When The Stuff Hits The Fan


I was so impressed with myself this week. Staying on top to the cleaning (well better than usual anyway). Keeping the screaming at the kids to a bear minimum. Cooking home cooked meals from scratch. And tackling laundry until we were all caught up. I even washed the kid’s sheets for the first time in *mumble, mumble, mumble*.

So perhaps my standards aren’t super high.

Saturday night we were switching over the last load of laundry and noticed that the floor in front of the washer was wet. We have never had a problem with our washer. The clothes inside looked clean enough. The water on the floor wasn’t sudsy or soapy. And anyway, we had kids to put to bed so we put it in the “deal with it later” category.

The problem with later is that later always comes. And with it became the discovery that thankfully, our washer had not leaked. The bad new is the water on the floor wasn’t actually water. It was sewage.

Our pipes had backed up. Backed up so much that….. well let’s just say it wasn’t a mystery where the water was coming from. It was super disgusting. And honestly a job for the hubby. Doesn’t that sound like man’s work to you?

I sat in the other room and occasionally yelled supportive things like “man that smells gross” and “are you almost done so I can unpause our movie?”.

Don’t you love it when you have plumbing problems on the weekend when plumbers cost twice as much? He came out first thing on Sunday morning. Diagnosed that our problem was either tree roots or too many flushable wipes. Considering that my children seem to think that every time they go to the bathroom the more toilet paper and wipes you use the better, I am going to assume it was the later.

Or it could be all the money we seem to be flushing down the toilet lately. I hear that isn’t so great for the pipes.


  1. Nicole says:

    I think it is one of the laws of thermodynamics that you only need the plumber on the weekend. I wonder if any of them even work during the week.

  2. Our plumber comes today. Not the first time. The little dude is FASCINATED with flushing… THIS time I believe it was a toothbrush. “Where’s your toothbrush?” I ask. He walks to the toilet and throws his hands up. “Don’t know. All gone.” Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.
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