Why I’m Breaking Up With My Scale in 2015


I totally get that a new year is a time for all sorts of weight loss goals (in fact as I type this a Weight Watchers commercial just came on TV). I myself am going on a bit of a sugar fast in an effort to feel better and get rid of a little holiday bloating. But I am also doing something that might surprise you.

I’m breaking up with my scale.

I’m not a slave to the scale or my weight by any means, but I step on it a few times a week to see how things are going. But instead of helping me, it is hurting me. Scale up, I feel awful about myself even if everything still fits perfectly and I am feeling good in every other way. Scale down, I am awesome and clearly deserve a pile of treats as a reward. Maybe two piles.

The truth is, as a woman of a “certain age” my weight on the scale can fluctuate wildly from day-to-day. And I refuse to continue to let it make me feel bad or good about myself. Actually I am quite happy with the way I look (well minus the holiday bloat that is on its way out the door) and I need to stop eating and rewarding myself based on some ridiculous number.

I realize this isn’t revolutionary. But I thought some of you might relate and break up with your scale like the toxic boyfriend that he is. Worry about the way your clothes fit you and not a number. And don’t even get me started on the number on a tag on a pair of jeans (a blog rant for another time). Kick that boyfriend to the curb while you’re at it.

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