Works for Me Wednesday- Organizing Manuals

wfmwheader_161.jpgToday we are tackling how we should organize our manuals. Seriously, we have like 100 of them and although I rarely reference them (except for car seat ones… why do they make these things so hard to install?..how does that translate to safety?…i digress) it is nice to know they are there in case the quesadilla maker breaks down.

We use an accordian file with letter tabs similar to this one. I put things in based on what they are, not their actual name. This way when I forget who made the quesadilla maker or what it is truly called, I can find it filed neatly under Q. It is hanging out alone there by the way. I should also note that we actually use the quesadilla maker once a year and it should probably go in the garage sale pile.

This leads me to the second great use for my system.  I haven’t yet mentioned in my short blogging life that I am addicted to shopping garage sales, but I find that people sell things (like quesadilla makers) they never use, but they have long ago lost the manual. This will never be the case at a garage sale hosted by moi. You can buy in confidence, knowing that there will be a manual attatched. I am dorky that I think this is important.

I leave you with these final thoughts here and here. It’s very late and I may be a bit slap-happy so I apologize. Check out more WFMW at Rocks in My Dryer


  1. This is a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

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