When Loves Collide

imageMy family has had a long love affair with Costco. I remember when I first discovered them back when I lived in Chicago. I felt like when I walked through the door angels began singing. It was awesome.

Then I had kids and the magic of Costco grew. I could buy all sorts of things in bulk. We could almost get a meal by walking around the all the free samples (and I was always suckered into buying something they were sampling). And then for our real meal we could all eat for next to nothing in the food court. Plus they are always playing some sort of kid’s movie in the TV section that can entertain my kids for hours. It is like Disney World in there.

It is honestly one of the only shopping places that I enjoy taking all my kids to. We make it an “experience.”


So when Costco and the National Pork Board partner together to celebrate National Pork Month it only makes sense that we celebrate with them. Each week at Costco, during the month of October, a different cut of pork is highlighted and on sale. This week the sale is on Kirkland Signature Boneless Sirloin Tip Roast making it under $1.75 a pound. That is not to shabby for the old food budget. Especially because I seem to always end up spending way more than I planned at Costco (not cause of the prices mind you, it is those darn samples- I am powerless).

Later this week the hubby and I (ok mostly the hubby) will be creating a great recipe with our pork in the crockpot and posting it for you to enjoy. I may also have a little Costco giveaway up my sleeve.

If you want to take advantage of this week’s savings feel free to head over to Costco’s “In the Warehouse” for preparing tips on how to prepare their feature cuts. Or check out PorkBeInspired.com for some great recipe inspiration.

Can’t wait for this big reveal!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Motherhood, Costco, and The National Pork Board for sponsoring my efforts during National Pork Month!


  1. We used to go to Costco quite frequently, but then my husband’s work started paying for a membership to Sam’s. I love them both…but Costco has a better food court. Plus giant jars of Nutella!
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  2. You know my love for Costco runs deeeeep :) Bring on the $1 mochas!

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