids for hydration.

    silvers last blog post..Such Manners

  7. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

    Christys last blog post..Works For Me Wednesday – April 1, 2009

  8. Morning sickness – here’s what worked for me: Unisom & vitamin B. And a prescription antacid. Ask your OB. These things didn’t eliminate the morning sickness completely (or even mostly) but they helped me feel like I wasn’t quite dying just yet.

    Jenis last blog post..WFMW: Second Baby Advice

  9. Megan says:

    I’m currently 7 months pregnant and was sick the first 4 months. My mom gave me the best advice that seemed to help a lot: white flour and white sugar. I stocked up on lifesavers and smarties and would pop those throughout the day. It didn’t make the nausea go away completely but it did help me get through the day. I think I still have a handful of lifesavers in the bottom of my purse! I hope you can find something to help!

  10. I am on my second set of anti-nausea meds because I just couldn’t function. I’m still using mints. If I keep something in my mouth I seem to be less nauseous. I’ve also all but quit cooking. If it’s frozen and I can pop it in the oven I’m okay. Good luck! I hope your morning sickness is over soon.

    Kristys last blog post..Things my girls have taught me this week…

  11. I second the vote for zofran. Beg for a prescription from your doc!!

  12. My nausea remedy is Coke with the fizz stirred out. My friend swears by smelling coffee beans. Hope you find something that works for you!

    Jendeiss last blog post..Knew That Was Weird

  13. Eating VERY frequently helps me (like every 45 mins). My OB finally doubled my dose of Zofran to 8mg and now I’m throwing up only very occasionally every few days instead of like, twelve times a day. Sometimes drinking specialty ginger ale (the jamaican kind, very spicy) helps — it makes regular ginger ale taste like water!

  14. Red grapes. Seriously I read it online and it really was the only thing that worked for me!

  15. ps — I posted this same question a few weeks back and the comments I got back were very helpful.

    Here’s the post: http://dropthebabyweight.com/wordpress/?p=90

  16. I shall give my best advice, coming from still being in the throes of morning sickness for my first pregnancy (I’m freshly through with the first trimester though, so it might stop soon?)
    Anyways, my advice is this: eat whatever it is that you flippin’ well feel like – at least for me, during my worst days, anything that didn’t sound good made me nauseous. My fave craving has been subway’s oven roasted chicken breast on italian herbs and cheese bread :)

    My mom swears by taking acidophilus pills (or other healthy stomach bacteria, you know, like the stuff you get from yogurt) If you can’t swallow pills, like me, you can buy children’s acidophilus in powder form, to mix with liquid. Acidophilus helps aid digestion by replenishing the healthy digestive bacteria in your stomach.

    Other advice – drink sparkling grape juice, or other fruit juice. (sometimes I like sprite, other times I need this b/c my stomach is repelled by the thought of refined sugar)
    You can make your own sparkling juice by mixing carbonated water (AKA soda water, but it’s called “mixer” around here) with juice concentrate – using the mixer like you’d use water. One bottle of mixer can be added to one can of concentrate, or you can make one cup at a time.

    Another favorite idea of mine (since smells are what bother me most) keep something peppermint or spearmint scented at hand to smell when other smells bother you.
    My last tip – if you can get some peppermint essential oil and mix it with some other oil to dilute it. (I prefer grapeseed or coconut oil, as most other oils will clog your pores) and keep that nearby so you can rub it on your belly or throat, both for aromatherapy and b/c peppermint oil on your belly will help sooth your stomach. Be careful with essential oils, as if you do not dilute it enough, it will sting and sort of burn your skin.

    That’s what works for me!

    Lanas last blog post..What is it you want, Mary? You want the moon? I’ll get it for you

  17. Here are my pregnancy nausea/vomiting tips:

    1. Eat and drink what tastes/smells good.
    2. Eat before sitting up in bed. I kept oyster crackers at my bedside.
    3. Don’t let your body get hungry. Snack away. I never thought I’d say this, but it does suck to have feel like you’re constantly snacking.
    4. Suck on lemon drops. There’s something about the sour that settles the tummy.
    5. Don’t get overtired. That’s when I got hit the most.

