Wisk- Then and Now

wisk_bottle So often times when I get an email about a company that I have the opportunity to partner with and share with you, I run it by my hubby. We often talk about it and make sure it is a good fit for me and for our family. We make sure it is a product we use, or would feel good about using and recommending. Trust me when I tell you I have turned down a few lucrative campaigns because they just didn’t fit those criteria. It is a bit painful, but the right thing to do. But rarely does he get too excited about anything I am doing because they are usually geared towards ladies or babies and, truth be told, not completely his gig.

Then I got asked to partner with Wisk detergent. His eyes lit up and he got crazy excited. Now he does do a fair amount of the laundry around here (I know, he is a keeper), but I thought it was a bit strong a reaction for a laundry detergent. I mean it isn’t like the Detroit Red Wings front office called looking for a mommy blogger to cover their season from inside the locker room. Although that would probably be highly inappropriate and weird, he would probably be totally on board for the chance to hang with the people he loves most after God and family.

But I found the reason he was so excited about Wisk is that it evoked such strong memories of his grandparents. His grandparents used to clean for a living and apparently they swore by Wisk laundry detergent. Wouldn’t use anything else. One of his earliest memories is accompanying them while they cleaned and seeing that iconic red bottle. They trusted it in their own home and they trusted it when they did laundry in other people’s home for their livelihood. And this was laundry before the days of stain sticks, laundry boosters and laundry machines with stain cycles. So they needed something that WORKED.

Maybe they were swayed by this:

Remember that? Yeah, me neither cause I am pretty sure I wasn’t born yet (Wisk cam out in 1956!!!), but I remember some of the ones that came out after that. Clearly they were uber -effective because when I hear “ring around the collar” I automatically think of Wisk and vice versa. Kudos to that ad guy.

I may have stated a few times that pre- treating and keeping track of stains is not really my strong suit. I typically discover a stain just after it has been pulled out of the dryer to be set forever. Getting the kids to bed is hard enough without having to go over the kids clothes with a fine tooth comb finding all the various food stains they have gotten on themselves. I am jut happy they have gotten their clothes somewhere in the general direction of the hamper.

So, I gotta tell ya. I can’t WAIT to try out this.:

They kind of had me at Stain Spectrum™ Technology. In the upcoming weeks I am going to test out the new Wisk on all sorts of different stains and report to you how it does. I am thinking they will not be hard to come by. “Here kids, have a big pile of chocolate to eat. Go ahead, just roll around in it while you eat. Mommy has to try out this new laundry detergent.” I will be mommy of the year!!

Disclosure: This sponsored post on behalf of Wisk laundry detergent was facilitated by One2One Network. While I will be compensated for this post, the experiences and opinions expressed are my own.

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