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kangaroo The hubby has gone on a work trip this week. I typically don’t tell anyone when my hubby travels, but this week I have moved in with my parents so I feel pretty safe letting you all know. Plus my dad is a black belt so don’t even try and mess with us this week. And by the time you all read this he will pretty much be home. (One of the above sentences contains a lie, guess which one). He will be gone 5 days. It is the longest we have ever been apart in the 8 1/2 years we have been married.

I am not sure which emotion is winning right now. Missing him. Or being insanely jealous that he is in AUSTRALIA!! That’s right he has gone down to the land down under. If the trip wouldn’t have been so last minute we probably would have tried to go. But when you decide to go the week before the tickets tend to be a bit pricey. Oh and 18 hours on a plane with a newborn? Even a really good newborn? Pretty sure they don’t stock that much alcohol on the plane.

Thankfully, I am able to get a whole pile of help from my parents while he is gone. Which is 95% fabulous. The other %5 is dedicated to the painful few hours where we watched the American Music Awards and I had to listen to various iterations of “what has this world come to?” over and over. Point valid and taken, but I just like to make fun of fashion and enjoy the performances. And how do you try and begin to explain Lady Gaga to anyone? Will Smith was so right.Can’t wait for the day when I can torture my children with the whole “you call this music, it is just noise” thing. I would like to think I will stay hipper than that, but who am I kidding. I am already confused by a whole lot of what is going on on MTV.

And the hubby made up for taking an amazing trip without me in the form of a cleaning fairy who is visiting while he is gone. And that is totally more fantastic than walking along the beach in Brisbane where it is 90 degrees…..wait…..whatever, I’ll take it.


  1. abba12 says:

    90 degrees my butt lol! It’s a damn stinker today :P The official thermometer for Brisbane city is kinda false, because it’s at the airport, probably the coolest place in Brisbane. I think it’s closer to the coast or something. I’m about half an hour SSW of Brisbane and it’s probably pushing on 100. The humidity is the killer though. Still, I don’t know what the temp is like in your home state, but if you live in a cooler state, be thankful he didn’t come down in January. He’d melt :D
    .-= abba12´s last blog ..Mistakes of some Churches =-.

  2. I can’t imagine watching the AMA’s with my parents! Even at 32 I think that I’d still be embarrassed :). Yeah- if you could explain Lady Gaga to me I’d appreciate it- totally don’t get her :).
    .-= Candace´s last blog ..Insert Cliche Here =-.

  3. we did 5 days apart/2 days together for 2 months and after that a full month apart a few years ago and have done a week or 2 at a time here and there. NOT FUN! Glad you are able to get help from your parents!
    .-= katrina´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday-Family Fun Magazine =-.

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