When Halloween and The Bible Meet

pumpkin  Halloween was a success. Unless you define success by a small waistline and then I think it is safe to say, we might have a problem. Someone get this candy away from me!! But if you define success by really cute kids hauling in lots of candy then we scored big. We had a Dorothy (Lily), a Minnie Mouse (Hannah), and a ridiculously cute, newly walking/wobbling Lion (Silas). This is one of those times I really wished I shared pictures of my kids. They were adorable (totally unbiased opinion).

I was a little nervous about how Halloween would go this year. Last year we unfortunately were subjected to some heinously scary costumes that really made an impression on Hannah. As in she still talks about them with regularity. To top it off, she had a few nightmares last week and ended up in our bed. We totally don’t allow kids in our bed, but these were doozies so we caved.

Sidebar: I know some Christians don’t believe in celebrating Halloween for these reasons and I totally respect that. We chose to participate, but don’t let our children partake in anything scary and that usually works well for our family. Except for last year when we had some scary forced upon us. As for those who think there is nothing worthwhile about the holiday, while that may be true for some, in our family, it is the one time of year when my hubby’s parents are together. While there is no animosity between them, they obviously don’t partner together often and for a boy whose parents separated when he was 3, that is a pretty special tradition. So please don’t use this post to go on the attack in the comments. Not that my dear readers often go on the attack, but every so often those internet trolls appear….

Anywho, Hannah and I have spent a lot of time talking about fear and how the bible tells us that we aren’t to be afraid. Seriously, have you ever noticed how many times God tells people not to fear. It is a lot. So I am sharing this with her and talking about how God always protects us. Then I use the analogy of her own earthly daddy and how much he loves and protects her and how God is our daddy too. And if her daddy does such a good job protecting her, just imagine how much God will protect her from anything scary.

She agrees that daddy protects her. And then she says, “And God is even bigger than daddy. Like 100 times bigger. Like 1000 times bigger. He is bigger than anything. Like even bigger than Google.” Yes. Yes he is. I am pretty sure that can be found in the book of Malachi.


  1. We’re Christians too and we “celebrate” Halloween. We let them do the fun stuff- pumpkin carving and trick or treating, but we don’t let them dress up as scary/occult like things. I have such great memories of going through the neighborhood trick or treating with my friends and I want my kids to have the same memories.

    I think that your dad/God analogy was so great! I love it when God gives us opportunities like that to share with our kids.
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  2. Cat from iBlog says:

    This post was so cute! Made me smile! While Halloween is proabably my least fave holiday, we still par-take in all the fun “fall” festivities. And, all the fun stuff for the kids. :) Great post! I had forgotten your son’s name was Silas. I’ve always loved that name!
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  3. LOVED your post. Your lesson to your daughter was so good and her reaction SO adorable. My husband used to be very against Halloween, but we had a Pastor once who bascially said it was okay to participate for the kids benefit, as long as it’s fun. So that’s what we do.
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  4. glad you didn’t have any scary run-ins this year :)

    We haven’t decided for sure WHAT to do about halloween….
    But anyways, that quote about google was too cute – kids really do say the darndest things!
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  5. “bigger than google” – love it!! Halloween definitely isn’t on my radar as the most wonderful day of the year but I love it for two reasons – 1) we always both sets of families over for chili & trick or treating – like yours it doesn’t happen very often & it’s just a fun time for the kids & us to have everyone over. and 2) it also marks the day that all the ridiculously ugly, tacky & gross decorations will be coming down!!! Yay we can move on to Thanksgiving & Christmas:)

  6. Out of the Mouths of Babes, how cute with the “Bigger than google.” We don’t teach our kids bad stuff by letting them go trick or treating and having a little fun and a big sugar high. I, too, have a relationship with Jesus and see nothing wrong at all. Besides, we enjoy all the little princess’, fairys, pirates and even the Penguin that my 9 year old grandson made his own costume for this year. (A black box with a white chest spot with arm and head holes cut out , and a birthday party hat painted black for the nose) Quite the imagination he has. We were all so pround of him for wanting to make his own costume.
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  7. lol god is pretty big!
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  8. Did she REALLY say bigger than GOOGLE? That is stinkin hilarious! We too struggle with how to celebrate Halloween. We do the huge harvest party at our church and are sufficiently candified from that :) PLUS my bulk Reese’s Pieces bag that I have stashed in the pantry :)
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