When Stress Makes You Sick

I have been pretty open about my health journey over the past year. And the saga continues.

Adrenal fatigue is a tricky one. The symptoms are vague and hard to describe. I mean not for me. I would describe them as a general feeling like poo and wanting to sleep all the live long day. But to a doctor, more complex. What is clear is that adrenal fatigue is caused by stress. So in theory, eliminate the stress and your adrenals can heal.

Tell that to my calendar. Because after 6 months of feeling really REALLY good suddenly all the yuck is back. And I have a feeling the “back to school grind” might be killing me. My calendar could make you cry. I have a lot of balls in the air and am working hard to keep them all up.

It has become clear that I need to seek balance.

I am calling my doctor this week and seeing about changes I should be making, supplements I should be taking, diet adjustments that might help. In the meantime I am trying to be patient with myself and my health. Take time to rest. Learn to say no.

It is not easy for me. Running at 112 mph is. But I have now felt good for too long to go back. I’ll keep you posted.

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