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This week’s chapter and sermon kind of wrecked me. I guess in a good way. But reading about adoption when you are about to see the baby you have raised for the last year in a half be adopted was a bit of a punch in the gut.

Bu as I have had a moment to reflect on all that hit me this week it is more than processing through all that is going on with foster care (which I can’t even write about right now so sorry if you are waiting for an update).

Today was a stinky day. It had its moments. But it is our 8th snow day and eight is apparently the magic number where everyone stops getting along. It isn’t that we don’t like each other. It is that we have had more than 100″ of snow this year and the kids snow stuff is stranded at school and there is only so much inside we can tolerate before we lose our collective minds.

I didn’t like my kids today. I didn’t like me today. But even when my kids were making me pull my hair out and scream and pout, I still loved them so fiercely it hurts. We all went to bed angry, but I snuck into their rooms after they finally fell asleep and kissed them and hugged them so hard I can’t believe they didn’t wake up.

To think that God loves me infinitely more. Today I am so thankful that his mercies are new every morning. I need a do over tomorrow (in related news I also need the snow days to stop).

*sorry about the short and semi-lame post this week. it’s all I got in me today. 

Your assignments for the week:

  1. Read the third section of Satisfied.
  2. Do the two projects on pg. 107 (yowza spending fast!!!).
  3. Comment here on what you learned this week about “Identity”.

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