    I had N/V for the first 2 1/2 trimesters. Hopefully yours will pass quickly.

    Jessicas last blog post..I’m NOT Going to Introduce Myself

  18. Looks like you have some great suggestions already! The whining/complaining thing worked well for me :) Lemonade also helped me for whatever reason. Drinking enough water was also helpful.
    Hope you feel better soon! And just remember – it is SO worth it!

    courtney@booksnboyss last blog post..For those days when Mommy is tired…

  19. Caroline says:

    When I was pregnant I felt most nauseous right before meals. So, I just made it a point to snack a lot, so I never got to that point. The mornings were the worst because I’d gone all night without eating and there was nothing to come up when I did gag. Then, I just had to get something in my stomach so I’d start feeling better.

    Hopefully it will pass soon.

  20. I’m so sorry you don’t feel good! The whining & complaining may produce some help around the house… =)

    Honestly – the peppermint suggestions worked best for me. Peppermint candies & peppermint tea were very successful for me.
    Buttered saltines (not just plain saltines – the butter helped).
    Sierra Mist – not diet. Something about Sierra Mist settled my stomach like no other could (ginger ale, 7-up, sprite, etc).

    I had to avoid cooking for the first 5 months of pregnancy with each of my girls. I could not stand the smells in my kitchen or my refrigerator – ask for help when you need it!!!

    I also had to lie on my right side – not my left – only my right. That would settle me right down.

    Debbies last blog post..What’s Up Wednesday? Lapbooking!

  21. LOTS and LOTS of room temp water is what helped me. However, every day between 4 and 4:30, I would get nauseous. Then, between 4:30 and 5, I would puke. I’d be fine after that and could eat a really good dinner and be fine. From the time I woke up until 4:00, I couldn’t really stomach anything. I’ve heard some women that could only take room temp water and some that could only take ice cold. Try them both maybe?

    Devons last blog post..A Day At Home

  22. Alesha says:

    B6. You need about 25 mg. I took it for both a single and twins pregnancy. Heard it from a friend who had to take both B12 (for excessive vomiting) and B6, which curbs the nausea pretty much immediately. You’ll want to take supplements over your prenatals. My OB, with the twins, said that there is no harm in taking about that much up to 3 x a day until the morning sickness is under control. It works wonderfully and can be taken on an empty stomach.

  23. Try taking your prenatal vitamins at night instead of in the morning. It might help.

  24. The Messy Mom says:

    I see someone else used lemonade, that’s what worked for me too!

    The Messy Moms last blog post..Ask the reader: Weaning off bottles

  25. Shannon H says:

    Lemonade helped in my first pregnancy. For the second one, I needed Zofran. Good luck and Congratulations!

  26. Good for them for helping. But I always wonder why companies can’t just go ahead and help? I guess I shouldn’t complain.

    debbies last blog post..How do you cheer someone up?

  27. Eating small amounts of protein throughout the day & avoiding anything acidic really helped me. A glass of milk & a protein snack before bed helped to avoid the dry heaves in the middle of the night too.

    I hope you feel much better soon. If chocolate makes you feel better, eat as much of it as you like, it’s got a lot of good stuff in it!

    Denises last blog post..Music Monday

  28. For one of my friends, lemon juice helped a lot- from literally sucking on lemons to lemon drops, or even a little lemon juice and butter on pasta for dinner. For me, it was just keeping food in my stomach constantly, the opposite of what you’d normally do for nausea. Weird stuff.

    Karas last blog post..Pregnancy Prep for Dads

  29. Sarah Vaniman says:

    The ginger altoids are gross.
    Try the Altoids Sours (apple, tangerine, etc). They helped me a TON with both pregnancies.
    Try to eat small amounts of protein throughout the day, and eat OFTEN.

    Sarah Vanimans last blog post..35 weeks today!

  30. Amy Meringa says:

    I second the lemon drops and altoids sours. They really work! I hope you feel better soon!

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