Wickedly Good

wicked.jpg Went to see Wicked last night. It lived up to the hype. My absolute favorite part…when my non-musical loving hubby leaned over during the first half and said, “I love it.” Little does he know what I heard was, “I love this so much that it has completely reshaped my opinion of all musical theatre. I can’t wait to take you to every musical that ever comes to town. In fact, forget  season tickets to hockey, let’s get season tickets to musicals instead.”

Isn’t that how you would interpret that too?


  1. The Worse Half says:

    I actually said, “I love your zit. It’s Wicked.” Wings training camp starts Sept 16! Yeah!

  2. My husband and I were suppose to see Wicked this year but decided to put the money towards house stuff instead. That’s so awesome- I’m glad that you like it. We saw Mamma Mia last year and loved it. I think that my husband was surprised at how much he liked it too.

  3. Wicked was “Wicked Awesome”! I still can’t get over it. My mouth hurts from smiling the whole time I was there.

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