Why I’m Falling in Love With Twitter Again


Social media is a quirky thing. There is always a “next best thing”. And as a blogger and social media person, I am typically a rather early adopter.

This has its major advantages because social media is always awesome in the beginning. Facebook back when everyone actually saw what you posted. Pinterest when people were just posting cool things they loved instead of just their own posts. Instagram when…. well never mind, Instagram is still awesome and my favorite. I’m sure Google+ is awesome but I find it confusing and obtuse.  And then there is Twitter.

Twitter used to be my unabashed favorite child. I spent ridiculous amounts of time on it. Laughed my head off conversing with my blogging friends from all over the country. Made up hashtags left and right (well I confess to still doing that). And occasionally. Rarely actually, I would send out a tweet promoting a blog post.

Until one day I looked and my entire stream was people tweeting out their own links. Or maybe links of others. Often times automated. And don’t even get me started on Twitter parties.

I realize this is all hypocritical as I know pimp out my own links and participate in a Twitter party from time to time. But that is what is required for campaigns and sometimes you just have to play the game. But basically all of these things completely wrecked the reason I was on Twitter in the first place. To connect with actual people!

But lately I have dipped my toe back in. I found conversations do exist if you weed out the link pimps (I need to copyright that). And thanks to JessieLeigh, Tara, Donielle and Jessie, I have found my tribe again. We use the hashtag #retrotwitter and keep it completely link free. Only conversations allowed.

Feel free to join me. All the cool kids are doing it!!


  1. Well, we keep it link free except for the link that you just posted. ;)

    Seriously, though, I check #retrotwitter before I even check my mentions. I love it, too.
    Tara Ziegmont recently posted…Stuff my 3-Year-Old SaysMy Profile

  2. Love that you wrote a post for this! #RETROTWITTER4EVAH
    Vanderbilt Wife recently posted…Chocolate Chip Banana Snack Cake {Secret Recipe Club}My Profile

  3. I will join you! I’m trying to get back into twitter.
    Suze recently posted…The Freakin WeekendMy Profile

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