When Multi-Tasking Goes Bad


So I got a ticket today. Red lights flashing, license and registration asking, call this number for your fine ticket. Delightful. It was in my neighborhood at a, in my humble opinion, unnecessarily placed stop sign. Apparently my “stop” wasn’t good enough. Blerg.

The deal was, Thursday is my no kids day or better known as “Grandma day”. Or even better known as my little slice of heaven. Clearly I love my kids, but I need a day to run errands, get caught up on work and most importantly get caught up on the trashy TV shows my hubby won’t watch with me because he finds them appalling.

Today I had arranged to get a pedicure with one of my friends I hadn’t seen in a while. But there was only one pedicurist and two of us so they took a little longer than usual. Major first world problem. This made me a bit late to pick up Silas for a paid taste test. So I called my mom on the way to tell her to get him all ready so we wouldn’t be late for the taste test. Combine being in a hurry with talking on my cell phone and that equals me missing the cop sitting in wait for people blowing off the stop sign.

Can I just take a moment to say that if cops are sitting waiting for people to roll through a stop sign, perhaps I am not the only one. And if that is the case, perhaps I am right in asserting that it is unnecessary. It should be a yield at best. Who’s with me?

Anywho, the point is I am a multi-tasker. Sometimes to my demise. Today, clearly to my demise. I don’t like to just do one thing at once unless that thing is laying in bed under warm covers. Actually I usually combine that with whining at people to leave me alone and let me sleep. So even that leads to multi-tasking.

You may remember me mentioning that Bounce was my main sponsor for Blissdom. You may also remember that I am squarely in Team Bar. One of the characteristics of bar people is that they are multi-taskers. Well if the shoe fits.


Perhaps if you were at Blissdom you stopped by the Bounce suite and took the Bounce quiz. Or maybe you have taken the super fun quiz over on Facebook you can find when you “like” them to see whether you are a Bar or a Sheet person. What did you find out? Are you a bar or a sheet? So many of you were excited about the idea of the bar after my last post, did you try it out? Let me know in the comments which team you are on!

Disclaimer: Bounce provided me with a Blissdom conference ticket and hotel room, but they did not compensate me in any other way to write this post.  All opinions and love of the Bounce Bar are all my own.


  1. Did you not say, “do you know who I am?! I’m the Diaper Diaries!” ;) So sorry you got a ticket. That always stinks.

  2. abba12 says:

    In Australia it’s illegal to talk on a mobile while driving , you’d be in all sorts of trouble if you did that here! :D

    • Well it is illegal lots of places here as well. I typically use a bluetooth, but didn’t this time. They should really make driving with kids illegal. That is what is the most distracting ;)

  3. I love you Jill, and am so impressed you have a reader from Australia!! Sorry you got a ticket.

  4. I got pulled over last year and as the police officer walked up to the window, my daughter yelled, NOT AGAIN MOM!!! ( I had not been pulled over in 3 years, but somehow at 5 she still remembered being 2 and getting pulled over)– and felt that information needed to be shared with the police officer. It happens to us all:)
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